remotasks review - legit

Remotasks Review: Legit Website With Tasks?

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remotasks review - legit

In this review of Remotasks, you will learn if this a legit website to earn money and how it works.

There are people who make money with Remotasks consistently, but there are some negatives as well like most similar sites. If you search for a side income opportunity, you may like it.

What Is Remotasks?

This is a website that you can join and start doing super simple tasks. When you complete a task, you will get paid based on that task.

There is an approval process and review of your work as part of the website as it should be for this type of tasks.

On the positives, this is a professional site and 100% legit. You can join from any country of the word if you have access to PayPal, and start completing tasks.

It has real testimonials, support, and an active community. So, it has nothing to do with all these fake sites on the internet.

You can join the website with your a Facebook account, and then you must verify your account by adding your phone number. Then, you are ready to get started.

Remotasks is a site with micro-jobs. They are tasks that take only a few seconds to get completed, and they pay only a few cents each.

It does not mean that it will be an easy job. You must complete a lot of them repetitive to make the money you want. For this reason, I believe it works for those who want to earn money in their free time.

I do not know anyone who claims that he/she has made a full-time income with Remotasks. However, you are free to work as much as you want, try different categories of tasks, and try to get the maximum from the website.

On the negatives, there are some issues on the reviews and bans on users from the part of the site. It’s a free site with simple tasks so you can expect strict rules and competition.

From their rules, some users are unhappy with the process and choose other alternatives. For another legit sites with micro-jobs, you can take a look at ClixSense.

How To Make Money With Remotasks

Before getting started with the tasks, you must get qualified as a worker.

The website has created a process in which you must take some courses and exams. Each exam unlocks a category of tasks.

There are multiple categories of tasks. You can read some of them below.

  • Image Annotation: You help to determine the object of images.
  • Categorization: Helping to categorize some images based on keywords.
  • Image transcription: Transcribing content from an image.
  • Data collection: This is about researching specific topics and finding relevant information.
  • Audio transcription: You will transcribe video recordings for people who want to read it.

If you have not completed similar tasks before, it has a learning curve. The goal is to repeat the same tasks over and over again until getting the results you want.

There are plenty of tasks and can find opportunities anytime you log in.

When you complete a task, it must get approved from the website. It may take a few days, and there are some complaints that may take longer.

If you make a mistake or you will not get paid for the specific task. As I said above, they have strict rules for the tasks and your activity. You must do a good job and follow the rules of the website.

How Much Can You Earn With Remotasks?

I mentioned that Remotasks is a good site to earn extra money and not a full-time income. However, it’s a much better option than completing surveys and offers.

According to the website, you can make $35-$50 per week with 20 hours of work, and $60-$100 per week with 40 hours of work.

These numbers make sense, but it depends on each person. Most beginners will need more time for that amount of money. If you complete these tasks fast enough, you can earn even more.

It would be realistic for the hard workers of the site to earn $300-$500 per month. That means that the average hourly rate is $1-$2.

You can get paid through PayPal. There is no other alternative here. If you have not a PayPal account, you will not receive your money. They send payments once a week, and I have seen payment proof on social media and forums.

Pros and Cons


1. Legit site: Many people get paid consistently from Remotasks.

2. No minimum cash out limit: No matter how much you have earned each week, you will get paid. This is a very good thing and uncommon for this type of sites.

3. Available worldwide: You can join from every country. You only need to speak English fluently and have a PayPal account. It’s free to create a new one.

4. A better option than paid surveys: On most survey sites, you can earn a few extra dollars per week. On Remote tasks, you can earn multiple times that money. For an even better opportunity, you can read about affiliate marketing.


1. Repetitive jobs: It can be frustrated to do the same thing over and over again for $1-$2 per hour. I will not be an easy job.

2. Strict rules: The website has no problem to close accounts if something goes wrong. Also, they will disapprove your tasks for very simple mistakes. You must do everything right.

3. No scaling: No matter how hard you work, there is no way to increase your hourly rate. Rarely, you can find tasks with higher rates, but they are not enough to improve your earnings in the long term.

Final Verdict

We live in a world that everyone wants to make a lot of money fast. Most people have not patience, and because of that they are not willing to do the work.

For this reason, I am happy when I see websites that really pay you for your effort. Sure, you will not become rich, but you can earn money in your free time.

So, it’s a great website to make money. Also, you will learn transcription and researching on the internet.

There are many freelancers with skills on these two jobs who have created online businesses doing that or earn higher rates on freelancing platforms.

With a few words, you can learn skills while you earn money. The courses are for free as well.

The bottom line is that Remotasks is a legit website. It depends on you how much effort you will put in. This is the only thing that determines your earnings.

It will not be easy to reach the $100 per week, but you can give it a try. It’s free.

Thanks for reading my review on Remotasks. If you want to share your experience with the site or ask any questions, just leave your comment below.

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