MyIyo Review: Scam Or A Legit Survey Site?

MyIyo Review: Scam Or A Legit Survey Site?MyIyo sounds like a legit site to earn some extra money. On this review, you will read how exactly it works and if it’s worth your time.

I have mentioned this site again on my review on Survey Spotter which was a scammy middleman. MyIyo was one of the recommended sites on the Survey Spotter platform. Of course, they are two completely different websites, and you will read more information below.

What Is MyIyo?

It is not easy to find information online about MyIyo. There are only a few reviews from users or other bloggers and the most information on this review is directly from their site.

MyIyo is a survey site that is created and operated by mo’web research. It’s an international market research company that offers services to other businesses.

It has created MyIyo to get information for their clients. According to their website, it was created ten years ago and is based in Germany. While it’s a ten year old survey site, it has not a BBB rating or a big base of members.

How Does MyIyo Work?

It works as a standard survey site and has the standard issues of the industry. To earn some extra money, you create a free account and just wait to receive emails for available surveys.

There are some standard bonuses when you sign up. When you create an account, you earn 100 points and 500 points for fill in your profile details.MyIyo bonus

Next, you can earn 500 more points by answering some questions about your demographics. Until now, it’s a standard process common on most survey sites. The bonuses are not always the same and change on every survey site.

MyIyo works with points. 100 points = $0.12 or 0.10 Euro.

From the starting bonus, you can earn 1100 points if you complete the process properly. However, you cannot withdraw your bonus because there is a minimum cash out limit at 20,000 points.

Lastly, the creators of MyIyo want to build a community. You can upload images, videos, send private messages and connect with other members. The community is not very active, and I do think it can help you to earn more money.

Who Is MyIyo For?

It is not a good survey with a constant flow of surveys. So, I really doubt that it can help you to earn some money. From the few user reviews you can find online, it’s obvious that most members do not earn money from this site.

There are not many surveys and usually, you cannot even complete them because of disqualification issues. MyIyo is one of these survey sites that do not let you finish most of the surveys you start.

Also, the small bonus and the high cash out limit do not motivate you to continue completing offers. It seems that you will get paid when you reach the cash out limit but it can take a lot of months.

So, it’s not for people who expect to earn some extra money fast. You must be super patient or you must enjoy completing surveys. Also, you need a PayPal account because it’s the only way to receive your money. The other option is to donate your earnings to a charity.MyIyo comment

User comment on SurveyPolice.

Pros and Cons


1. You will get paid: It will not be easy to achieve your first payment but when you reach the 20,000 points, you can ask and receive your earnings to your PayPal account.

2. Available in many countries: It’s not available worldwide and you need a PayPal account as a requirement because it’s the only way to withdraw money. But you can use the site from many countries and in many different languages.

3. Referrals: There is a basic referral program. You can invite your friends to earn 500 points when they complete their first survey.


1. Disqualifications: No one likes to spend time for nothing. It happens too often on MyIyo and it’s the main source of complaints from the users of the site.

2. Not many surveys: The number of the surveys depends on your demographics. However, they are much lower than most survey sites.

3. 20 Euro cash out limit: The two issues above are combined with a huge for the industry, 20 Euro ($24) minimum cash out limit. It can take forever, and there are complaints from members who never reached that limit.

4. Support: You can contact the support to solve any of the issues above but I would not expect any help. Most of the issues are never solved.

My Final Opinion – Is MyIyo Worth It?

MyIyo is not a scam but I would not recommend it to anyone as a site to make money online. It takes a lot of time and frustration to earn the 20 Euro.

There are better ways to earn some extra money. You can give it a try on free sites like ClixSense, CashCrate, or Swagbucks.

Online surveys will not make you rich but you can use some side income site to complete some of them in your free time. On the sites above, you can find additional ways to make money and not only surveys.

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Thanks for reading my review on MyIyo. If you have tried this survey site, feel free to share your experience below. Also, I would like to hear any questions or recommendations.

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