Is Millionaire BizPro Legit Or Another Scam? (Honest Review)

Is Millionaire BizPro Legit Or Another Scam? (Honest Review)Welcome to my Millionaire BizPro review. Some programs promise everything on their sales page but many of them do not deliver what they promise.

Also, many online scams have a similar structure. They start with a video on the sales page, a few unrealistic claims, an email form, some popup windows with downsells, etc. Not every program with that structure
is a scam but many of them.

Millionaire BizPro breaks down that process on three different videos and sales pages. There are unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, fake owner name, and tons of upsells when you buy the product.

On this review, you can read about the above and you will read what exactly you can expect from this program.

What Is Millionaire BizPro?

The video presentation starts with an introduction against the online quick rich schemes. At the beginning, I thought it could be a legit program.

The spokesperson said that many people buy 10-15 online scams before they give up. Also, he mentions that the programs with a software or secret traffic methods are quick rich schemes. I believed that I would not listen again to another no sense story.

However, when he decided to talk about Millionaire BizPro, he presented this product just like another scam.

Millionaire BizPro is another software. Also, it is mentioned the name Derek Maxwell as the owner of the program and the creator of this software. According to the spokesperson Derek has made 10 million dollars in the last 8 years.millionaire bizpro software

The rest of the video continues the story of the owner. While it says many random things about the owner, there is no more information about the system or any money claims. However, if you search about his name, you will easily figure out that it’s a fake name.

If you visit the page for the affiliate marketers of Millionaire BizPro (you cannot find a link from the homepage of the product), you will see that the creators are three guys who obviously they do not want to put their name on this product. Anyway, it’s their problem to reveal their name or not.

The fact and my concern is that the name on the presentation is not real, no one has earned that amount of money with this system and overall, something goes wrong.

If you fill in your email, you will get a few emails from “Derek Maxwell” and you will be redirected in a second page in which you can buy this product.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

On the second video of the program, you can figure out that this is an affiliate marketing system. At least, you can understand that is an affiliate marketing system from the claims for commissions.

Next, they promise almost everything. This software is supposed to send to your sites tons of traffic (free and paid), you are going to get unlimited support, and you don’t have to really work about that traffic or your websites. It’s a software that does everything for you. It brings traffic, builds your list, makes sales for you, etc.

As an affiliate marketer, I can tell you right now this is not how an online business works. Affiliate marketing is a legit business model but it takes effort and time. The pre-made resources of this program will not help you to create a real business.

Unrealistic Claims and Fake Testimonials

You need to give your email address to find the second sales page. When I checked my emails, I had received three emails from “Derek Maxwell”.

The first one had a link to a third sales page with a video presentation about Millionaire Biz Pro. The other two was for two other online scams. One of them was Easy Retired Millionaire that I have reviewed a few weeks ago.

However, let’s focus on the last video of Millionaire Biz Pro. This is the last attempt of the owners to make you buy the product. So, they use all their tricks.

First of all, there were not money claims on the previous videos. On this one, you can read on the headline that you can turn $47 into $1067.87. I do not know why this specific amount and not another one. They do not explain it.

Lastly, there are a few fake testimonials who say how good this system is and how much money they have earned. To prove that statement check the following testimonial on the image below:Fake testimonial millionaire bizpro

On the next image, you can see her Fiverr gig in which she sells services as a video spokesperson:fiver testimonial - millionaire bizpro

The testimonials are not real people who have tested the product and got results with it. The legit programs do not hire people from other sites to say random things. They have real members who work with the training and the tools they offer.

About The Product

After three videos that take many minutes to be completed and a few popups, you can finally decide if you will get the product or not. The problem is that you still have no idea what you will see inside.

Yes, you that it’s a software and something relevant to affiliate marketing but no more information.

Inside you will get a few pre-made resources. You can build a site on the members’ area, and check some videos and PDFs with information. There are many hidden costs and upsells, and you can use some landing pages.

There is nothing new or unique. In my opinion, you can find the same quality elsewhere even for free. It’s easy to build a new site on a free platform these days and I guess you already know that you need to promote a product to make sales. There are many affiliate programs to join for free that will give you more resources and tools to work than Millionaire Biz Pros.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing or any other type of marketing, you must learn from the right people. The right people are those who can prove their earnings and are willing to share some information (free or paid). People who create programs with fake names and fake testimonials cannot help to build a profitable online business.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price of the product is at $47. However, there are a lot of upsells as expected. The process is the same inside for almost every upsell.

You watch a video presentation with no sense claims and something new is offered to you. Also, there are ads, banners, and promotional emails to other products similar to this one.

Millionaire BizPro is only the beginning of a funnel for those who are willing to trust the owners and invest more money. The total cost will be hundreds of dollars only for the upsells. If you buy more products with their affiliate links, it’s a never ending funnel with more upsells and products.

When the basic product is not good enough, I do not expect better quality from the upsells. Usually, you keep getting bad products.

On the first video, the spokesperson says that there is a 60-day money back guarantee. However, I cannot be sure about that. It does not mention the guarantee elsewhere on the site or the purchase process so it’s on you to trust them or no.

My Final Verdict – Is Millionaire BizPro Legit?

The product on the members’ area does not deliver what the owners promise on the three videos. I doubt that you can earn even a few dollars with this system. So, I can say that it’s not a legit product.

The fake testimonials, the fake name of the owner and the misleading information are enough for most people to stay away from this program. On the internet, there are many programs and resources to get started even for free. I do not see a reason to listen to these no sense claims and pay $47 to get a software.

It’s possible to build an online business but you do not need a secret software or a magic system. You need the right information and work to make it happen.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Some people buy many different programs to get started, watch and read tons of information but nothing works for them.

The good news is that you do not need to listen to everyone. You just need only one legit program or one teacher and then, you must do the work is needed to get results.

I can recommend only what works for me. If this is not what you are looking for, it’s fine to find something else to get started.

However, if you find it interesting or good enough for you, just focus on it and make it work.

I am an affiliate marketer and help people daily to learn more about this interesting business model. The idea is that you help people with your content and recommend them helpful products or services that will solve their problems.

You do not have to write reviews as I do. I encourage people to choose their niche. It could be something you like. For example, it can be a hobby, your passion, something you are good at it or something completely new you want to learn. After that, you build a website and create relevant content.

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Thanks for reading my review on Millionaire Biz Pro. For any questions, you can leave your comment below. I would like to hear your opinion about this program as well.

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