Music Xray Review

Music Xray Review: Scam Or Legit

Music Xray Review:

Name: Music Xray
Price: Free
Owner: Mike McCready
Make Money Bay Rank: 32 out of 100 (legit but you need to wait for months to earn a few dollars)

What Is Music Xray?

I admit this is one of the most interesting sites I have visited in the last few months. If you like to listen to music or you are a professional (artist, producer) I am sure you will like how it works.

All these three types of people can use that site for different reasons:

1. People who like to listen to music:

Your motivation will be to earn some extra money and listen to new songs. I will analyze how you can do it and how much you can earn later. The site is based on music fans who want to get paid to listen to music. It cannot work without them and you can create an account for free.

2. For Artists:

If you are an artist, you find a group of people who listen to similar bands. You can see from their reactions if they like your songs or not. Next, there are some people from the music industry active on the website. According to the site, 1200 professionals of the music industry may hear your music.

3. Music Industry Professionals:

You can look for new talents. You need an invitation or there is an approval process. All types of membership are free.

I am not an artist or a music industry professional so I cannot help you further. This article is for those who are want to earn some extra money. Below I will answer all the important questions for this site.

How Does It Work?

It starts by clicking the “I am a Music Fan” button. Then, you can create your account. The process of starting earning money is simple and fast. When you fill in your details, you set up your preferences:

1. Connect with your Facebook account. Do not worry about posting anything if you have not done a similar process before. I created my account six months ago and everything is fine.

2. Choose your favorite music genres and your favorite bands. You can choose just anything you like. So, you have two options. The first one is to pick up what you really like and the second to choose some popular genres or groups. It will not be a huge difference but you can expect more available songs.

3. Wait to listen to music and get paid: The best option here is to sign out and wait for a notification to your email or a message on your phone. There are not too many available songs to expect to listen to one fast. When you get a notification, you can visit the site and listen to the songs.

For those who are not focused to earn money but they enjoy the process, you can give a tip to an artist if you liked his/her song.

How Much You Can Earn

For many people, this is an important question and I guess that you will be disappointed. You earn only 10 cents per song and you get paid directly to your Paypal account.

The problem is that you cannot get your earnings if they do not reach $20. It can be a problem because you do not get invitations to listen to new songs often.

More specific I have received 20 notifications in the last six months. It is not good news as in the best-case scenario, I would have earned $2 (I missed some of the notifications). With an estimation, it will take years to get these $20.

I guess that people from other countries or with more popular preferences on the bands and genres may have better luck.

Anyway, it seems that is a site to have fun than making money. If you have fun, it will be nice to get a few dollars after a while.

Also, there is an affiliate program for those who want to promote the site. You get a %15 commission from the earnings of your referrals. It makes sense that it is not worth it as well. There are much better affiliate programs with huge commissions. So, pick up one of them if you are an affiliate marketer.

Better Alternatives To Make Money Online

I guess that there are not many opportunities to get paid to listen to music. All these sites are similar but you can check Slice The Pie or Hit Predictor.

However, do not spend a lot of your time with these sites. They are fine if you want to listen to music and earn some cents.

If you are serious about making money online and willing to invest some of your time in a full-time opportunity, I would recommend learning more about affiliate marketing. It is a real opportunity where you can turn your passion (for example, music) into an online business.

The best program on the internet to learn about affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate where I am an active member and help many people daily to get started online. The top earners on Wealthy Affiliate make over 10k dollars per month.

If you are looking for a side income site, you can check ySense and Swagbucks. You can earn 50-100 dollars per month (it depends on your country) with surveys and micro-jobs. The top earners make up to $500 per month.

Final Verdict – Is Music Xray A Scam?

To be fair to the site and the work of their team, it’s not a scam and they do not claim that you will earn a lot of money. They have created a website for people who love music.

Also, you can give a tip to the artists you like. It’s clear that the focus is not on the money you can earn. So, if you join only to earn money, you will not like the results.

There are many opportunities on the internet for extra money or full-time income. You can check my recommendations above.


Name: Music Xray
Price: Free
Owner: Mike McCready
Make Money Bay Rank: 32 out of 100

You can share your experience with Music Xray or ask your questions below. Thanks for reading!