My Ecom Club Review: Scam Or Legit eCommerce Course?

my ecom club review - scam or legit?

On this honest review of My Ecom Club, you will read if this program is a scam or a legit opportunity to start your own online business.

There are mixed reviews and comments on the internet about this program. Here you will see how exactly works and what you can expect from it.

What Is My Ecom Club?

My Ecom Club is a program that teaches beginners how to create an online store and make money with it. They will show you to create a Shopify store, find product and make sales.

There are three ways you can build your first Shopify store. You can build it by yourself with the free information, you can get help from a coach at a price or they can do all the work for you at a bigger price.

You will not get any super system at the first levels of membership but at least, the videos include some information on basic concepts, and there is nothing inaccurate or misleading.

When you visit the homepage of the program, there is an available free registration. If you fill in your name, an email address and a phone number they allow you to move on the next page.

Now, you can see a video with no much information but it’s a presentation for a product that costs $37. However, you can skip that page and get your free information.

my ecom club inside

On the members’ area, you will find eight videos. The first one is an introduction to the program, six videos include guides and tips about ecommerce and the last one is a presentation of a high ticket upsell.

On the videos, you can see Teo Vee who is one of the people who has created My Ecom Club. These videos are the basic training of the program and then, you must buy the upsells for more training.

With the free membership, there is no risk. You don’t lose any money but I guess they will use your phone number and email for a few promotions.

How Does It Work?

You will learn a Shopify drop shipping strategy that works with products from AliExpress and Oberlo. This strategy is not something new and many online marketers use it the last years.

There are some pros and cons of this strategy. On the positives, it’s easy to add products from AliExpress. For this reason, many beginners use this site for their stores.

On the negatives, it has some problems with the quality of the products and the time of shipping. These companies are from China and sell at very low prices.

My Ecom Club includes six training videos:

  • Step 1- The Power of Ecommerce
  • Step 2- How to Find a Niche You’ll Love
  • Step 3- Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
  • Step 4- Proven Ecommerce Supplier
  • Step 5- How To Use Shopify
  • Step 6- Discover the Hottest Products to Sell

These videos are a few very basic guides. You will not learn something here that you could not find from other sources. There are tons of YouTube videos and blogs that describe how to build a Shopify store, find products on AliExpress, choose a niche etc.

Of course, these videos are free. But do they include something better on the upsells?

It’s important to understand that this program is a funnel to last high ticket upsell that costs almost $2,000. They will give two Shopify stores with 100 products.

They present this strategy as something hard to do by yourself and tell that you need their help to create your store. However, the hard part is not the creation of the store but the promotion of your store.

Without visitors, you will not make sales. On that part, they will not help you but they offer some training as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

I have already mentioned the $37 starting price to get a coach. You will see an annoying popup on every page of the members’ area until getting that product.

Next, there is the $1,997 upsell which is the goal of the program. They claim it’s too difficult to make money on Shopify without this upsells and your problems will be solved if you buy it.

Lastly, if you get the high ticket upsell, you must pay an extra $97 per month for support. It’s ridiculous to think that you must pay for support on a product that you have already invested so much money. But this is how it works.

I think I must include on the cost the monthly fees of Shopify. The owners of the program have added an affiliate link for Shopify, so they will earn money from that as well.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you trust the company, you can give it a try and then, ask for a refund if you do not like the product.

Pros and Cons


Free training: The fact that they give you content for free it’s a good thing. You can understand what exactly they do and decide you want to buy the upsells. Also, you can use the training to build your first store or search for some products.

Learn from real people: Many online programs hire a spokesperson who says a few random things. My Ecom Club is created by a team of marketers. On the videos, you can see Teo Vee.

30-day money back guarantee: You can ask your money back if you do not like the product. But I am not sure about their policy and what questions they ask before giving your money back.

BBB ranking: They have a B- ranking which is not great but it’s not bad as well. There are some complaints about the high ticket upsell and problems with refunds or payments.


Promoted by money-making schemes: Some users find My Ecom Club after visiting some one-page sites with unrealistic claims and misleading information on ecommerce. For example, you can read about Ecom Cash Code and Discover The Plan.

These sites promote My Ecom Club. I do not know who are creators of these sites and how they are connected with My Ecom Club but it’s a bad thing for the reputation of the program.

High ticket upsell: I have no problem with the high ticket products. Some marketers sell their products at a high price. They are honest with that.

However, I do not like any type of upsells. Usually, they send you into their funnels for a few dollars and then, the members must pay thousands of dollars to get the real product. I would prefer to know from the beginning what I am going to see inside.

Mixed reviews: There are many average and bad reviews on the internet from other sites and YouTube videos.

Basic Training: In my opinion, the guides do not include any advanced training. The videos are long enough to learn some basic things but as I mentioned above, you can find similar videos elsewhere. The same applies to the upsells as well. I do not see a reason why you should give your email, phone number, and later money for that.

My Final Verdict – Is My Ecom Club A Scam?

While My Ecom Club is not a scam, there are many things to consider before buying something from this program.

First of all, all the program is created to sell you the high ticket upsell. The free videos and the $37 product will promote you the more expensive product.

So, we must consider if it’s worth to give $1,997 to get two Shopify stores with 100 products and no visitors. In my opinion, I would not give more than a few dollars for this service.

I mean their job is to create a Shopify store, choose a theme, buy a logo, and add the products. These tasks are not difficult. Shopify is a platform that helps beginners without experience to start their own stores.

They have made their platform simple enough for beginners. Also, they have a free trial for 14-days. Create an account, check their guides and try to do it by yourself.

If you can’t do it which is unlikely just hire someone for a few dollars on a freelance platform like Fiverr or Upwork to do the job.

So, it’s not a scam just a very overpriced product. They could sell the same service at a much lower price.

Shopify has enough guides, case studies, and success stories to learn anything you want. I have reviewed many programs before that recommended a Shopify system.

My advice was always the same. If you want to start a Shopify store, you will find on their platform all the information and tools you need.

I would recommend a program for Shopify only if you could learn from a world-class marketer. But I don’t think the videos of My Ecom Club is on this category.

So, even if it’s not a scam, I do not recommend this program.

Thanks for reading my review on My Ecom Club. You can leave any questions or comments below.

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