rejackr review - scam or legit?

Rejackr Review: Scam Or Viral Traffic In 46 Seconds?

Welcome to my Rejackr Review. It is a program that promises viral traffic in 46 seconds and other fancy results with only seven clicks. In this review, you can read if it is a scam or a legit program that delivers. The fact is that we have seen many similar products before, so here is what to expect.

What Is Rejackr?

Rejackr is a digital product with a tool on the members’ area that allows you to use your affiliate in a different way than most programs. We can find the product on the marketplace of JVZoo.

When I visited the sales page and watched the video, it happened a funny thing. Instead of a presentation of Rejackr, I watched a presentation of Crushrr.

I rechecked the link and the page, but it was still there a presentation of the wrong product. It seems that the owner has plenty of systems that give you unlimited viral traffic and can choose the wrong video. They have fixed the mistake, but I took a screenshot.

rejackr review - scam or legit?

While it sounds funny, these guys create new worthless products every few days or weeks and get the money of other people. I have exposed many similar products from different marketplaces. For example, you can check Instant Agency, Invi$ible, and Lazee Profitz.

The only actual difference is the suggested way or system to earn money. All the other parts are almost the same. We can find the same claims, they use the same words, similar screenshots, and even the pricing structure has many similarities.

Rejackr is supposed to help you get free, viral traffic in a few seconds, and this traffic will give you sales. This is get-rich-quick hype, and internet marketing does not work in this way.

If you buy the product, you will get only a link with no traffic and no value. Then, nothing will happen, and your only option will be to give up or buy the upsells.

Sitting back and wait to get sales can’t work. When you hear about systems that work in a few seconds or with a few clicks, it’s better to stay away. Online marketing takes real work, and there are no shortcuts.

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How Does It Work?

After all the hype, there is a product on the members’ area. It’s a simple tool that you can use by completing a few details. The concept is that you are going to find another article on the internet relevant to the product that you want to promote.

Then, by completing the information inside, you get a link. Once someone clicks that link, he will see your offer first, and then the article.

So, it’s an affiliate marketing strategy. It reminds me of websites like AdFly that shows you their ad before redirecting you to the requested page.

The problem with this strategy is that it misleads the users to visit the page with your offer when they don’t want to see it. It’s a frustrating process for the visitors and the user experience is terrible. You will need thousands of visitors just to get the attention of one person.

The next step is to get that traffic. The program claims that you will get tons of organic and viral traffic. However, you will get only a link that you must promote and nothing more.

It will be your job to figure out a way to get visitors. Also, there is no real training to help you with traffic generation. It includes only a few social media buttons that you can use to share your links on social media. Even some of the people who create promotional reviews of Rejackr say that you must massively promote it on social media.

However, most users buy this product with the promise of tons of traffic in less than one minute and not to start sharing links on Facebook and Instagram. So, it does not work as promised and you just get a sales page like many similar products out there.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the front-end product is $17.95. On the sale page, there is a popup with a $3 discount, and that’s the best you can get. This price is not high but very standard for this type of product.

Also, there are upsells inside, as you probably expect. You can find five upsells at a total cost of over $500. It does not explain what they do, but most similar products include additional features.

They claim that if you don’t get results, they will give you back $250. Of course, this statement is not true, and they will not give you any money. However, the 365-day money-back guarantee is real. If you want to get a refund, contact JVZoo that is the marketplace that handles payments.

About The Owner

Billy Darr is the owner of the program and has created multiple similar digital products as Crushrr and Commission Robot. He usually claims unlimited traffic in a few seconds or limits with a new tool. However, he wants to make a few sales and move on to the next product, while the buyers can’t get results.

His work is to make new launches and not to use his products. You can’t find any case studies or real testimonials that can prove any results with Rejackr. The guys who say a few words on the sales page are other vendors who launch similar products.

Is Rejackr A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Rejackr is a low-quality product with unrealistic claims and get-rich-quick hype. It does not deliver, so no one would blame you if you rank it as a scam.

They promise free and unlimited traffic in 46 seconds. Of course, you will get no traffic at all. You can wait for days or months for this viral traffic, but it is not going to happen.

Next, they say that you can scale your earnings in 7 clicks. It will be unlikely to have any earnings at all, and I do not know why they say about seven clicks.

Lastly, get results or get paid $250. Again, no one will give you that money if you don’t make sales.

The bottom line is that the owner tries to mislead the users. Their intention is to sell copies of the program and then sell the upsells that cost hundreds of dollars. However, they don’t give a product that is worth that money and do not care to add some value at all.

The product is about sharing affiliate links on social media, and after a few seconds, the visitors will get redirected to a relevant article that you have chosen.

I can’t find any value to that process, and your chances to get results are very limited. If you start sharing these links in existing social media accounts, you must be careful too because they look spammy.

So, you give money for a tool that allows you to redirect the visitors to a third-party page after visiting your promoted page. It does not make any sense to me, and it’s not a proven strategy to get results. I would not recommend Rejackr even if it were a free product.

Here Is Something That Really Works

I will show you what I do to make money online. However, I must make it clear that real businesses do not work in 46 seconds. They take work, and your results depend on it. There is no timeline that can tell you how much time it takes.

However, it will be on you to make it work. I am an affiliate marketer, and this is a simple and profitable business model. When I say simple, I mean that anyone can apply it, but you still need to take action.

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people’s products and make commissions. The top affiliate marketers create content that is relevant to their products and then put their links. By creating content, you can attract visitors to the platform that you publish it and make sales.

In my opinion, the most effective way is to create your own website and start publishing articles for topics that people already search on search engines. However, many affiliates work on YouTube or social media as well. In all these cases, they want to create content that their audience love before trying to selling anything.

It’s an easy way to make trust you and provide them helpful information. If you are interested in learning this process, you can read about this top training program with step-by-step instructions and a helpful community.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Rejackr. It was not a legit product, but there are better alternatives on the internet. Below, you can leave any comments or questions.