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How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate In 2020

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In this post, you will learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you tired of the quick rich schemes?

Are you tired of the superstar marketers and gurus who never tell you the truth on how exactly they make money online?

You can stop wasting your time in products and sites that don’t work. I was tired as well and ready to give up some years ago. Then, I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and it was the first strategy that worked for me. I still apply it and work just fine. Do not get me wrong. There are many ways to make money online. But I can show you only the one that gives me the best results.

What I Do To Make Money Online

Here is something that will get your attention. In the image below, you can see some real results.

wealthy affiliate earnings

I do not guarantee anything. I just want to show you the potential of this simple process you will learn below. These results are only from one affiliate program of one niche website. It’s up to you to follow the steps and use the resources of this guide.

Here are the steps you can learn on Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Find a niche
  • Build a website
  • Get traffic
  • Make Money

We can break these four steps into smaller achievable tasks, which you can see below. By completing these tasks, they will help you to take action and learn faster.

How to find your niche

A niche is just an audience or a group of people. For example, the people who want to lose weight are a group of people. There are two simple questions you can make to yourself to choose your niche:

Are you interested in learning about a specific topic?

Are there other people who are interested in the same topic?

The weight loss and the make money online niche are some obvious ones that many people want to get into them. Below you can find some other board niche ideas:

  • Any sport
  • Play an instrument
  • Avoid a health issue
  • Self-help
  • Stop smoking
  • Any hobby
  • Online business
  • Social media
  • and more

Many marketers are active in many niches, but it would be better to start with one. You can always pick up another niche later. Choose your first niche and go to the next step.

Build A Website

I will not get into technical details here. You can find anywhere on the internet how you can create a website. I suggest following the training of Wealthy Affiliate. It takes literally 30 seconds or little more to build a website. I have built all my sites on Wealthy Affiliate. This is what I suggest to anyone you want to follow this guide.

On the next step, we will use another tool of Wealthy Affiliate.

Get Traffic

In this step, you can understand how and why my method works. The best source of traffic for your website is the free organic traffic from Google. You must focus on Google before doing anything else.

It’s the best long-term investment you can do today. The best online marketers in every niche get tons of organic traffic. I follow a simple three-step process to get traffic from Google:

1. Find low competition keywords
2. Create helpful content for my readers
3. Share my content on social media and get engagement

This is a simple three-step formula that works in every niche. Here is how I break down my steps:

Find low competition keywords:

If you have completed the steps above, you have a Wealthy Affiliate account and a website.

Also, you have access to Jaaxy, the keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate. I use Jaaxy to find low competition keywords in any niche. You just open the tool and search for keywords relevant to your niche.

Jaaxy search

In this example, I will type “make money with Wealthy Affiliate” which is the keyword of this article. The metrics of the tools are explained when you create your account.

But in this example, I focus on the Avg and QSR.

Avg: The averages searches per month of a keyword.

QSR: The number of competing websites ranked on Google for the exact keyword

To pick up low competition keywords, I want low QSR (under 300) and some traffic (over 50). For a new site, the QSR must be under 100. Also, the keyword must make sense.

My focus is on finding the lowest possible competition and not going for the high traffic keywords. When you have created a new website, you cannot get ranked for competitive keywords. If you go for them, you will not get any traffic at all because you will not go to the first page of Google.

Instead of that, you can go for many low competition keywords. If you get ranked on the first page for 20 keywords and get 5 visitors per day on each one, which is a realistic number, you get 100 visitors per day or 3000 visitors per month.

It’s super easy to use this keyword tool. They only thing you have to do is to type a keyword and then check the metrics and alternatives ideas. You can find enough keyword ideas that you can use on your website for years.

Create the content:

If you want to get any results, you must create helpful content. If you choose the keyword “make money with wealthy affiliate”, you must create an article that shows to your readers how to achieve that.

You will not get ranked for every keyword you target, but as your site gets older, you will receive more traffic and better results.

It makes sense that you must include the keyword in your content. This is the SEO part of this business, and it’s the easy part if you understand why it works. You can find it in the training of Wealthy Affiliate.

