pillowbux review

PillowBux Review: Legit Site To Earn Money Solving Captcha?

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pillowbux review

Welcome to my PillowBux review. This is an interesting website that seems legit but there are many things to consider before joining.

In this review, you will learn exactly how it works and if it’s really worth your time. Below, you will find some decent alternatives as well.

What Is PillowBux?

PillowBux is a website in which you can make money solving captcha and getting referrals.

This is not the first site on this category and there are some scams too.

But the good news is that PillowBux is a new website that seems legit. The bad news is that the rewards are ridiculously low so I do not know how many of you have enough patience.

The truth is that all the similar sites with legit captcha jobs have similar low rewards.

Next, we have not enough information about PillowBux to be sure about the results of the site. Ok, it seems legit and I have seen payment proof from members but no one has tested it on the long run.

Also, there are some stats that do not make sense. According to the site, it has over 15k members and paid over $75k. These stats could be true but there are not enough comments, reviews, and payments out there.

We have no information about the owner, the company or any other person who works for the site. On the contact page, we can find a link for a Facebook page.

It seems active but on most comments, people post their referral link. However, we can see payment proof from members as well.

On the positives, they do not make any big claims but they just tell you that it takes hard work to get paid from PillowBux.

I know that some people chase this type of sites. If you can type really fast you may be happy with your results. But the average user will have a hard time to reach the payout limits.

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How To Make Money With PillowBux

The main way to earn money is by solving captcha. But they site have tried to make the process more interesting so there are a few ways to get started:

1. Daily Captcha: You have one minute every day to log in and use the daily captcha. You earn $0.002 per captcha you solve. The more you solve in that minute, the more you earn.

I think that if you are a fast typer, you can solve up to 10 captchas and make almost 2 cents per day.

2. Unlimited Captcha: You can solve as many captchas as you want here but they pay $0.00010 for each captcha. If you do the maths, you must solve 10,000 captchas to earn $1.

3. Referrals: Their referral system is a little weird. You will earn $1 for each of your first five referrals as a bonus and you will earn 25% from their earnings of Daily Captcha.

However, you will get the bonus once you solve 30,000 captchas from the Unlimited Captcha.

4. Bonus: There is an extra $5 for those who will solve 30,000 captchas even without referrals.

5. Limit: You can make up to $75 per month from PillowBux. I do not know if there are people who can reach that limit but I just mention it.

How To Get Paid

Depending on your payment method, the minimum payout limit is at $2 or $5.

There are multiple methods to get paid but the most popular that are PayPal and Bitcoin have a limit at $2.

Almost every screenshot that I have seen from this site was from PayPal payments so I believe that most users can get paid.

From the information on the website, we know that it takes 1-15 business days to receive your money.

Also, you must be sure that you follow the rules because they can close your account if you don’t. Many extra income sites can close members’ accounts and there is nothing to do about it.

Pros and Cons


1. It Pays: There are so many scams out there so it’s a good thing to find new legit sites. I do not know if you are happy from PillowBux but you will get paid if you do the work.

2. Simple Process: You just type the words you see in an image. Then, you learn if you typed the words correctly. If yes, the site will add the reward to your account. If you make a mistake, just move to the next one.

captcha example

3. User Experience: Most members will not get confused on the homepage or the members’ area. The process is straightforward, they explain the bonus or the rewards and the design is simple and nice.


1. Slow Earner: I have mentioned on many side income sites that you complete tasks for cents. On PillowBux, it takes work to make even one cent.

If you go through the Unlimited Captchas, you must complete 100 captchas to earn 1 cent or 10,000 to earn $1.

I cannot estimate how much it takes to reach the minimum payout limit because it depends on your typing speed but it’s a super slow earner.

2. No Information about the owner: There are two emails and a Facebook page but no information about the owner or the company. This is not enough to build trust but many users will give it a try anyway.

Lack of information is common on many online scams even if it seems that you will get paid here.

My Final Verdict – Is PillowBux Legit?

There is payment proof on Facebook and the process on the site is normal. I mean there are not unrealistic claims and the rewards are too low.

It seems legit and if you reach the minimum payout limit, you can expect to get paid.

However, it does not mean that I recommend it. I believe there are better alternatives to make money online.

You must invest so much time to earn a few cents. The referral program is not worth your time as well because you must solve a lot of captchas for a small bonus.

This is only my opinion. It’s on you to decide to get started with PillowBux or not.

For some alternatives, I suggest the following websites:

For those who want to make some extra money in their free time, you can take a look at Swagbucks and ClixSense.

These are two popular GPT websites with a lot of members. You can complete surveys, offers and do micro jobs.

For those who are interested in earning a full-time income on the internet, you can learn about affiliate marketing.

This is a simple way to start your own online business, but it’s very profitable.

Many people with no experience, technical knowledge or big budget start new affiliate marketing businesses every single day. It’s really hot business model.

But you need the right strategy. You can’t just put some referral links out there and expect to make money.

For this reason, I have created a guide on how to make money online. It includes a few simple steps and some tools from a top training program for affiliate marketers.

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Thanks for reading my review on PillowBux. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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  1. suddha bhattacherjee

    I am interested to work online part time basis but trying a lot unable to create my account due to 502 error pages. Please, solve the problems as early as possible.

    1. It is not my site and I have not connection with it. I just wrote this PillowBux review. It seems that there are problems these days. You can check some better alternatives as Swagbucks and ySense.

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