Secret Affiliate Machine Review: Scam Or $50,000 In Passive Income?

secret affiliate machine review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Secret Affiliate Machine review. This is a program that promises big earnings with its system. But can you really make that money or it’s another scam?

In this review, you will read if this is a legit program and how exactly it works.

What Is Secret Affiliate Machine?

I have received multiple spam emails for this program the last days so I was curious to learn more about it.

When you visit the homepage, Secret Affiliate Machine looks like the other low-quality products that you can find around on the internet.

I think the main difference here is that the program is offered for free. However, in the other parts, it looks like the most scammy products out there.

Starting from the sales page or the homepage, we can see a video with a lot of hype. The claims are unrealistic and we can hear some nonsense.

You are supposed to earn $50,000 in passive income or $4,000 per month by following simple instructions and you do not need to work over 30 minutes per week.

From my experience, all these products that try to present a super simple system do not deliver. Some of them are scams and others cannot work for most people who will try them.

The truth is that the instructions inside are very simple to apply and set up. However, it does not mean it will work and of course, it’s not a system that can help you to build a long term business but a money-making trick that could make only a few sales.

Simply, you cannot build a business with 30-minute work per week. The online marketers who get great results they achieve that after putting time and effort in learning and applying their business.

Next, we have no information about the owner like the most low-quality products on the internet. The spokesperson says that you can call him “J” and that’s all we know. Then, we can only check what is included in the members’ area as you will read below.

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How Does It Work?

secret affiliate machine inside

Secret Affiliate Machine includes a few videos that show you how to become an affiliate of ClickFunnels. However, it does not follow the official way of the program.

ClickFunnels is a legit program. There is no question about it but you must join ClickFunnels if you want to use Secret Affiliate Machine.

This is the catch of this product and this is the reason why it is offered for free. Anyway, you will read later how much it will cost you. Now, let’s focus on the system.

If you have bought any similar program before, you can figure out what you will find inside. I mean these programs with the fancy video on the sales page that promise a done-for-system.

Well, I have mentioned many times that they are no real done-for-you system. Usually, you get a funnel or a sales page, and then, they say you to buy solo ads.

The same thing you can find on the Secret Affiliate Machine. All the program is just a funnel and some links. Your job is to buy solo ads and send traffic to the funnel.

And the funnel is only the sales page of Secret Affiliate Machine and the inside pages. This is supposed to be the secret way to earn thousands of dollars per month in passive income.

I just want to mention that ClickFunnels includes training for people who want to become affiliate marketers, the Affiliate Bootcamp. It recommends different funnels and ways to get traffic.

This method is created from a marketer who we don’t know his name. The purpose of the owner is to make money from the affiliate commissions and he recommends creating a ClickFunnels account through his link.

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The Four Steps

Secret Affiliate Machine includes four steps that you can follow and set up the “system”.

  1. Launch the Secret Affiliate Machine: You create a new ClickFunnels account and you can join a Facebook group. I am not sure if the group has any connection with this program.
  2. Import your copy of the Secret Affiliate Machine: You will upload the funnel to your ClickFunnels account and add your affiliate link.
  3. Get traffic: It will show a site to join and buy solo ads.
  4. Send floods of buyers to your machine: Get the link of your funnel and send traffic to it.

You will not get something more from that program but a few links and a funel. It’s the same funnel you join when you fill in the form on the homepage.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get the funnel of the program for free but it will be a little expensive to use it.

First of all, you must join ClickFunnels that has a 14-day trial but after the first 14 days, you must pay $97 or $297 to keep your account alive. Until that point, you will have already invested a lot of money as you will see below.

Also, ClickFunnels is an expert on… funnels and there are upsells and extra costs everywhere.

Next, you must buy solo ads. Solo ads mean ads so you must invest some money to get started. Most people who join in programs like this one do not realize that you may need to spend hundreds of dollars only on testing before getting any results.

The owner of the Secret Affiliate Machine recommends starting with a 1000 click package. That means that your first attempt must cost $500 because the traffic from the recommended sites costs $0.50 in the beginning. Can you afford to lose $500?

step 4 secret affiliate machine

If it is not ok to lose $500, it would be better to avoid starting with that program.

Solo ads is a very risky and aggressive strategy. I guess the owner of the program has made some testing before recommending this funnel and this site but I cannot trust him. We do not even know his name.

It does not make sense to invest $500 to the recommendation of an unknown person. Also, the official training of ClickFunnels recommends other types of advertising.

The bottom line on pricing is that you must invest a lot of money only on testing the funnel and the ads.

My Final Verdict – Is Secret Affiliate Machine A Scam?

There is a lot of hype on the video presentation but we can’t say that Secret Affiliate Machine is a scam.

It gives you a funnel for free, and you have the option of testing it or no. In my opinion, it’s not something great and costs a lot of money to try this program, so I do not recommend it.

I mentioned above that I would not invest so much money on testing something I do not believe. Also, my experience from similar products that sell a funnel is not good.

These money-making tricks may work in the short term and make a few sales but they don’t work in the long run.

I already receive many emails per day that promote the program from people who want to give it a try like you. So, even if it was profitable for the first people who sent traffic on that funnel, sooner or later it will stop working.

Of course, this is only my opinion. If you want to test it, just get the funnel and send $500 in traffic to check if you can make any sales. But you will be responsible for the results.

I believe that you cannot build a real business with done-for-you systems. I prefer to create my own pages and my own traffic. This is why I do not recommend solo ads and this type of programs. Most people lose their money and think that everything is a scam.

If you are interested in learning how to create an online business that will remain profitable for years, you can read what I recommend below.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Affiliate marketing is real and many people start new businesses every single day.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to do that.

If you want to find the right way, you must leave behind all these low-quality products with the misleading sales page and study what the real experts do.

In almost every niche, the people who make the most money have a website and publish content regularly. Many experts publish content on multiple platforms.

They do not buy traffic because they get tons of free traffic every single day. If they put some ads on any platform, they just scale their traffic and advertising is not their main source of traffic.

The most important thing in affiliate marketing is to create your own audience. You can achieve that if you publish content.

The good news is that everyone can do it. If you help people with your content, sooner or later they will say you are an expert.

There is a strategy behind this process. We do not reinvent the wheel but we get the right strategy from people who have already done.

If you want to learn what I do to get free traffic and make money, you can read my guide on the link below. It’s a free guide in which I use some tools from a top training program for affiliate marketers.

Thanks for reading my review on Secret Affiliate Machine. You can leave any comments or questions below.

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