Many affiliate marketers prefer to outsource their writing tasks or just hire other writers. You can do that, or you can write on your own. It depends on what you want.

Share your content and get engagement:

I talk about social media marketing and comments. The better your content is, the more shares and comments you will receive.

You can improve your writing skills through time, but you need to create some social media accounts to share your posts when you publish them. You can choose the platforms you want. Even one account on Facebook or Instagram could be enough.

If you can spend more time on social media, it would be fine, but the focus must be on content creation.

Make Money

When you have traffic, you can start earning money. There are many ways to achieve that with a site:

The easiest way to get started is by adding some affiliate links for relevant products in your niche. You can join a few affiliate programs and find these products.

Make sure you recommend products or services that add value to your site and do not look only for the profit. You will earn more money in the long run if your readers trust your recommendations.

Next Steps

The next step is to keep finding low competition keywords (there are unlimited keywords), create helpful content, and recommend useful products when they are relevant to your content.

Can you imagine your website in one year from now if you publish 2-3 posts per week and share them on social media?

It is easy to write a few posts per week. If you write 300-500 words per day on average would be more than enough in the beginning. Soon, you will be able to get ranked for more competitive keywords.

When you start getting traffic, you will start earning money. The more traffic you get, the more sales and commissions you will earn. As I promised, the process is simple, but it takes patience and determination.

The Fastest Way To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Creating a website and adding content is the best long-term investment you can do right now, no matter what is your niche or your business.

Those who follow that strategy enjoy the benefits of this investment after a while. However, you can use the platform of Wealthy Affiliate to make money right now! Yes, you can make your first commissions in a few days or faster.

Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of active members per day. It is the biggest community for online marketers. Members publish blog posts and new pieces of training every day.

As a result of this activity, it is an authority website that works well with the search engines. If you publish any piece of content on Wealthy Affiliate, you will see that it will be indexed in a few minutes. While you build your website, you can use the process below to publish content on Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Do keyword research on Jaaxy
  • Find a few low competition keywords
  • Create content
  • Get ranked and make money

It is against the rules of Wealthy Affiliate to use affiliate links inside the platform to avoid the spammers, but when someone joins the site through your articles, he/she is your referral, and you earn money when your referrals upgrade to premium.

So, if you create content relevant to affiliate marketing or the make money online niche, you can get referrals fast. For every referral who upgrades to premium, you earn, on average more than $100!

Final Thoughts

This is how you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate and the available tools of the platform. It can be described in a little more than 1500 words. There are no secrets or magic tricks.

It is a simple process that you can repeat as many times as you want. When your site gets older and earns authority, you will be able to target even more competitive keywords. There is a lot of potential in this strategy.

This is the process that all the successful members of Wealthy Affiliate apply. If you take action, you can get great results too. I focus on this process for almost two years, and I have learned to target keywords and get ranked on the first page of Google very fast!

When I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I just used the tools and went through the training. I built a site with a few clicks, followed the training to customize it, and then I used Jaaxy.

I still do that process and really enjoy it. My keyword research takes a few minutes per week, and I create content consistently based on my research. I am sure you want to see yourself in that position. Everyone can follow this strategy and start earning money.

60 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate In 2020”

  1. Agatha Abiakwu

    Please is Nigeria not one of the Wealthy Affiliate community? Why is mine being rejected? I want to be a marker and a serious one please help me out.

    1. Hi Agatha, free members are not allowed from some countries because of high spam levels. However, you can join as a premium member directly.

  2. Wow!!!! This is a legitimate website that I am looking for all this while but is still doubting how the site is paying and it is compulsory to have PayPal account before someone can cash out?

    1. Hi there,

      Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools to start your own affiliate marketing business. So, you can get paid from different affiliate programs in various ways. If you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you need a PayPal account to cashout.

  3. Amukunra Temitope

    I loved this site and I want to become a member too in order to earn. Absolutely you’re right because so many online businesses are scams. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  4. Did I read your statement correctly?
    You said “500 visitors per day… 5 per ranked keyword”. That means each article has 100 ranked keywords. If an article is only about 500 words long, then it has to be almost exclusively made up of keywords. That doesn’t make sense to me.
    What did I misunderstand?

