push quick review - scam or legit?

Push Quick Review: Scam Or $278/Day On Autopilot?

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Welcome to my Push Quick review. It is a new product by Jamie Lewis that promise hundreds of dollars per day with the push of a button. In this review, you will discover if this program is a scam or a legit way to make money online.

What Is Push Quick?

Push Quick is a program that includes a few videos and a software that is supposed to help the members to earn money. It is a Warrior Plus product that follows the standard structure with the video presentation and big claims.

These claims are too good to be true. It is not possible in any legit way to push a button and start making money. I have reviewed many products by Jamie Lewis, and all of them have ridiculously high claims. According to Wikipedia, a plan to earn money fast with a high return of investment is a get-rich-quick scheme. We can add Push Quick and most of Jamie Lewis products in this category.

Legit businesses take time and work. When people like the owner of Push Quick promise the opposite, just want to make you buy their products.

The video does not show anything of value to the visitors. So, the only thing that I can mention from the sales page is a few screenshots with earnings. However, these screenshots do not prove anything about the product.

Inside, you will find a product that I will describe below in more detail. In my opinion, there are plenty of products like this one on the internet. Most of the information and tools that you can find inside are included in other products of Jamie Lewis.

So, it’s just another launch without much value for the buyers. Many people promote it through spam emails. The chances are that you learned about Push Quick from an email. On the member’s area, there are upsells that try to increase the earnings of the owner and the affiliates of the program. Push Quick is created to make money for its owner and not for you.

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How Does It Work?

Push Quick includes a few short videos with basic techniques on affiliate marketing and a tool to use this training. However, there is no secret or anything new.

The training videos include different strategies as commenting, influencer marketing on YouTube, and paid advertising. Affiliate marketers use all these strategies for many years and can help you to get some traffic if you put the work. However, they are not tricks that will give you results overnight.

For each strategy, you will find up to three short videos on the members’ area. Of course, Jamie Lewis makes big claims even after buying the product.

However, you don’t have to buy a program to learn how to comment and put your links. There are tons of free videos that can give you some basic information about making comments, putting ads, and find popular videos in your niche.

The software performs simple searches on YouTube. You fill in a keyword on the tool, and it shows you popular videos that do not include a link in the description. The same tool software was on Profit Injector. It is another program by Jamie Lewis that was launched one year ago.

You don’t need a tool to do a few simple searches. If you want to use the same method for free, you can go to Clickbank, choose a product that you want to promote, then visit YouTube and search a term relevant to your product.

Lastly, you can check the popular videos under your keyword for links. If they don’t have a link, you can contact the creator of the video to make a deal. For keywords in any niche, you can simply use a free tool like keyword.io.

I described the business model in just one paragraph. You don’t have to pay money for that.

How Much Does It Cost?

The front end product costs up to $19.95, and you can get a discount if you click on a popup of the sales page. It is not expensive, but there is not anything special inside as well. As I mentioned above, you can find some short videos and a simple software. The value of the videos and software are close to zero. Everything that you will learn inside, it is already shared on other free sources.

Then, there are five upsells that cost over $500 in total. They give you additional information, webinars, and resell rights. If you can’t make money with the front-end product, you will not achieve that with the upsells. They will give you more content and tools, but not a different strategy.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the site. You can contact Warrior Plus for a refund.

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Who Is Jamie Lewis?

Jamie Lewis is an online marketer who has created plenty of programs. Most of his programs are like Push Quick. He uses weird presentations, a software, and some videos. In my opinion, he has created a few good programs in the past as Domainer Elite.

However, most of his launches are not great. In many cases, he uses older tools and ideas in new products. For a few examples of products that I did not like, you can read about Repeat Payments, Commission Map, and Cash Grab. All these products make unrealistic claims and use upsells in the members’ area.

The most important thing here is that these new repetitive launches focus on making new sales. These programs are not created to help the buyers but to make money for the owner and their affiliates.

Is Push Quick A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Push Quick is misleading on the sales page because it does not work as described. Making money with affiliate marketing takes hard work and time. It is not possible to work on autopilot or without work from your part. When it comes to money claims, affiliate marketing can become extremely profitable but after a logical period of time.

So, the first problem is the expectations of the buyers. When you expect to make over $200 per day fast, and then he asks you to leave comments, you will get disappointed.

The next part of the program is the quality of the training. While there are worse products in marketplaces like Warrior Plus, Push Quick is not good enough because it does not teach anything in depth. It has basic information in a few different ways to get traffic and promote your affiliate links.

My final verdict is that Push Quick is a very basic program. I would not pay $19 or more for this one.

The worst part is the upsells inside. You can start with a $19 product and end up paying over $500. If you believe this guy and expect to get results from the upsells, you will waste a lot of money.

My only advice is that there are no shortcuts or secrets. When a program on how to make money has the name Push Quick, something will go wrong. There are better ways to get started online, and you can read two of them below.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that you don’t have to own a product, but you promote other people’s products. When you make a sale, you earn a commission. While it easy to join an affiliate program and get your links, many marketers struggle to get traffic, so they can’t get results.

In affiliate marketing, you can use free or paid traffic. The best option depends on your strategy, budget, available time, and willingness to put the work.

If you have a budget, you can get started with paid traffic by adding some ads on advertising networks. The benefit of paid traffic is that you can send traffic on your links today. Your results depend on the quality of your traffic, the price, and your commission per sale. However, if you follow the wrong strategy, there is a risk of losing money.

For a top program on affiliate marketing with paid traffic, you can check the Super Affiliate System. It has pre-made ads, landing pages, step-by-step training videos, and an active forum to ask questions and get help.

The benefit of free traffic is that you don’t have to spend any money. SEO, social media marketing, and YouTube are some great ways to get free traffic. It takes more work than paid advertising, but once you make one source of free traffic to work, you can generate traffic and revenue for years.

For quality training on free traffic sources, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a training platform and community for affiliate marketers. It has over 2 million members, tools to start your business, and experienced members to help with your projects.

P.S. Thanks for reading my Push Quick review. It is not a quality product, but you can check my other alternatives. For any questions, leave your comments below.

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