Profit With Alex Review – 3 Reasons Why The System Is A Scam

Profit With Alex ReviewProfit With Alex Review:

Name: Profit With Alex
Website: profitwithalex.net
Price: $37 + upsells
Owner: Unknown
Make Money Bay Rank: 0 out of 100

Program Overview

The first thing I wanted to learn in my research for this review was the name of the owner. I would expect someone with the name Alex.

Well, in the entire website, there is not any mention of the owner. On the affiliates page, there is only a photo of the affiliate manager and an email. Not a good start.

Next, what is the 150 billion marketplace?

He means Amazon and the opportunity to become an Amazon affiliate.

If you want to become an Amazon affiliate is completely fine, many people make money as affiliate marketers. Also, there are many legit training programs about affiliate marketing.

You can check some of them on the sidebar.

The problem is that it does not work in that way.

When you buy the system here, you get a store builder. You type a keyword on the software and you can choose a relevant category of products. Then, you can install the website.

You do not have to worry about anything else, right?

In one week, he claims that he has earned over $600 with just one website. Profit With Alex - claims

He says 5 minutes 14 clicks and hundreds of dollars per website weekly. And of course, he reveals a super profitable system for $37.

Sorry, but it will not work for you.

Some questions:

How many similar websites have you visited?

How many people who have bought the system will build the exact websites?

Who is going to visit your website and how he will find it?

Well, you have not visited a similar website because they do not work, all the buyers of the program will build the same websites, and you have no idea who will visit your site because there is not any traffic strategy.

If you want to learn the exact steps of building a website for affiliate marketing, click here to check a legit program. You can try it for free and it is a reputable program with thousands of active members.

3 Reasons Why The System Profit With Alex Is A Scam

1. Automate Sites Do Not Work

There are many Amazon affiliate website builders. You find some of them for free as well. If you have any type of WordPress site, just search for a plugin to create pages with products.

Some years ago these sites were popular. Affiliate marketers were building them in a few minutes and they were sending tons of spammy backlinks on them to get ranked on the first page of Google.

Now you cannot do that anymore. Google wants content. Backlinks are not enough to get ranked on the first page.

Also, if you use a software to create websites or stores, there will be thousands of sites like yours. Many people will choose the same niche, the same products and will click the install button.

And there is no reason for anyone to visit your site, right? Why should they not go directly to Amazon?

2. You Need Traffic

Traffic means visitors. To get visitors you need two things:

  1. Something to attract them to your website. There are millions of sites on the internet. No one will visit your site because you want to make money. You have to offer them something. It can be anything, a product, services, a nice video, an opinion about something, etc.
  2. You must promote it. How will people find your site if they do not know that exists? The good news is that there are many types of traffic but you must put your site in front of their eyes.

3. Fake Claims and Low Quality

From the video sales to the presentation of the software, you can see that is a low-quality program.

Here is how the site looks according to the sales page:Profit With Alex - website

I have worked as a freelancer before and was helping affiliate marketers. A few months ago, a client sent me a message and showed me a website like this one. He asked me what he could do with his site and the truth is that he should rebuild it from the beginning.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, you need to learn the basics of website building. It is not anything hard but it does not work in this way.

There are many many full-time affiliate marketers who have created their business from nothing. But you need the right training.

Another annoying issue of Profit With Alex is the fake claims. The first one is the bank account. Is Profit With Alex A Scam?

I wish you to make any amount of money you want. Internet and affiliate marketing have created many millionaires the last years. However, I don’t think that they become millionaires with this system.

I guess that some actions are required. If we could become millionaires with a few clicks, everyone would be one.

Next, the Amazon earnings. If you have some experience with affiliate marketing, you know it is unlikely to earn $600 in the first week when you start from scratch. Also, there is an approval process for new accounts on Amazon Associates which last a few days.

So it’s not a real image the one you see in the video as proof.Profit With Alex Scam

Lastly, the product has a few downsells to make you buy it. One of them offers a free license to get access to the software. However, below the button with smaller letters, the owner writes that for this action you will pay $37.Is Profit With Alex Legit

A small contribution of $37!

If you watch the video carefully, you will see many scam alerts that I do not include in my article. I just mention the obvious ones.

Profit With Alex Review – My Final Verdict

I cannot think anything positive about this program. If you have any results with that one, I would be really surprised.

It does not mean that you cannot make money online or affiliate marketing does not work. You can make money online and many people have created great internet businesses.

Today, you learned that you need to avoid some people on the internet. It is like the offline world. There are scams and legit opportunities.

I learn only from people who can prove their earnings and work in the way they teach. Take a look at my top recommendation. The owners are active members and there is a free membership for the beginners.

button top recommendation

For any questions, leave your comment below. Also, if you have tried Profit With Alex, feel free to share your experience and write your personal review.

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