    1. If you publish 100 posts in one year, 500 visitors per day is a realistic expectation. It means that you can get 5 visitors per day from each post. Your articles should be lengthier than 1000 words. I suggest checking the training of Wealthy Affiliate for a completed strategy.

  5. For beginners who might have been brought down to knees by scammers
    I believe the biggest challenge lies in paying for the website is there any way a beginner can create a free website?

    1. Yes, choose your niche, create quality content, promote helpful products, make money. This is the process that I teach in this post. It can work for every niche and affiliate program. This is what I do to make money online.

      Click here, create a free account, and watch the free videos inside. When you get the basics, apply them.

  6. What works as you said for most Wealthy Affiliate members is to consistently create valuable content which can lead to more trust from Google which would lead to more rankings and more traffic which can lead to money.

    It is really an easy process but most of the time some of us just like to complicate issues which can lead to the experience of making money online to be a really difficult one.

    Yes, it can take some time but with the right teachings and mentality, this can actually be one of the best business models out there because it can lead to passive income which is what most online entrepreneurs wish or hope their online businesses is able to create.

    1. Hi Jay, I agree that this process is easy. There are some steps that you can follow.

      It’s a simple business model that you can follow and get results. But many people just want to do their own thing or they think that they already know.

      These two issues can get you out of the track. If you want to make it super simple, just follow the process above.

      You get some tools from Wealthy Affiliate, use them and great things will happen.

  7. LearnToEarn Admin

    For me Clickbank makes me apprehensive.  I’ve heard and seen a lot about Clickbank that doesn’t gel with me.  However, you seem to have made it work.

    My questions are:

    1/  What is the best way to START with Clickbank?
    2/  How long does it take before you see any real income results with Clickbank?
    3/  Do you have to pay to belong to Clickbank?

    As you can see, I know very little about Clickbank, and if it is really a viable option, I would need to know the pros and cons.
    Hoping you can help me see clear to perhaps using a lucrative platform!

    1. Clickbank is just another affiliate network. It’s free like most affiliate programs and networks.

      The process above works for any affiliate, and you can promote any product you want with it.

      I think it would be a bad idea to focus on a specific affiliate program. As you can see, I promote many products from this website.

      It’s ok to create an account on any program you want. But if you fail to follow my strategy above, you will not the results.

      If you work on your site and make research on your niche, you will discover great opportunities through time in every niche. There are too many products to promote as an affiliate marketer.

  8. Hi and what a terrific article.  I am very inspired with the simplicity.  As I am a member of WA, I know the true value of the platform here at WA.  It is a strong support group and the training and tools are second to none.

    I love that you have shared a copy of your income from your website.  How many websites do you have created at this time?  Is it possible to work off one website and create a full time income?  

    I am presently working on the WA niche and am learning so much!  But I am already dreaming up a website for 50+ runners.  I just haven’t quite figured out the time commitment it requires, I work full time and farm.  Can’t wait to start it but one step at a time!

    1. Hi Wanda, I am glad you think my post is simple to understand and go through the steps.

      First of all, I love your idea about a website for 50+ runners. This is how you turn your passion into a business. I will be happy to help you with this project and feel free to contact me on my WA profile or send a PM.

      Next, you can go full-time with only one website. You just repeat the steps above to scale your traffic. More traffic means more sales.

      I have created three websites. This website is my main focus but I make some extra money from my other two sites as well.

      If you learn the process above, you can apply it on every nice and get amazing results.

  9. Hey,

    Great presentation of Wealthy Affiliate! The goals one can achieve and the strategies to get there are laid out very clearly.

    Quick question: How long did it take you (or how long does it take on average) to reach financial success on Wealthy Affiliate? I suppose it does not happen overnight and creating quality content can take a while. So what is the average time it will take a new user to get successful if they follow all the steps given?

