og bucks review - scam or legit?

OG Bucks Review: Scam Or Legit?

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In this OG Bucks review, you will discover if this site is another online scam, or you can actually earn money in a few steps. From the homepage, it claims easy earnings with referrals from social media and simple tasks, but you will read that it is not as described.

What Is OG Bucks?

OG Bucks is a copy of other scams that claim to be influencer networks. For some of these scams, you can read my reviews on Clout Bonus, Buxify, Clout Bucks, LiteBucks, Viral Bucks, and more. All these websites have the same members’ area, tasks, and referrals program. However, they don’t pay their members for their work inside.

They claim to be influencer networks. This is a term that you can find only on these sites. You can be sure that there is no network or influencers inside but a referral link and a few scammy tasks. Their story is that you can make money in three steps. The steps are about joining, sharing, and collecting money. 

There is no legit way to make money on the internet that works just by sharing a link. It uses get-rich-quick hype because the goal of the homepage is to send you to the members’ area. Let me explain how the website makes money:

In the members’ area, you will not find any products, training, or membership. Even if they don’t sell anything, they promise a lot of money for new referrals. Simply, they want to get as many referrals as possible because they collect data from their members. When they create a new account, they request their contact details.

Then, they can sell the emails and any other data that you will share on the site like payment details or your phone number. Of course, this is not a legit site, and they do not ask permission for that. The information on the homepage and the members’ area are misleading to keep you around. When you share your referral link, they can get more traffic and collect more data.

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How Does It Work?

The users who create an account start a weird process. OG Bucks adds $25 to the site’s account, and then, they must get started with the referral program and the tasks to meet some requirements with the expectation to receive their earnings.

When you do what they say, they add money to your site’s account. It looks like a real site until that point, and it gives you a sense of improvement. Here are the available tasks:

Referrals: The suggestion of the site is to spam your referral link on social media. They include some social media icons to help you with that process too. They promise $2 per click on your link and $10 for every new referral. These high rewards is a scam alert by default. There is no legit site that pays $2 per click from social media, and $10 for free members who do not have to take any other action, it does not make sense.

$30 Task Wall: On the dashboard, you can see a banner that promises $30 with surveys and apps. There are two problems here. First, online surveys and downloading apps pay a few cents and not $30. Second, they are not real surveys, but you must visit another website and share your phone number. Then, they send you text messages and charge your number.

Snapchat and YouTube submission: You can earn $50 by adding a promotional post on Snapchat or creating a short video and uploading it on YouTube. The site gives you specific instructions, and they are supposed to check it manually. Of course, the value of a post on Snapchat and a YouTube video is not $50.

They Will Not Pay You

The first weird thing is that you don’t know the cashout limits before getting started. You must complete a specific number of tasks, clicks, and referrals. The second problem is the payment proofs and testimonials.

The payments proofs are not real. They include an amount of money, but we can’t see the processor of the transaction. These are not PayPal payments. Lastly, they don’t have testimonials but a few messages that are supposed to be from testimonials.

The truth is that there is no payment proof on the internet. No one has received any money at all. Even the guys who promote it on YouTube and Facebook can’t show you a proof. If a member requests a new payment, the site does not take any action at all or wait for a few weeks until rejecting the request.

No Contact Information

If you take a close look at the homepage, you will notice that there are no names or contact information. The creator of the site does not mention his name or any other details. The email address at the end of the page is not real, and the icons of social media do not include a link.

No one will take responsibility for this website, and you can’t contact anyone. They claim to be an influencer network, but they do not even have created social media accounts.

Is OG Bucks A Scam? – My Final Verdict?

OG Bucks is a scam that collects data from the members and does not pay them. The site sells the data to make money and uses the referral program to make other people work for them. Once you share a link from this website, you actually help them to scam even more people.

Many of the guys on YouTube and social media who share these links do not know that they will not get paid. You can show them my OG Bucks review or tell them to stay away from it. The problem is that many members are convinced that it works until requesting their earnings. When they don’t receive them, they understand everything.

You don’t have to go so far. OG Bucks is a time-waster, and you may lose money with the tasks too. If you have already subscribed to these third-party sites, find a way to unsubscribe. There is no benefit for you on OG Bucks or any similar site. Lastly, some Facebook groups promote scams like this one to their members intentionally. Be aware of them and do not give credit to their suggestions.

The bottom line is that OG Bucks is a scam. There is no way to make so much money with tasks and sharing links. It takes real work to make money on the internet, and there are no shortcuts.

How To Make Money Online

There are many ways to get started on the internet, but we can divide them into two categories. You can do simple things and make some extra dollars per month, or you can work on more complicated projects with the potential to make a full-time income.

In the first category, there are easy tasks like online surveys. You just answer questions, they take a few minutes and earn a small reward. Two top sites that you can find surveys are Swagbucks and ySense. They have a lot of payment proofs and pay their members for years.

For those who are interested in earning a full-time income, you can learn about affiliate marketing. It is a business model that you promote other people’s products and make commissions per sale. The top affiliate marketers create content on a blog, YouTube, or social media. Then, they recommend products relevant to their content.

For more information on affiliate marketing, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a top training platform with over one million members and a helpful community.

Thanks for reading my OG Bucks review. It is not a legit site, and you should look for other alternatives. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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