Maximiles Review: Scam Or Legit?

maximiles review - scam or legit

Welcome to my Maximiles review. It’s a legit GPT site that I have included to my list with the best GPT sites.

On this review, you can read how it works and how you can get gifts by completing simple tasks. It’s a unique website with many differences from the competitors.

What Is Maximiles?

The best way to describe Maximiles is as a big European GPT site that does not pay in cash.

While there are many ways to earn points and gifts, you can get paid in money. You have to find a way to use these points. This is the only difference from the majority of side income sites, you can find on the internet.

Also, it’s available only in specific European countries. You can join from Spain, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

We have reviewed many sites that were available only in the USA like Fusion Cash and Swagbucks. The last few years, they have found ways to expand their audience but still, you can join from specific countries.

For those who are not from these countries, you can read about ClixSense and CashCrate. They are available worldwide and you can find many ways to earn some extra cash on them.

The surveys and the offers are similar to the ones you can find in other places on the internet. I think every person must check about the available opportunities because they depend on the demographics of each member.

Overall, it’s a good site with many positive reviews on the internet. There are some complaints as well but most people are happy from the opportunities to earn points.

How To Make Money With Maximiles

When you create a new account, you earn 100 points as a welcome bonus. Then you can start to earn points in the following ways:

Surveys: The available surveys depend on your demographics. When you are a new member, it takes a little time to complete your survey profile. You will earn a few points for that and then, you can get started.

For every survey, you can earn up to 500 points and when you get disqualified you earn a few points for your time. The average surveys will be lower than 500 points. Also, there are focus groups that can help you earn much higher rewards.

Read emails: They will send you emails with ads. If you read them, you will earn 5 points for each one.

Watch videos: There are many available videos. Usually, they take 1-2 minutes and each video shows you how much you will make before choosing it.

Register with websites: You create accounts on other websites and you earn some points. They will ask for some details (name, email) and they may need to do a few actions.

Shop online: When you buy something through Maximiles, you earn points. It can be a very profitable category in the long term if you buy things that you already wanted to buy. You will find many available opportunities for cashback on the members’ area.

Refer friends: It has a basic referral program. Even if you decide to send traffic, you earn points and no money. Also, it does not give a regular commission but you earn 1500 points when your referral reaches the 1500 points.

How To Get Paid

Maximiles has a minimum payout limit at 2,000 points. In my opinion, it will take a few time to complete them without a cashback offer.

When you reach that limit, you have to choose one of the available gifts. There are over 300 products to choose from. It can be any type of product like games, music, books, beauty products and more.

The time it takes to get paid can be an issue as well. For some offers, it can take up to 60 days to add your points into your account. This can’t be a good thing. There are GPT sites that send your money in a few days or hours. So, they could improve that part of the site.

Maximiles Reviews From Users

Most reviews and comments on forums, blogs, and social media are positive about Maximiles.

Most people are happy with the fact that they can get their gifts when you reach the minimum cashout limit which is the goal of any user on this site. Some people have used this site for years and they have got even the best gifts. So, it’s a legit site and it can be confirmed by these reviews.

However, there are always complaints about any website. The same applies to Maximiles. It seems that some people do not like the number of available surveys and the total opportunities to earn money. I think it depends on their demographics. Next, there are some payment issues and a few complaints about spamming.

The positive reviews are much more than the negative ones as you can see on the graph below from Trustpilot.

maximiles reviews

Pros and Cons


User-friendly: It’s easy to create an account and start earning points. Everyone can do it and many people have earned gifts from the first day. In the members’ area, you always know how to find what you want.

Customer Service: Maximiles has fast and helpful customer service. Many GPT sites frustrate their members because of small issues. If something goes wrong on Maximiles with your account or any offers, they will solve it soon if it’s on their part.

Gift: You have a big number of available gifts when you reach the cashout limit. Some members are excited from these options and get motivated to go for the bigger gifts after the first payouts.


Available only in Europe: If the site is not available to your country, check the alternatives in the beginning of the review.

No cash: You can’t get paid into real money. The gifts are the only ways to use your earnings.

Potential earnings: If your motivation is only to earn these gifts, you must consider that it takes time to earn enough points. The minimum cashout is at 2,000 which is not a low one. While it’s fine to complete offers in your free time, there are more profitable ways to use your time on the internet.

My Final Verdict:

Maximiles is a legit site and very popular to the countries that it’s available. There are some good reasons to join it and a few negatives as well.

Most of the available tasks pay a few points (cents in value) for a few minutes of your time. The best free opportunities are the available surveys but they are not unlimited. Also, the referral program is not really worth it. You can find much better referral programs on other programs that pay in cash.

However, when you reach the 2,000, you can expect to receive your gift. There are no surprises on that part. Many people are happy from the services and they keep returning on this site for more.

It’s on you to take the decision to give it a try or stay away. For a few alternatives, you can check my list with the best GPT sites as well.

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Thanks for reading my review on Maximiles. If you want to share your experience with the site or ask any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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