Paid 4 Tasks Review: Scam Or $500 Today?

paid 4 tasks review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Paid 4 Tasks review. This website claims that you can make $500 today. However, they don’t explain how you can earn that money. In this review, you will learn if this is a legit site that can give you these results or another scam.

What Paid 4 Tasks?

A few days ago, I wrote a review on another site with the name Fine Cash that was exactly the same. It has the same homepage, colors, members area, referral system, and tasks.

Paid 4 Tasks is not a unique website but a copy of other ones. From the claims, we can figure out that something is wrong here. It is supposed to be a free website that uses the term, influencer network.

It’s not possible to give to each member $500 in one day by sharing a referral link. Online marketing does not work like that, and these claims do not make sense. With a few words, Paid 4 Tasks is not a legit website.

Paid 4 Tasks Review

There are many online scams under different domain names that claim to be influencer networks and promise huge earnings. For a few examples, you can read about RainMoney, EmotePay, Tap 2 Earn, and InfluencerCash. Of course, you are not going to make that money, and they don’t pay at all.

These sites are copies of the same scam. They just close after a while, and new ones replace them. In this way, they avoid any complaints and negative reviews. In the past, some of these sites became viral for a few weeks.

The members receive invitations or just get spammed on social media, so some of them will visit and join these sites. Paid 4 Tasks use the same strategy.

While it is a free website, it collects your personal details, and the owner sells them for a profit to other scammy companies. He does not request permission, and this process is not legit.

However, some people out there are willing to buy email lists or anything that these guys sell. Then, they will probably try to promote you different products or whatever they can do with your details.

When you create a new account, the website has achieved its goal. The next step is to make you promote the site or complete some scam tasks inside. From these tasks, the website earns commissions.

The information on the homepage or social media is not real. You will not make $500 today. Also, the testimonials, screenshots, and stats are fake as you will read below.

The bottom line is that Paid 4 Tasks is created to mislead people and send them to the members’ area. However, it does not pay, and you cannot earn money with it.

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How Does It Work?

I have already mentioned that you can find a referral system and some tasks, but they don’t pay. Here is how they scam the members.

If you create a new account, they will add $25 as a signup bonus to this account. However, you must meet some requirements to request a cashout that includes the following:

Clicks and Referrals: Once you get inside, you will get a referral link. This is the first thing you on the dashboard, and they motivate you to use it.

They add to your site’s account $2 per click and $10 per referral. These rewards are too high for a free site that gets traffic from social media and another scam alert. Legit referral programs pay commissions per sale or after specific actions of your referrals.

$30 TaskWall: You are supposed to complete tasks like paid surveys and playing games that pay $30. Again, this is too good to be true. Simple tasks like these pay a few cents on legit websites.

When you choose a task, you can see that these are not real tasks. You will get redirected to a scam website that requests your phone number. If you give it, they will charge you for text messages that they send to you. TaskWall is the only way to lose money directly on Paid 4 Tasks.

Social Media Submissions: The submissions are not on the requirements, but they promise huge payments for spamming a few links on social media.

You can create a video and upload it on YouTube for $50, add the referral link to your Instagram profile for $50, and post on Facebook and Twitter your referral link for $10 per post or tweet. 

They Do Not Pay

The first signs that they do not pay on the members’ area are the ridiculous rewards. Next, you can see a $100 minimum payout limit and requirements that are not specific when you get started. The intention of the owner is to keep you around as long as possible without reaching the payout limits.

If you trust them and start working on your tasks and referrals, you may meet these requirements after a while. Then, they let your payment request in pending status, or they just reject it.

Another problem is that there are no payment proofs of Paid 4 Tasks on the internet. The screenshots on the website are fake, and the guys who promote it on YouTube and social media do not show us any proof as well.

No Owner Or Contact Details

Paid 4 Tasks does not include any information about the persons who created this website. They use only some fake stats that mention 300k members and 44 million paid. However, it’s a new website with no mentions anywhere.

While it claims to be an influencer network, the website has no social media accounts. They include some social media icons on the homepage, but the links are broken. The email address is not real as well.

There is no way to contact anyone from this site to get help or ask questions about technical issues and payments.

Is Paid 4 Tasks A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Yes, Paid 4 Tasks is a scam that tries to get your personal details and use them for profit. There is no benefit for anyone to join this website.

The referral system and the huge rewards are appealing for many people who create a new account. They give it a try and see money in their accounts. It gives a feeling of progress, so they start working on it.

They don’t know yet that they will not get their earnings. However, they invite more people, and then more users fall for this scam. But no one has received any money from the site.

There is nothing you can do to claim your earnings or get any money back if you have completed tasks. The owners are unknown and the people who invited you, they have fallen for the scam too.

The best option is to stay away from Paid 4 Tasks and any other alternative. There are many similar websites as I mentioned above. Some of them are exact copies, while others use a different strategy.

Reading reviews and avoid unrealistic claims are two good strategies to avoid most online scams. It’s not possible to make $500 today when you start from zero, and spamming a few links is not a strategy. Also, the few real reviews of Paid 4 Tasks are negative.

Lastly, you have followed a process to find this website. It could be a video on YouTube or a link on Facebook that sent you on the homepage. Just stay away from the places that promote scams like this one because they will promote more similar sites in the future.

The good news is that there are actually ways to earn money online, and I am going to show you some of them below.

Here Is Something That Really Works

If you are interested in earning a few extra dollars per month with easy and simple tasks, legit paid surveys can be a decent option. While you can’t earn much, it’s a good way to use your free time.

For two popular websites that include surveys, you can read about ySense and Swagbucks. They have plenty of surveys and offers. Also, they have paid thousands of members in the last years.

If you want to make a full-time on the internet, you must invest more time and start your own online business. It’s a step that will really help you to reach your full potential.

My top suggestion is to learn about affiliate marketing. It’s an online business model that does not require a big budget, experience, or technical knowledge. But you will promote other people’s products and make commissions.

Most big companies like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have affiliate programs these days that you can join for free and promote any products you want. Your job will be to help other people on the internet and recommend quality products that solve their problems.

For a top training platform that you can get a step-by-step guide for affiliate marketing, you can check Wealthy Affiliate. It has an active and helpful community with over 1 million members too.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Paid 4 Tasks. It is not a legit way to earn money, so check for other alternatives. Below, you can leave any comments or questions about the website.

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