Real Money Streams Review

Real Money Streams Review – Legit Online Jobs Or A Scam?

Real Money Streams Review:

Name: Real Money Streams
Domainer Elite Pro Price: $37 + upsells
Owner: Chris Johnson
Make Money Bay Rank:  20 out of 100

What Is Real Money Streams?

Real Money Streams is a making money product created by Chris Johnson. While I did my research for him, I was only able to find that he had created another website for online jobs but it does not exist anymore.

So, as the title on the sales page says, Real Money Streams is a website for online jobs.

What are these online jobs?

You will find simple and easy tasks like data entry, writing, image tagging, editing, researching on websites, and some possible offline simple jobs.

Yes, you can find micro-task jobs on many websites. Usually, you will earn a few cents per task but they take a few seconds or minutes to complete.

However, you will not find or complete the tasks in the members’ area of the website. It is a list of other legit websites where you can join for free.

Well, when you visit the sales page, you may think that you will find the jobs and get paid from the program but it is not how it works.

Many of the programs you can see on the scams list of my reviews are products that just sell lists of other free sites. Some years earlier this method was really common and many online scammers used this to sell worthless programs.

If you want to buy that list is totally fine but I do not recommend it because you can find free sites with a Google search. Chris Johnson asks your money for something you can find for free.

In this post, I will show you later some free sites that I recommend for online jobs but before that let’s talk about the claims of the program.

Claims About Money And Opportunities

“By the end of the day, you gonna have an extra $100 dollars in your bank account, by tomorrow $200 dollars and by this time next week there can be over $500 dollars.”

This is the introduction of the video on the sales page and there is a title saying that he makes $7293 per month in this way.Claims

When I hear something that it is too good to be true on the internet, it is almost always a scam. There is no way to earn 100 dollars per day by doing micro-task jobs.

The presentation of the video does not say anything specific about the jobs because you would not believe them if they were saying that you will make 7k per month by making data entry jobs.

I do not say that these jobs are not legit but these claims are ridiculous.

I have tried almost everything online, the only way to earn thousands of dollars per month is by building a business or if you have some skills at something, you can be a freelancer.

Micro task jobs are great to earn a few extra dollars per month or even a part-time income if you are a hard worker but you cannot go full time this way.

About the pop-up with the 123 paid opportunities in your country added recently. Just a trick to take your money. No matter what your country is, you will see the same pop-up.

Like the offline world, some people will do anything to sell their products and earn money so make sure you make your research before you trust someone.

Who Is The Micro Task Jobs For?

There are many ways to make money online and this is an easy one but there is a low limit on how much you can earn.

It is a similar way with the online surveys, for this reason, some sites have both surveys and micro-task jobs. They take a few minutes or seconds to be completed and you earn a few cents per task.

However, there are many available tasks on these sites and you can make many of them per day. If you work on them for a few hours per day you can make some dollars.

So, in the best-case scenario, you can make a part-time income. I have seen stories of people who earn $500 per month but they work many hours daily to get these results.

I know that in some countries $500 per month is a full-time income, for this reason, you know if they are worth your time.

After considering these factors, it is safe to say that the micro-tasks are for those who want a few extra dollars with not much effort and beginners.

If you are not a beginner, I cannot see a reason to start doing these jobs. There are much better opportunities on the internet.

This is one of the easiest ways to make money but also, it does not pay well.

Anyway, it would make sense to buy the Real Money Streams if you are a beginner and you do not want to make your research (it would not take over 5 minutes) to find some free sites.

About The Support

When I review a program I always check the support because when you learn something new, you will need help soon. However, you do not need support on this site because you will work directly on them.

If you have any technical issues, there is an email to contact them and they will respond you in a few days.

For any questions about the jobs, you should contact the recommended sites for more details.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get access to the members’ area for $37. I have said many times on this post that it is not worth it because you can find this info for free.

Just keep in mind, with $37 money you can join really reputable programs that can teach you a business model or a skill.

Sorry, but I cannot see it as a good investment.

Also, there are three upsells with rebills as you can see on the image below:RMS - Real Money Streams

My Final Verdict – Is Real Money Streams A Scam?

In my opinion, it is a worthless product that gives some information you can find with some research. Ok, I can give it some value for making the research.

But I do not pay for information that I can find for free if I Google it. I do not even make questions on the forums or the communities I participate if I can Google them.

For this reason, I do not recommend it. If you decide to buy it, you will get a list of websites and basic training.

But I will want to make it clear:

It is unlikely to earn $100 the first day and $100 the second day.

$500 in your bank account after a week? Really?

A realistic goal for these types of jobs could be to earn a few dollars per day when you learn how these sites work.

While it is not a scam because he will give you what he sells, he tries to mislead you and he does not explain in depth how exactly you are going to earn money.

He just says about online jobs and opportunities without details.

That’s my final verdict:

A low-quality product with a misleading sales page.

Below you can see some legit micro tasks sites and my top recommendation.

Free Micro Task Sites

I am not an expert on this type of site but I have joined some of them before because I wanted to make some reviews.

All the sites below have positive reviews from many people and you can find some opportunities to earn extra money.

I remind you that most people cannot earn a full-time income with the microtask jobs and they make tasks in their free time for a small profit.

1. ClixSense

When we talk about extra income opportunities ClixSense is one of my top recommendations. You can find inside surveys, micro-task jobs, and other offers.

Some people earn up to $500 per month and it has an active forum where you can get help for anything you want.

2. Amazon MTurk

You can log in with your Amazon account and start browsing offers. Users post jobs, then you choose one from a list and when you complete it, you send them back for review.

It is a huge site with many micro jobs but your work is reviewed by other users who post the jobs. So, you may face some unfair rejections. Anyway, I heard some success stories from people who have earned a few hundreds of dollars per month.

3. Fiverr

I have used Fiverr to buy some services but I had created some gigs before also. It is a huge marketplace where you create some gigs and the buyers browse the available gigs to find what they are looking for.

It is more complicated than the other sites above but you can earn more money. Also, there is a forum where you can find enough information to get started.

I recommend only these three sites, they are enough to find available jobs all day long. If you want extra ideas you need to make your research. Just Google it!

My Top Recommendation

I mentioned many times in this post that it is really hard to make a full-time income with micro-tasks jobs.

From the sites above only with Fiverr, you can achieve a full-time income but only if you can work as a freelancer. To become a freelancer you need to master a skill (web development, copywriting, SEO, etc.).

The only way to make a full-time income when you do not have any skills is by starting your own online business.

I just tell you to do what I do to make money. I have a website where I tell my opinion and some people like you read it.

You can build a website on any topic you want like a hobby, a passion, or anything else you want.

My top recommendation to learn how to start your online business is Wealthy Affiliate, a program where you can learn how to build a website and create content.

Many people earn a full-time income using the strategies and the tools that you can find at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a completely different program from the Real Money Streams.

Thanks for reading my review on Real Money Streams. If you have any questions you can leave your comment below. If you have tried the program you can share with us your experience even if you have a different opinion.