Photography Jobs Online Review – Is It A Scam?

Photography Jobs Online ReviewPhotography Jobs Online is a money making program, I found when I was researching if it’s possible to earn money by selling photos online. At the first glance, I was curious and suspicious by the claims that members earn 13000$ per month, 700$ after three weeks and 125$ from one single photo. So, I decided to learn more and here is my Photography Jobs Online Review.

What Is Photography Jobs Online?

It’s a program that invites you to join if you like photography, promises extra time or full time income and claims huge earnings as I mentioned above. According to their home page, if you join there are thousands of photography jobs waiting for you. Let’s see what they offer:

  • Access to thousands stock photos companies and online agencies
  • Training through ebook and videos
  • Photo editing software
  • Resources, tools and tutorials
  • Weekly updates
  • Private coaching
  • Money back guarantee for 60 days

Does it sound good? Well, I have my objections, however, let’s see how this process works.

Can You Make Money By Selling Photos Online?

What did I want to learn before even take a look at this program? If it’s possible to make so much money with this process. Despite there are some professionals that make a full time income from photography, most of people who try this way to make money fail. They fail because this process needs too many working hours and upload thousands of photos before being able to earn hundreds of dollars. Here is the process:

  • Take Photos: You don’t need an expensive camera but you’ll be fine with the camera you already own.
  • Submit Your Photos Online
  • Photos Get Downloaded
  • Earn Money: You can receive your payment through PayPal, mail check or bank transfer.how it works

In the beginning, you should expect to take some time before you start selling your photos. You’ll probably earn between 0.50$ to 1$ per download. So, don’t expect to make easy money by selling photos online. Well, let’s see the pros and cons of Photography Online Jobs.


  • Huge Database: As I said above, you’ll have access to thousands of photography jobs and stock companies.
  • Free Trial and Money Back: Free trial and money back are two good things. In the first case, you can take a look inside before you pay. In the second one, you can take your money back if you don’t like it. However, money back could be a tricky one. It depends on what are the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to read them carefully.
  • Make Money From Your Passion: If photography is your passion, then you could try to make some extra money from your photos.
  • Work From Home: You can make money from your home and from any other place in the world working the hours you want.


  • Unknown Owners: When you visit their home page you can’t learn anything about their owners. In the Frequently Asked Questions page says that this website is a step by step money making blueprint without any other information.
  • Earning Claims: You have probably seen again websites and ads that claim that you will earn thousands of dollars in a few days if you buy their products. This isn’t exact the same case here, however, you can’t make 700$ in three weeks if you are a beginner. Make 125$ from one photo sounds great also but it’s too good to be true.
  • Reputation: With a simple Google search, I found many websites and forums topics say that this is a scam. It isn’t encouraging for someone who wants to buy this product.
  • Support: I would expect better support from a making money product where people are trying to find jobs. They may take some days to answer you.
  • Consistency: You need to take photos and submit them online consistently. Don’t take me wrong. Work is a good thing but you may get disappointed when you expect to earn so much money with some photos. It makes sense to expect this, as this is what they claim on their home page.

Is Photography Online Jobs For You?

I think this is the most important question that you should answer before you join. They say on the home page that you can turn your passion into a profitable business. I agree with this phrase because this way to earn money is for people who their passion or hobby is photography. You should work many hours by taking and uploading photos to make consistent income from this type of business. So, you aren’t going to achieve it if you don’t like this job.

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You can start with a seven day trial for 1$ and 27$ per month is the paid membership. The price looks low but the most of the services this program offers, can be found for free with some research. There are many websites where you can try to sell your photos for free. Some of the training they offer can be found on free websites also.

So, why people buy it? Because it’s saving time. If you don’t want to make research on finding jobs by yourself then it would be a good idea to join this program. You can Buy It Here.

Is Photography Jobs Online A Scam?

There is no doubt that you can make money by selling your photos. There are many people that make money part time or full time with this way. However, the question I’m trying to answer with this article is if it’s a legit program or not. Sure, there are different opinions than mine but I should be honest with you.

Unfortunately, many say that it’s a scam and I agree with them. This happens because they promise you more that they can offer. This isn’t a way to make money fast and if you are a beginner it will be tough to make money with this program.

But, for those who love photography and have thousands of photos, it would be a good idea to try. Read More On Photography-Jobs.net

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