Online Innovations Review: Scam Or $1000 Per Day?

online innovations review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Online Innovations review ( You will read if this program is a scam or you can actually earn $1,000 per day with a weird trick.

The spokesperson of the video makes some claims that sound a little unrealistic so you may have some questions about the program.

What Is Online Innovations?

Online Innovations is a digital product that tries to sell the opportunity to make money online. There is no information on the sales page about the members’ area or anything relevant to the system.

At least, there is no realistic information because we can hear a lot of no sense from the spokesperson.

According to the video, you can earn money with no work from your part with a secret code that you will get from this program. Also, you can see some video claims about making from a few dollars per day up to thousands of dollars per month.

This is what you can learn from the video. However, the truth is a little different.

Online Innovations is a copy of another online scam with the name Ecom Cash Code. It has the same video. They did not change anything and many times it is mentioned Ecom Cash Code.

is online innovations a scam?

Ecom Cash Code and Online Innovations are funnels for another program with the name My Ecom Club.

So, the visitors who buy Online Innovations are redirected to My Ecom Club. The owner of this program is Teo Vee who is mentioned in the video of Online Innovations.

I know it sounds complicated but this is what you need to know:

Online Innovations is not a real online program but a middleman for another program.

They create many sales page under different domains to avoid the negative reviews. Ecom Cash Code is an older site with many negative reviews on the internet. With a simple Google search, you can find these reviews.

By creating new pages that promote the same product have more chances to make sales. To get these sales, they use different techniques you will read below.

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How Does It Work?

First of all, you will not find any code that gets overnight results. It mentions the names of some big companies on the sales page but you can sure there is no code.

If you buy the product and redirected to My Ecom Club, you will find a few videos about building a Shopify store.

It’s a simple drop shipping model. You need to create a Shopify account, find products and send traffic to your store. It’s a strategy that many online marketers follow the last years and you may have heard again.

The quality of the videos is not anything great. You could find free guides on how to build and set up a store.

In my opinion, if you want to build a Shopify store, it would be a better idea to go directly to Shopify. It has a lot of resources and case studies you can use to get started online.

In this way, you will save hundreds of dollars by avoiding all these Shopify gurus and you will get information from the source.

Online Innovations has not any unique system or training. It works only for the owner and not for you. It’s only a one-page site with a payment form.

Fake Testimonials and Scarcity

There are a few people who talk about their successes with the program. But they are not real testers of any site. The creator of the program has hired them to create these videos.

You see the same testimonials on other online scams like Discover The Plan and Money Miracle. You can check the first testimonial of the program below:

fake testimonial - online innovations

Next, you can see his Fiverr gig:

Fiverr testimonials Insiders Cash Club

These programs have not real testers because they are not real programs. It’s easy to hire a few actors on Fiverr for a few dollars so many owners of different programs try to build trust with their visitors in this way.

Next, the scarcity is not real as well. The spots are not limited and don’t worry about the timer. Whenever you go back on this site, you will find the same video and payment form.

It will not go down as long as it keeps making sales. Also, many marketers of ClickBetter (affiliate network) promote to their lists.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can see a $97 price and a 60-day money back guarantee. However, once you buy the product, you will be redirected on My Ecom Club and you will follow the pricing structure of this program.

It has a few upsells. For example, on the video mentions a mentor. This is one of the upsells. Also, it includes a high ticket upsell that cost $1997.

The quality of the product is really low. You can similar the information elsewhere for free and the owners have created the program as a funnel for the $1997 upsell.

With this high ticket upsell, you just get 2 Shopify stores with 100 product listings in total.

The money back guarantee is real only for the front end product. If you buy the upsells, you must follow the different rules.

Is Online Innovations A Scam?

It’s a simple one-page site that sends you to the funnel of another program with a high ticket upsell.

The creators of the program use fake and misleading information to make you buy it while the video is a copy from another online scam.

So, Online Innovation is a scam and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

There is no secret code, no system, and not overnight earnings with that program and of course, you will not make $1,000 per day starting today.

If you really want to build a Shopify store, it will take to make even one sale. But you don’t need this program to achieve it.

Many programs and marketers promise overnight success or systems that works on autopilot. But have you ever got results with any of them?

While it’s possible to make money online and there are legit programs, stay away from anyone who says that it does not take work to achieve it.

There are no shortcuts or secret codes. The shortcuts will send you to rich quick schemes like this one.

The good news is that there are legit alternatives and I can show you one of them.

Here Is Something That Really Works

From my experience, many people just need to take the first step. In the online world, the first step is to find a plan or a strategy that works.

You don’t have to invent the plan but you must work on it. It’s not the system that most people miss. Simply, when they see a strategy or a guide on something, they can’t see themselves at the end of the road so they never take the first step.

I am an affiliate marketer and I will show you in four simple steps how you can start your own online business. However, it’s on you to take action and do the work.

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Get traffic
  • Make money

I have created a simple guide on how to apply all these steps. It’s easy to choose a niche and build your first website. Then, you must get traffic.

To get traffic, you just need to help your visitors with your content. The process is simple as well:

Find what people search on the internet and create helpful content that includes the information they search.

This is what I do to make money and it works for me. I am sure you can do some research and write an article. If you repeat these two steps, soon you will start getting traffic. You will not get results with only 2-3 articles. As I said above, you must work on it.

When you have traffic, you can recommend a few quality products on your website and earn commissions.

On the link below, you will see how you can apply all these steps. To build a website and find what people search on the internet, I use two tools from Wealthy Affiliate (it has a free membership):

Read here how to make money as an affiliate marketer!

Thanks for reading my review on Online Innovations. You can leave any comments or questions below.

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