Paid Social Media Jobs Review

paid social media jobs reviewHey guys, here is my Paid Social Media Jobs review for all of you who wonder if it’s a legit program. I admit that this is a close one. At first glance, it looks like a scam that promises unrealistic earnings without any real effort. However, after some research, I think they are some things to consider before making your decision. Ok, let’s see this website and its offer detailed.

What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media Jobs (visit here) is a making money program that offers plenty of jobs for freelancers and training with ebooks and videos. You have probably found them via social media, a website that suggests them as a legit make money program or via Clickbank.

In their website, the first thing you see is the story of Annie Jones a single mother who makes over 700$ per week by making simple tasks on social media for companies. The rest of the content describes the jobs you can find and focus on the potential earnings you can make if you decide to join them.

Does This Process Really Work?

The answer is yes. There many freelancers trying to earn money with this way. With a research on Fiverr, you can find many individuals offering social media services. Some examples: they manage social media accounts, create facebook pages, upload pictures, create content and promote these accounts.

From their reviews, we can see that some of them they have earned a lot of money however it isn’t a popular category. Anyway, it’s safe to say that you can earn money with this way.fiverr social media managers

Does Paid Social Media Jobs Work?

The fact that there are legit social media jobs, it doesn’t mean that you should buy every relevant program. So, let’s see if it is really worth it.


  • Database: The main advantage you gain against your competition when you buy this program is the database of available jobs. If you have already tried to find some social media jobs you know that it isn’t easy to start. You can try to find some customers as a freelancer but you may wait for days or weeks before you get hired on your first job. A database with available jobs is a great opportunity.
  • Training: What do you need the training when you get paid for uploading images? Well, one of the bad things on this website is that it don’t present this job as it really is. If you are a beginner, there are a lot to learn.


  • False Claims: This a usual strategy of many online scams to attract customers and beginners. Someone who is experienced in this type of jobs knows what he is looking for.  So, I want to be clear on what to expect from them. In the beginning, you shouldn’t expect more than 5$-10$ per hour and it takes time and effort before you are able to earn a full time income.
  • Unknown Owner: I would like to know who is the owner of a program which requires payment to get full access. Owner reputation really helps the visitors to understand if it’s a trustful program. For example, you can easily trust making money programs like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama cause of their reputable owners.
  • Support: Very poor support. You can wait for days to get help when you face a problem.

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Who Is Social Media Jobs For?

On Paid Social Media Jobs website they say that this program is for everyone who wants to make money online. I disagree with this opinion and I think that fits better with people who already have previous experience with this job and look for new job opportunities. So, if you are looking for more available jobs on social media then it would be a decent program for you.

For beginners who want to make money with social media jobs, I recommend to sign up on websites for freelancers, look what services offer their competitors and finally try to get their first jobs for free. In the beginning, you should look for jobs with very simple tasks. As you get more experienced and learn how this work, you can try Paid Social Media Jobs.


You pay 27$(sign up here) to get access to the database and training. I think it’s a fair price for these services. As I said above, it worth to join the program if you have already some experience.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs A Scam?

Have you read carefully everything I write above? If the answer is yes, you can decide by yourself. In my opinion, they try to convince the beginners that it’s an easy and fast way to make money but this isn’t happening. But there are people who can save time and find new job opportunities with this program.  Sign Up Here.

Make Money Bay Rank: 58 out of 100

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