MarketAgent review: Scam or legit?

MarketAgent Review: Scam Or A Legit Survey Site?

Welcome to my MarketAgent review. In this post, you will learn if MarketAgent is a legit site or just another scam and how much money you can earn on this site. There are both positive and negative reviews on the internet on this website. So, I will just show you what I have discovered in my research.

What Is MarketAgent?

MarketAgent is a survey site that was founded back in 2001. According to the homepage, there are over 1.1 million members on this platform, 1000 new members daily, and 1000 surveys per year. Not sure what they mean by the claim of about 1000 surveys per year, but from my experience, you will not complete so many surveys as a user of the site.

Anyway, in the same category of websites, you find some popular sites like Global Test Market, MySurvey, Mobrog, Toluna and, Ipsos i-Say. Most of these old survey sites are legit but usually, you can read a lot of complaints from their users.

How Does MarketAgent Work?

MarketAgent works as expected. You create a free account, complete some profile surveys, and you are ready to get started with paid surveys. Also, there are some bonuses and available draws for those who complete some short surveys.

The only unique feature MarketAgent is the typification process. During this process, you complete surveys about your personal information, and they help you to get more surveys.

However, you do not get paid to complete the typification surveys. I think it’s a way to figure out the active members. If you do that process regularly, you will receive more surveys in the long run.

The rewards work with a point system. When you complete a survey, you earn a few points like most survey sites. When you reach the cash-out limit at 200 points (2.32 dollars or 2 euro), you can redeem the points into money and send them to your PayPal or Skrill account.

Lastly, there is a referral system. For every member you invite to MarketAgent, you earn 100 points when he/she completes a survey. Also, you earn commissions for their future activity.

I do not think it’s a great referral system. It’s pretty standard the way it works. You can check a recommended referral program here in which you can earn up to $100 per referral.

This is how MarketAgent works. It’s a standard survey site. The only unexpected thing was the typification process which helps the system to figure out the active members. However, I am not sure it helps the user. Sometimes you will complete these surveys without results.

How Much You Can Earn With MarketAgent

The good news about MarketAgent is that you can reach the minimum withdrawal limit faster than other survey sites. There is a bonus of 150 points while the withdraw limit is at 200 points. You only need a 50 point ($0.50) survey.

After that, it’s realistic to expect 1-2 surveys per week. Also, you cannot be sure that you will get qualified for these surveys. Some weeks, you will not earn money at all. So, do not expect more than a few dollars per month.

Pros and Cons


1. Sign-up bonus: It is worth joining MarketAgent to claim the bonus. You get 150 points, and you can withdraw when you reach the 200 points

Most survey and GPT sites that offer a bonus do not let you cash out if you do not earn 5x the bonus.

2. Mobile app: You can access and complete the surveys through the website or a mobile app. It helps you to complete more surveys and enables you to check for money opportunities from anywhere.

3. Legit website: There is no much potential, but you will get paid in time. Just make sure you have a Skrill or PayPal account.

4. Available in many countries and languages: You do not have to complete the surveys in English if this is not your native speaking language. It’s not available worldwide, but you can join from a lot of countries.


Not enough surveys: After completing the first surveys and reaching the cash-out limit, there is not much value here. I guess it depends on your demographics, but overall, you can complete only a few surveys per month, and the rewards are not anything great to keep your around.

My Final Opinion

If you are looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars in a short period, MarketAgent is a good option. After a while, you will face the standard problems of the industry. Most survey sites do not send enough surveys, or you cannot get qualified to finish them.

On MarketAgent, there are not enough surveys too. Also, this issue makes the referral program less attractive. Even if you decide to send traffic here, you will not earn enough money from your referrals in the long term.

On the positives, there are no major complaints about the site. So, if they find a way to add more surveys or other money-making tasks, it will become a better website than most competitors.

As it is today, I can recommend it for the sign-up bonus. It’s always a good thing to get free money. But I would not remain active on this site after the first withdraw.

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Thanks for reading my review on MarketAgent. For any questions about the surveys or any part of the website, leave your comment below.