one day rewards review - scam or legit?

One Day Rewards Review: Scam Or Legit Way To Work Online?

Welcome to my One Day Rewards review. If you are looking for a legit way to earn some extra money, you could consider joining this website. In this review, you can read how it works and what you can expect from the tasks in the members’ area.

What Is One Click Rewards?

There are many types of tasks to earn money on One Day Rewards. Most of them are offers and surveys, so it’s a GPT website. In the same category, you may have visited other popular GPT sites like ySense and Swagbucks. There is a large number of options in the members’ area. You can find tasks to earn money, put a few ads, there is a daily jackpot, many payment methods, and a referral system. It’s an interesting website for sure.

The site is active since 2016, and according to the stats on the homepage, they have over 20,000 thousands members. The reviews you can find on the internet are mixed, but they agree it’s a legit site. You can earn points that you can convert into cash and gift cards, or you earn money directly. It depends on the offer.

How Does It Work?

When you visit the website, it shows you three steps to earn money:

  1. Register
  2. Complete offers
  3. Get paid

The tasks that are available in the members’ area work through third-party websites. The offers are completed on the other sites, and you come back to submit the offer. If everything is ok, the points or the money will be credited to your account.

While it a standard process for many sites, you will need to do at least one action on the third-party websites to get the reward. Also, many times you must share your personal details on these sites to get approved. It would be a good idea to create an email only for these tasks.

There is a daily log-in bonus, a bonus when you like their Facebook page, and a daily jackpot. The bad news is that the reward for these bonuses is too low. You earn 1 point for these actions. 1 point = 1 cent.

How To Make Money With One Day Rewards?

There are many ways to earn points. You can find them under the tabs on the menu or the internal links in the main area. It was a little confusing to find everything, and I guess it will be the same for many users. I think below you can get an idea of how to get points.

  1. Main: On this part, you can see a few offers. Some of them are not accessible from other places on the site. Also, there is a link to the paid to click offers. You earn $0.001 from each ad, and the offers have rewards from one to ten points.
  2. Smores.TV: Here, you can join a few third-party sites. The reward is different for every offer.
  3. Surveys: You connect with other survey sites. When you complete a survey, it will be credited to your One Day Rewards account. Before getting started, you know the reward but not the time it takes to be completed. Overall, I think completing surveys is the most profitable task on this site.
  4. Offer Walls: They are offers that you complete on third-party sites. They include games, watching videos, sign up on other platforms, cashback, and any other relevant task. The rewards depend on the site and the task. There are some nice opportunities while some tasks are not worth your time.
  5. Referrals: You earn 10% from their rewards for level one referrals and 5% for the second level referrals. There is a contest for those who will send the most active new members and a few banners that you can use to promote the website.
  6. Jackpot: One winner per day earns $1. You can get only one ticket.

Lastly, you can put your banners on the sidebar of the site for a few dollars. So, you can earn money by promoting your offers to the members of the website.

Pros and Cons


Payment methods: There are many ways to withdraw your earnings. Some of them are completely free, and others have a small fee. You can cash out with Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, CashApp, Circle, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PayPal, Western Union, and a few more ways to get a gift card.

Low minimum cash-out limit: It depends on the method. For example, if you want to receive the payment with Western Union, there is a minimum $20 limit. But you can get send the money to your Bitcoin wallet for $0.10.

Available worldwide: You can join from every place in the world. Some of the tasks will change in some countries, as it happens on most GPT sites.

Contest and Jackpot: You can earn from the referral contest up to $10, the “do most offers” contest gives up to $15, and the jackpot $1 per day to one user.


Low rewards on tasks: Many times, you will earn only one point or one cent. If you click ads, you can make less than one cent for a click. Many tasks are only a waste of time.

Potential Earnings: As a result of the low rewards, it’s not easy to make enough money on this site. Every person has different goals, but you must put in many hours to earn a few dollars. From all the available tasks, I would stick to the surveys. I think they have more fair rewards comparing to the other offers.

Confusing members’ area: There are a few links to the offers on the main members’ area, and you can find the categories of the available offers from the main menu. However, you cannot find all the offers on the menu. For example, you cannot access the paid-to-click offers or the referral page. On the sidebars, there are many irrelevant for the user information and distractions. I think it could be simpler to find what you want.

My Final Verdict: Scam or Legit?

There are pros and cons, but it’s a legit site. When you want to withdraw your money, they will send your payment to any of the available ways you want. Also, they have created a page with the payment times.

There is a number of tasks, and you can log in a few times per week to check for any good opportunities. However, I would not waste my time with most of the low-reward offers on this site. The offers and the surveys are completed through third-party websites. So, they are not unique, and you can find them on other similar sites as well.

In my opinion, it’s a good site, but there are better alternatives on the internet. You can read about ySense and Swagbucks for more information. Most similar sites have low earning potential, but the advantage is that you can make a few dollars fast. Some people join on multiple GPT sites and look for the best offers. It’s on you to decide if you will join this one and what strategy you will follow.

My Top Way To Make Money Online

The good news is that you don’t have to waste your time for cents. I am an affiliate marketer, and I do not even consider spending my time on these tasks.

Starting an online business is a smart way to go to the next level. You can multiply your earnings while you can stop exchanging time for money. When you create a website or even a piece of content, you can get paid many times in the future and not only once for your work. Affiliate marketing is the simplest way to start an online business. Simple does not mean easy, but you can focus on your marketing efforts. I will show you how to do that step by step.

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Thanks for reading my review on One Day Rewards. You can leave your questions and your comments below!