    1. Impatience is not a good advisor for any business.

      Let’s assume that someone wants to make enough money to quit his 9-5 job. He finds an opportunity on the internet and starts working on it. Of course, he wants to get results as fast as possible.

      But does it really matter the time?

      He may reach the results he wants in three months, or six months, or one year, or two years.

      Is it worth to have that patience?

      Yes, it’s worth it!

      I can say to this guy that if he does the right things consistently he will get the results he wants.

      But I do not know when. It’s a business.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if he could quit his job in a few weeks? Yes, it would be great.

      But if he could quit his job after 15 months? Would it be bad? I think it would be great again.

      The bottom line is that I do not like to put a time limit on my dreams. If you take action, you will get some clicks and traffic in the beginning. They will not be many of them.

      As you keep building your business, the traffic will become more and more. Soon, you will get your first sale. Then, three sales, five sales, ten sales, etc.

      But I do not know when you will reach your goals.

  10. You have really done justice to your post in the sense that, you have not painted Wealthy Affiliate as a quick way to make Money online as any other people did.

    I must say the fact, that I gained in your post because I have hearing keyword research but I thought only my title should contain my keyword until I read your post which explains to me that I must include the keyword in the content I am making.

    Though I know that quality content attracts quality traffic from google, bing yahoo in an organic way. And I appreciate your effort by highlight the power of sharing content on social media which can draw some traffic as well.

    I have a question which I don’t yet understand. Please does Facebook likes on a post I share from my website, is it counting for ranking? I mean get more likes for a post I made, does it increase google ranking? Thank you for this great post.

    1. Hi John and thanks for the great question.

      There are too many people out there who claim the title of SEO guru. Most of them say different opinions about different ranking factors.

      The fact is that Google does not share the ranking factors. So, we can only assume most of them.

      However, you can be sure that Google and the other search engines love content. The better your content, the better results you will get.

      But if you create good content, you will get more likes, shares, and comments on social media too.

      Google loves quality content, social media love quality content, and your readers love quality content.

      The answer is simple:

      Don’t worry about likes but just create more and better content.

      If you follow the strategy above, it will be easier to get ranked on the first page of Google because of the low competition. The result will be more traffic and sales. You will get more shares on social media as well if your visitors like your content.

  11. Agree with you that finding low competition keywords are very important. This increases your chances of being on Page 1 of search engines when people search for your keywords. I think it starts here. Try to list as many keywords as you can and then from there you can write your content and share it. Affiliate marketing has so much potential as an online business. Just wanted to know, do you use ads to drive traffic to your site? If you do, have you found it helpful? Thanks!

    1. If you focus on paid advertising too early, you will lose a lot of money.

      You can’t advertise something that does not work. How do you know that something works?

      Target low competition keywords, create content, get traffic, and make sales. When you have mastered that process and you make some money, it’s ok to reinvest some of your earnings on getting more traffic with paid ads.

      However, if you have not got any traffic or sales, you don’t know what works. If you put a few ads out there, you just try to get lucky.

      Many online programs sell a funnel, a few email swipes, and a few ads for hundreds of dollars. In my opinion, most of them are scams.

      The members who join these programs lose a lot of money. They hope that the ads and the funnel will work but they don’t.

      But if you master the process of my guide above, you will know when it will be profitable to invest in ads or any other source of traffic. Paid advertising will become an extra tool that you can use to make even more money.

    1. Hi there, Wealthy Affiliate has blocked the free membership for people from Nigeria because of the high spam and fraud from this country. However, you can still join as a premium member.

      I am aware that you don’t have access to PayPal from Nigeria too so it makes your registration even more complicated because you will not be able to get paid from Wealthy Affiliate. But you will be able to access the training and all the available information that is available for a premium member.

      1. How can someone make the premium registration in Nigeria?
        There’s no option for that which makes registration impossible.

        1. I know there is an option to go premium if you live in Nigeria but I can’t guide you because we don’t see the same page.

          1. Being a Nigerian has really hindered so many people who want to do legitimate online jobs just like me.
            Is there any way you can help me from there or one must relocate?
            I don’t like the idea of using VPN…it doesn’t work out most times.
            Please, help me out. I really want to try this out…

          2. I am just an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. I can help with the training or answer any questions, but I can’t help with this type of problem.

