Money Genie Review: Scam Or Legit?

money genie review - scam or legit?

In this Money Genie review, you can read if this is site is a legit way to make money or another scam. They talk about a social media affiliate network that anyone can use to make money with no real work. So, below is how it really works and what to expect.

What Is Money Genie?

First, there is no such thing as a social media affiliate network. We can figure out that something is wrong here, even from the description of the site. They play with words to confuse people with no experience in internet marketing.

The claims about the simplicity of the process and how fast you can get results is another scam alert. It’s not possible to make money just by copy-pasting a referral link.

Money Genie is a copy of an older scam. There are plenty of websites with a similar homepage and the exact same members’ area. You can find the same referral programs, tasks, and requirements before requesting a cashout.

For a few other sites of the same scam, you can read about Swipe 2 Earn, OG Bucks, Buxify, Clout Bonus, and Lite Bucks. I have reviewed more similar sites, but there is no value to mention all of them here. You can get my point. It’s a repetitive scam that changes names. This is a good way for them to confuse more people. When people learn for one scam, the owners close it and create new ones with different names. There is no actual difference between these sites.

They are free websites, so it’s easy for most visitors to create an account. When you create an account, the first part of the scam has already worked. Money Genie and the other similar sites collect email addresses and contact details. The owners sell these details for a profit.

Once you get inside, the process is extremely misleading. It looks like a legit site with tasks, but the only difference is the too high rewards. As you can understand, they do not pay the members even if they have completed the requirements.

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How Does It Work?

As I mentioned, the website looks like a legit one until you request your earnings. They achieve that because they add money to your account when you do specific actions. However, they will not pay you for your work.

Sign Up Bonus: When you create a new account, they add to your Money Genie’s account $35. It’s a bonus that does not make sense for a free site. Of course, you can’t just take that money. Many legit sites have bonuses, but they are not more than a few dollars in this category.

Referrals: They promise $1 for each click to your referral link and $5 dollars for every new referral. Some sites pay for clicks, but they are not worth more than one cent. Also, $5 for free referrals that do not have to take any action does not make sense as well. In legit sites, you can get paid when your referrals buy something or do a specific activity for the site.

$50 Task Wall: It is supposed to pay $30 dollars for tasks like surveys and downloading apps. The truth is that you have to visit third party sites that request your phone number. When you fill in your number, they start charging you for text messages. Legit survey sites pay $0.50 per survey on average. The $30 rewards are not real.

YouTube Submissions: If you create a video and upload it on YouTube with their instructions, they will add $50 to your Money Genie’s account. It can explain the positive videos on YouTube about the site. These guys are members who try to earn some extra cash, but they are not aware of the scam.

They Do Not Pay The Members

When you check the cashout page, you see some requirements for each category of the site. It is not possible to know how many of them you need to request a cashout. It is not an accident but a way to hide you the difficulty of reaching that limit. The goal of the site is to keep you around. If you keep working on referrals and tasks, the owners of Money Genie make money.

However, some people who stick to all these tasks will meet the requirements sooner or later. They will request their earnings but the site will not give them any response. In a few days or weeks, they will figure out the scam.

The payment proofs of the website are not real. They are fake screenshots, and you can check it by yourself by comparing them with real transactions from the same processors. Lastly, we can’t find proof in any other place. Those who promote it on social media just say nonsense and the YouTube videos do not show any transaction as well.

No Owner And Contact Information

The last part of the site to consider is that there is no name from a person or company. It’s an unknown website on the internet. They use some stats that are completely fake. Money Genie is a new site. It is not possible to have 256k members, and they have not paid any money at all.

When it comes to contact information and support, there is only an email. No one will receive your emails or reply. You can’t find the site on social media or other platforms as well. Lastly, the testimonials on the homepage are fake. The images are copied from other websites, and there is no information about these persons.

Is Money Genie A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Money Genie is a scam that will not pay you. The job of the site is to collect contact information that the owners can sell them. If members follow all the process until figuring out that they don’t pay, they will share their email address, phone number, and payment method. Also, they will send them new members.

The homepage and the members’ area are misleading. It is not an affiliate program, and there is no connection with social media. Every site includes a few social media icons these days. It does not prove anything.

The only way to lose money directly is through the tasks. They charge the members a few dollars for every text message. They mention the amount on the form when you fill in your number. It would be a good idea to find a way to unsubscribe.

Lastly, Money Genie and many other scams try to convince that there is a way to make money overnight without effort. If you get rid of this mindset, you will avoid all the get-rich-quick schemes and any similar scams. It is not possible to share a link and start making money.

Internet marketing takes work and time. Any legit way has a process that you must complete before getting results. It applies to the online and offline world. If you are ready to do some work, you can consider my suggestions below.

How To Make Money On The Internet

You can’t find the best option for you if you don’t have a goal. You must know what you want. There are two board categories of people who want to get started online.

First, you can try something simple and fast. Of course, the rewards will not be great because of the simplicity of the process. My first suggestion is online surveys.

If you don’t want to put any effort into earning your money, you can consider completing surveys. Each survey takes a few minutes, and you can complete many of them to reach the cashout limits of legit sites. Two top sites to get started are Swagbucks and ySense. They are legit with real members and payment proofs.

For those who want to make a full-time income on the internet, my top suggestion is affiliate marketing. This is what I do to monetize my websites. It’s a long-term business model. Once you build your business, you can generate income for years day in and day out.

As an affiliate marketer, you will promote other people’s products. You will need a platform to communicate with other people to achieve that. For example, I create content on my websites, help my readers, and promote products that solve their problems. It’s about adding value, and you will take some of this value back.

For a top training platform for affiliate marketers, Wealthy Affiliate is a top option with a helpful community.

Thanks for reading my review on Money Genie. It was not a legit site. For any questions, feel free to leave your comment below.

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