Rich Dad Summit Review (Insider Included)

The review of Rich Dad Summit cannot be like the other reviews on this site. That happens because it is not a complete system or program but an event that took place on December 9, 2017.

However, the information you can learn is valuable.

If you are familiar with Rich Dad’s books, you already know the concept of the summit. It goes deeper to some topics like starting a business, become financially free, make more money and then, create systems to make your money make even more money.

For those who have never heard Rich Dad before, it may sound confusing but there is an introduction to the summit to understand everything.

Rich Dad Summit Overview

While I had heard about the Rich Dad summit before took place, I was not able to attend it.

It was an online event, and you could attend it for only $1.

Anyway, I missed it. A few days ago, I watched the replay of the event which is available here.

Again, you can get access to the videos for $1. The price remains the same.

You get eighteen hours of coaching and information from Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad), Anik Singal (CEO & Founder of Lurn), and other marketing and business experts.RichDad Summit speakers

In my opinion, the value of the videos is bigger than the price, and it is definitely worth your time as well.

You can see Robert Kiyosaki only in the beginning. He is interviewed by Anik Signal, tells his opinion about Bitcoin, makes an interesting prediction about the economy, and more.

The interview lasts almost one hour.

The rest of the videos are covered by the other speakers. You can expect to be motivated by the videos and ready to get action. You will learn many new things from the summit.

Who Is Rich Dad Summit For?

Rich Dad’s books motivate people to become financially educated. Many people who have read his books have stopped the rat race and started their own business.

If you are reading this review or you have read any of Rich Dad’s books, the chances are that you are looking for a way to become financially free or at least, improve your income.

Cashflow Quadrant, a well-known book of Rich Dad is analyzed and explained how you could move from an employee to a self-employed and then, to a business owner or an investor.

Business owners and investors do not trade time for money. They have other people work for them and own systems that make them money. So, they are free to do other things in their life and do not have to work for their money.

The Rich Dad Summit and his books are for people who want to achieve the above goal. Financial freedom and creating systems that they own.

In any of the four sides of the quadrant you are, you will learn helpful things from the videos of the summit.

Of course, there is both mindset and technical training. You will be motivated and ready to get started or go to the next level with specific ideas.

What Is Included In The Videos?

Ok, let’s go a little deeper.

I have already mentioned the interview of Robert Robert Kiyosaki and the analysis of the Cashflow Quadrant.

Of course, there is more information. From the first day, you will get ideas of some hot business models that you can start easily with no much capital and effort. The ideas are both online and offline.

Then, Anik Signal analyzes his opinion about affiliate marketing and why he considers it a great opportunity. It continues with more stuff about assets, liabilities, mindset training, and how to build an efficient team to grow your business.

Until now, we were on day one.

The second day includes more advanced information:

  • Profit from real estate
  • The opportunity in Bitcoin
  • How to leverage the global economy to develop a business
  • The power of soft assets
  • The tax savings of becoming an investor & entrepreneur
  • How to protect your assets
  • The power of contribution

I am sure that the titles of the topics can grab your attention.

I warn you. There are tons of information. If you try to watch it on two days as the summit is created, you will be exhausted after some hours, and you will not be able to get all the information efficiently.

A better approach could be to break it into small sessions and keep notes. It’s just a suggestion. You may have a better system.

Get Access To Rich Dad Insider For Free

When you get the Rich Dad Summit, you can get a free trial for 14 days to Rich Dad Insider.

It is absolutely recommended. Even if you decide to stop it after 14 days, you get valuable articles and courses for 14 days without paying anything extra.

You can log in every day and new articles will have been added to your account.Rich Dad Insider Lessons

As always Robert Kiyosaki says, you need to invest in your education. This is why this program is created. You master the basics concepts of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrum, and other books of Rich Dad.

Later, you will get more advanced courses.

It is free for 14 days. Then, you can decide if it is worth continuing with the paid membership.

My Final Verdict

You get eighteen hours of training from some great entrepreneurs and experts in marketing and business. There are many benefits if you learn and apply this information.

Moving to the right side of the quadrant and create freedom for yourself and your family is a totally realistic goal.

Many people struggle during this transformation and for this reason, you need advice from people who have already achieved what you want in your life.

It’s only $1, Get Started Here!!

Your goal is to create assets that will generate passive income. A great source of passive income is a website or a blog and a great online business opportunity as well. Check a training program on how to build a profitable website.

Do you have attended Rich Dad Summit?

What will be the first asset you want to build?

You can share your experience and leave your comment below!