ProTypers Review

ProTypers Review: Not A Scam But Low Pay

Welcome to my ProTypers review. In this article, you will learn if it is worth working for this company.

ProTypers is a website that pays you to solve captchas. The main idea of the site is that you can type fast and complete the letters from some images that you can see on the site.

It is supposed that every few seconds new images are loaded and you earn money when you complete them. The idea is similar to other sites that you get paid to complete surveys, click ads, or do micro-jobs. You need to stay many hours in front of your computer to earn a few dollars.

The same applies here as well. The good news is that they are honest and straightforward about what you are going to do on the site and how much you can expect.

On the homepage, you can see that you earn $0.45 per 1000 images and the top earners of the program make $100-$250. As you can understand, the top earners are experienced members who have learned to type fast, and they spend many hours online per day.

If you are a beginner, you will make less than $100 for sure. So, a full-time income is unlikely and if you work many hours per day, some extra dollars per month is the best you can expect.

Lastly, the site has a simple and old design. It does not look professional on the homepage. However, when you are inside, it’s easy to use it, and you can start right away.

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  • It is a legit site
  • Only $3 minimum withdraw
  • You do not need any experience or skills


  • Many complaints about suspended accounts before the first payment
  • You need to type very fast
  • Low potential earnings

What Is Inside?

When you sign up, you fill in your basic details and you learn that there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $3. Also, you can choose your payment method, but the site recommends you to start with Paypal. However, there is a warning that you can never change your Paypal account. I mention that because I do not remember a similar warning on other sites. If you want to get paid, double-check it!

Next, you can start working when you get inside. There is an option on the menu that sends you to the page where you can get started. The problem here is that you have only 15 seconds to type the word. If you type too slow or you are not sure what is the word (it is not always clear), you will be suspended after a few mistakes.Is ProTypers A Scam?

Also, there is an affiliate program for those who are interested in promoting this site. It gives you a %10 commission from your referral earnings, but it will not allow withdrawing if you have not at least 5 active referrals.

Is It Worth the Time?

It is a site without a good reputation but we can agree that it is not a scam. If you put the hours to work, they will pay you. However, I would not recommend it for the following reasons.

1. Too much effort for a few dollars.

As I said above, you will spend a lot of hours only to earn 1-2 dollars per day. It is not easy to get over $100 which is promised on the homepage. Yes, if you are a captcha expert, you may reach that amount.

However, most people will feel exhausted after a few hours of that work. Also, it is not easy to reach the $3 requirement for a withdraw.

2. It is not a friendly site.

It is ridiculous to see so many warnings in a few pages. There is a warning to suspend your account for every mistake you make.
You want to solve 1000 captchas to earn $0.45. Most people will make some mistakes after 1000 images. It’s natural to happen. When you pay cents for other people’s time, you cannot expect to be super focused and disciplined.

Also, there is a warning on the last part of the affiliate program. It says that they can close your account whenever they decide. So, why should I promote their site?

3. There are better skills to learn than solving captchas

If you want to make ProTypers work for you and earn money consistently, you need to spend a lot of hours until learning to type fast. You can invest the same amount of effort to learn a skill that can help earn more money than cents.

Some skills to consider:

  • Writing
  • Video creation
  • Marketing skills
  • Website building
  • Design
  • and more

These skills can help you to find good online jobs or create your own online business which can make you a lot of money. For example, if you like to write and build a blog, you can go full-time with a few hours of work per week.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make money online and different programs. I have tested many of them. While ProTypers is a legit site, I do not recommend it for the reasons that I describe above and in my opinion, it could be a good idea to stay away from that method at all.

So, I invite you to put that effort into something completely different.

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