rewarding ways review: scam or legit?

Rewarding Ways Review: Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Rewarding Ways Review. You will read if this is a scam or a legit site. You can actually earn money from paid surveys and what you can expect as a new member. The homepage sounds promising. It mentions that Rewarding Ways it’s the best GPT site. Let’s see if it is so good as they say.

What Is Rewarding Ways?

Rewarding Ways is a GPT site in which you can complete offers and surveys. It’s a huge category of sites that you can join on the internet to earn extra money and gift cards. The GPT sites work through third-party providers who want to advertise their products or do market research. As a user of a GPT site, you earn small rewards on points or money to do some simple tasks.

For some popular GPT sites, you may have heard about Swagbucks or ClixSense. The owners of Rewarding Way run two more similar sites, SuperPay.Me and Offernation that you may have heard as well. Both are legit sites, quite similar to Rewarding Ways, and I have included one of them on my list with the best GPT sites.

There are many GPT sites, so we want to figure out what you can find on Rewarding Ways that is better than other alternatives. The focus of the site is on fast payments and good customer service. They promise you can get your earnings in 24 hours or faster (when you reach the cashout limit), and they reply to questions or solve any issues that can be solved fast.

Usually, the offers and the surveys are not unique on GPT sites. That means you may find the same offers elsewhere. So, the difference between these sites is on the available opportunities to make money, how easily a user can find what he wants and if he pays or not. Rewarding Ways offers the members a good user experience while you can get paid really fast.

How To Make Money With Rewarding Ways

When you complete a task, you earn money or points depending on the task. You can convert cash into points or points into cash and use them in any way you want. 1 point is equal to 1 cent. If you create a new account, you get a $0.20 join bonus. So, you need $0.80 to reach the cashout limit. It’s achievable even with one-two offers.

Earn Money: Under this tab, you can see a big list of providers. Most of them include paid surveys. Each provider may have many available surveys. In some providers, you can find more ways to earn points. If you choose a survey, you will be redirected to another site, and sometimes, you must create a new account or add some personal information like your name and email.

Comparing with other sites on the internet, the surveys on Rewarding Ways have the standard pros and cons of online surveys. It’s more profitable than other tasks on GPT sites, but many times you will not be eligible to complete them, so you will waste time for nothing.

earn money rewarding ways

Offer Walls: This is another list of third-party providers. Offer Walls are available on most GPT sites. You can earn points and money by playing games, watching videos, downloading apps, clicking ads, completing surveys, cashback offers, and much more.


Referral Program: It’s a simple referral program with a link and a few banners to promote the site, but the commission is good for a GPT site. You make 25% of everything your referrals earn.

Prize Contests: There is a $1000 cash contest once per two months. They share the money to the top 20 earners of the website.

How To Get Paid

The minimum cashout limit is $1, which is quite low for a GPT site. You can receive your dollar earnings with PayPal, Payza, and Skrill. For those who prefer Amazon gift cards, they can get a gift card for $5, and if you want to cash out with Bitcoin, you need to earn $40.

According to the site, you can get paid in 24 hours, but sometimes they will send your payments even faster. On the members’ area, you can also see a page with payment proof from other users, and there are some testimonial comments as well.

payment proof rewarding ways

Rewarding Ways Reviews From Users

Most people who talk about Rewarding Ways on forums, social media, and blogs agree that it’s a legit website. Of course, there are some complaints as to any other site, and people may have different opinions about the same thing. However, the negative reviews are fewer than the positive ones. You can see below a graph from Trustpilot. At the time this review is written, 209 users have ranked this site. Over 90% of these reviews are positive.

rewarding ways reviews

The negative ones are about many different issues, but most of them are from people who are unhappy because the site closed their accounts. It’s true that if you don’t follow their rules or create multiple accounts, you will not get paid.

Pros and Cons


Fast payments: Many GPT sites pay once per month or one per week. Rewarding Ways pays daily and you get your money in 24 hours.

Fast support: They have a live chat in the members’ area, and they respond fast to any questions or technical issues. They reply even on comments on the internet.

Low minimum cashout limit: You can cashout with one good offer or survey. You just need $1.

Surveys: You can find many opportunities for paid surveys. It depends on many factors like your demographics, and you will be ineligible in some surveys, but I think they have more surveys than other alternatives.


Strict rules: If you have not created another account before and follow the instructions, you will be fine. However, some complaints are about closing accounts, so make sure it will not happen to you.

Side income site: GPT sites are great to earn a few bucks in your free time, but I would not recommend them for those who want to find a way to earn a full-time income. You will not become rich, and you will not replace your job by completing surveys and offers.

My Final Verdict:

Rewarding Ways is a legit GPT site. They pay their members, it has a really low cashout limit, and you will get paid fast. On the homepage, we can see that over 300,000 members have paid over $900,000. The average earnings are $3 per member, but we must consider that we do not know how many of these members are active. The stats show that it’s an active site.

Also, the same company has two more GPT sites with a similar structure and thousands of members. For all these reasons, I would expect to keep growing in the future. So, if you are looking for some extra money, you can create a new account, get your bonus, and start completing surveys.

If you are interested in finding a way to earn a full-time income and you are willing to put a little effort to achieve that, check my guide to make money online.

Thanks for reading my review on Rewarding Ways. You can leave your comments and questions below.