Millionaire Society Review: 15 Minutes To Create An Autopilot Business?

millionaire society review - scam

In this Millionaire Society review, you will learn if this program is a scam or you can actually create a business that works on autopilot in 15 minutes.

Many digital products make similar claims that sound too good to be true but usually, they do not deliver. Here is what you can expect from this one.

What Is Millionaire Society?

Millionaire Society is a Clickbank product that created by a marketer with the name Mack Michaels.

It looks like a typical Clickbank product. There is a video presentation with a lot of claims but no real information about the members’ area, the business model or the owner.

So, it is focused on the money-making opportunity. According to the spokesperson, it will take only 15 minutes to set up that business and start earning $30 per hour for 24 hours a day.

These claims are too unrealistic, and I do not think that many people believe them these days.

You can’t just copy an online business and start making money in a few minutes. Simply, we would not have to work for anything in our lives.

Millionaire Society is one an old Clickbank product. You can find it in that marketplace for the last 6-7 years or more. It was really popular a few years ago when I was a beginner in the world of affiliate marketing.

The problem is that it does not include any real system but only information. For this reason, you can find many negative reviews about Millionaire Society on the internet.

Many of the new Clickbank products use a similar structure both on the sales page and members’ area. It does not mean that they are better. There are many low-quality products out there.

In my opinion, the same applies to Millionaire Society. It’s an outdated product that was not so good even when it was new and costs a lot of money.

You will get any automated business in the members’ area, and there are better ways to invest your money these days.

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How Does It Work?

Millionaire Society includes four courses with a few short videos on each one about various ways to make money online. Also, there is a process to set up an affiliate website.

However, there are no tools or anything that can help you to start a business but links to other tools that you can use. Of course, the owner of the product makes commissions from these links.

The four courses are the following:

  • How To Get 100k Visitors In Just 1 Hour
  • How To Make Money On Clickbank
  • Pinterest Profits
  • Domain Flipping

On the video presentation, the spokesperson claims that you will find many done-for-you online businesses. But nothing is done-for-you, there is no system, but only a few videos.

Starting with the first guide, the 100k visitors per month will come from junk traffic. You pay on other websites a few dollars for tons of traffic.

However, your visitors are not interested in your site or product but they earn something per view. You will try to get their attention with an offer. The other courses are a little obvious from the title.

The problem with these videos is that they are very outdated. The program is online for many years without any major update if any update at all.

These guides were created some years ago and the internet has changed a lot since then. Many things that are mentioned in these videos will not be the same or they just don’t work anymore.

Next, there are some PDFs with very basic and outdated content. There is no benefit to use or learn something from them.

In my opinion, the information on the members’ area was not worth the money even when the product was brand new. I do not find any value on Millionaire Society.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing structure is a little weird and expensive for a product with outdated information.

There is a 7-day trial for $4.95 and then, you must pay $97 per month. First of all, I do not understand why should someone pay a monthly fee for a product which is the same the last 6-7 years. There are no updates, tools, or any service that is provided regularly.

If you remain a member of the program, you will pay over $1,000 in one year. In my opinion, this will be a total waste of money.

Next, there is an upsell with a membership fee as well. It costs $47 per month and has a downsell to $37 per month. I have not enough information about this upsell, but you can expect outdated content as well.

If you want to set up your website, you will need some tools that are not free. The creator sends you to his resources through affiliate links. Many of them cost money on a monthly fee.

All these extra fees that you must pay if you want to follow any of the instructions will explode the total cost for you. I can’t estimate because it depends on your decisions but it’s an expensive program with expensive instuctions.

Lastly, there is a 60-day money back guarantee that is provided from Clickbank. It applies to the memberships of Millionaire Society.

About The Owner

The owner of the program is someone with the name Mack Michaels. He says that has made a lot of money with this system even if there is no system.

While many people mention his name, I do not know if he is a real person. Many Clickbank products use pen names and it would not be a surprise for me if this is a pen name too.

On the sales page, we cannot find any contact details about him or any other person.

The product has an affiliate page for those who want to promote it. There is a man behind these videos but he does not show his face or any details about him.

Lastly, there are a lot of claims on the video presentation but no proof. With a few words, we don’t know anything about the owner and his results as an online marketer.

No Real Support

While the spokesperson says about a good support that will help you if you need it, this is not quality support.

You can find only an email. There is no community in the members’ area, a forum, or a Facebook group like other programs. Also, it has not a support team for any technical issues.

If you are a member and decide to send on the available email, it will take days to get a reply or you will not get a reply at all.

I don’t know if these were the standards for a helpful support back in 2012 but these days, the top programs will help you in minutes.

My Final Verdict – Is Millionaire Society A Scam?

Millionaire Society is not a scam but a very outdated program. You can find this product on the members’ area but most of the information doesn’t work anymore and many things can change.

The quality of the content was not great even when it was published. But today, it’s worthless. There is no benefit for the buyers.

I do not know if there are people who have made any money in the past with Millionaire Society. It would not be an easy job because there are not enough videos on each business model and no help from the owner.

Next, the claims and the video presentation do not make sense. You can’t create an automated business in 15 minutes. I think it’s unlikely to earn even $1 dollar in 15 minutes with any legit business.

Online marketing takes work and time. But Millionaire Society is presented as a get-rich-quick scheme. Just stay away from these claims because you will not get what you expect.

Lastly, the price is expensive even for a top program. With $97 per month, they should offer something better than a few videos.

The bottom line is that Millionaire Society is not worth your money and you can’t build a profitable business with that.

How To Make Money Online

I will show you something that really works today. I am an affiliate marketer and this is what I suggest to anyone who wants to start a real online business.

You don’t need any experience or technical knowledge. If you are willing to learn something new and put some work, you can do great things with this business model.

I will not show you something that works on autopilot or an automated way to make money. Because there is no such thing. If you keep looking for ways that work in 15 minutes, you will find many of these low-quality and scammy products.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model. Your goal is to help other people on the internet and recommend high-quality products they already want.

You will not trick or mislead anyone. But you will add value and help people.

On the link below, you can see how this process work. I have created a free guide that describes my strategy in a few simple steps. Also, there are a few tools from a training platform for affiliate marketers that you can get for free.

Thanks for reading my review on Millionaire Society. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.

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