Millionaire’s Brain Academy Review: Scam Or Legit Program?

Millionaire's Brain Academy Review: Scam Or Legit Program?Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a self-help program for people who want to make money or become millionaires. The self-help programs is a huge industry with books, audios, videos, and live webinars. On this review, you will read if this program can help you to achieve your goals or it’s an online scam.

What Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

This program promises that you will have the brain and the thinking of a millionaire in one week.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a law of attraction training program. Law of attraction is a board topic with many experts, gurus, and people who are willing to take advantage of the industry. Law of attraction is supposed to help you with many goals of your life, personal, career, finance, help, relationships, etc.

The owner of the program is Winter Vee. He publishes content on his blog and YouTube. He is consistent and gets engagement on his videos and articles.

However, the specific program has mixed reviews. I do not say that it’s a scam, but some of the claims does not sound right. Also, the testimonials are not real users who have tried the program as you will read below.

The price of the starting product (there are upsells on the members’ area) is at $47. These days you can buy the best books on the specific topic for a few dollars while there are tons of free information on YouTube and blogs. Even the best self-help experts give free information regularly.

So, I do not know why you should give that money for this one. If we add the claims, the testimonials, and the upsells, there are more reasons to avoid this program than buying it.

What’s Inside?

On the member’s area, you can find resources and training on the law of attraction on audio, video and article format. The Millionaire’s Brain Manual is the main ebook of the program. The length is ok but not anything great. Of course, the quality is more important than quantity.

The content is unique and you cannot find it elsewhere but I do not think you will learn something new here. If you have read a book about the law of attraction before, you may have heard this information again.

Additionally, you can find audios and videos that will help you to develop your mindset and there are external resources as well. For example, you will get the book, Thinks And Grow Rich. These resources offer basic information on the law of attraction, but you can find them even for free. For example, Think And Grow costs less than $1 on Amazon or you can find the audiobook for free on YouTube.

For this reason, when a product costs $47 for information on a mindset topic, it must be something super special and unique. I do not think this is the case here. From the homepage of the program, you can see that the owner talks more about his promises than the actual product. This is not a good way to get started with the program.

Claims and Testimonials

On this program, the focus is on making money and more specific on how to make money fast. On the homepage, it claims that a man earned $22,489 one week after using a brain hack technique. That statement sounds like another quick rich scheme that promises thousands of dollars in a few days or weeks.

millionaires brain academy claims

Also, he mentions well-known billionaires like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Well, Bill Gates worked all day long. He said that he did not take a day off on his twenties. This was his secret and not a brain hack.

Many people think that if they believe it enough will happen. I wish you to believe big but make sure that your information is accurate.

Next, you can see a few people on the homepage who say how great this program is. The fake testimonials is a common strategy on many low-quality digital products.

On the image below, you can see this guy from Millionaire’s Brain Academy homepage:millionaires brain academy - fake testimonial

Below you can see his Fiverr gig where you can hire him:Fake Testimonial

The same person is a fake testimonial on many online scams like Million Dollar Replicator, Cash Money Sites, EZ Bay Payday and more. You can be sure that he did not try the program unless “the secret” made him a fake testimonial.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting cost of the program is at $47 but there are a few upsells that increase the total cost:

First upsell: Hyper Wealth DNA – $197
Second upsell: Copy Paste Wealth – $97
Third Upsell: IQ Jumping Audio Program – $97

The upsells cost $391. Many people will buy them in their effort to get the secret on the next upsells. There is always a way to buy something extra and spend more money so if the starting product does not work for you, it’s never a good idea to dig deeper.

Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a product from the listing of Clickbank. So, it has a legit 60-day money back guarantee.

My Final Verdict – Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy A Scam?

It’s not easy to figure out the intentions of the owner on this one. If someone sells a similar program without all these claims about one week to get a millionaire mind, or one short week to make $22,489, we could discuss the value of the product comparing to other alternatives.

However, the owner promises earnings and results that he cannot deliver. Also, he uses fake testimonials to make you buy the product. If the results were real, he would not need them.

Anyway, the unrealistic claims and the fake testimonials cannot be a part of a legit program.

There are some information inside about the law of attraction, audios, affirmations, and more stuff that make an ok product. However, you can find similar information even for free from other sources.

Mindset and positive thinking is a big part of a successful person in every area of life. However, we cannot overlook the facts. The value of the program is just an opinion. You may think that it works or there is a secret that I could not find. But the fake testimonials is a fact.

How To Make Money – The Real Way

I do not recommend this program for all the reasons above. When it comes to money, it takes work to start a business or increase your income. If you want to learn a skill, you must put some effort. For example, if you want to become great on playing an instrument, you must put the hours on practicing. The same applies when it comes to money. You must learn something new that works for you.

Jim Rohn once said: It was easy to become a millionaire by 31. Here is the definition of easy: Easy is something you can do. Parenthesis (I work hard at it. I waked up early and stayed up late).

You can see the full speech here.

If Jim Rohn spent six years of hard work to become a millionaire, I guess this program will not make you one on one week.

I can show you what I do to make money. It’s easy for me and works today for many people.

For more information, read about my strategy here!

Thanks for reading my review on Millionaire’s Brain Academy. If you want to share your experience with the program or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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