  12. I don’t see a lot of training sites with keyword tool. Some are either defunct or totally pricey. I’ve been using Google Keyword Planner, but I know it’s not a practical one for SEO.

    How much does this Jaaxy tool cost inside Wealthy Affiliate? Have you seen a lot of positive results from using it?

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Jaaxy is the only keyword tool I use.  It’s free for the premium members of Wealthy Affiliate. Also, you will learn some advanced techniques for keyword research in the training. With Jaaxy and the training, you will be just fine.

      Google Keyword Planner does not work for SEO even if some SEO gurus still use it. It displays advertising competition and no SEO competition. After the last updates, it is not free anymore. You must be an active advertiser to use it.

  13. Fantastic article I have been searching endlessly trying to find ways to make money online and was ready to give up when I came across your article.
    I had tried other programs only to see the ones really making any money were the ones promoting the program.
    Your easy step by step guide makes it look easy and that they really want to help you succeed.
    Thank you so much for this great article and I will be giving Wealthy Affiliate a try.

    1. Hi David and thanks for the feedback. I am glad to make it sound easy! It means that my readers can understand how and why it works.

  14. Thank you so much for this article – it’s been a fascinating read for a newcomer to blogging, like myself.

    I do have one question for you though – concerning the content section you’ve covered…

    How often do you feel you need to post new content to your blog, and where do you find new content?

    Would this Wealthy Affiliate platform be able to help me with content construction, and how and where to find it?

    1. Hi Chris and thanks for the great questions.

      Most beginners tend to treat their online business as a job. There are no shortcuts. No one can say that if you write an x number of articles, you will get paid.

      To answer your questions clearly:

      1. The more content you write, the more you will get ranked on the first page of Google. More and better rankings mean more traffic and sales. There is no specific number.

      From my experience, people who are consistent, persistent and willing to learn as they move forward, almost always achieve their goals. Writing content is a part of my daily routine. It takes 2-3 hours to research and write a new article, but I will write at least one per day as you can see on my homepage.

      Next, some people ask about the time it takes. Again, there are no shortcuts. No one can say “do that for x months and you will get results”.

      However, from the results of other people, when they create 2-3 articles per week (5-10 hours of work per week), many of them go full time in one year even if they started from zero. No guarantees. To be sure that everything will work for you, do more than what most people do and do it better!

      2. On Wealthy Affiliate, you can connect with successful online marketers. Also, there is top training and tools that are offered at a great price. OK, the training and the tools can be found elsewhere but at a higher price.

      The community and the support you get on Wealthy Affiliate, it’s something unique. You can learn directly from people who are successful in what you want to do.

      Many self-improvement experts say to connect and model successful people in what you want to learn. When it comes to affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the place you are looking for.

      I help people daily on Wealthy Affiliate and of course, I focus on helping my referrals first. So, if you need some help from me and other expert affiliates to build your business, click this link and create a free account right now.

  15. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can confirm that the steps of making money through Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing are easy. 

    I believe that it is a matter of doing things over and over again. Creating helpful content, publishing on social media and engaging. 

    Besides the mentioned platforms, I would also add Instagram to the list and probably Snapchat. These two are the fastest growing platforms making it big in the following years especially Snapchat.

    1. Hi John, 

      This is what most people do not understand. It is not about creating ten or twenty articles. It’s about repeating this process over and over again until you are happy with your results.

      Most people when they master this process and get some traffic, they really enjoy it and keep doing it daily. Like any other skill in the world, it takes practice.

      Instagram and Snapchat are two popular platforms but usually, they do not convert well. The people who visit them are not interested in finding information and buying products. 

      However, in some niches, you can get results. The beauty and fitness niches are some good examples of what it works on these platforms.

      I think you must try them and check the results! It depends on your niche and the quality of your content.

  16. Thank you very much for your informative post.
    I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. The time I joined, I was about to give up my search for a genuine affiliate marketing programme because I had fallen in the hands of a scam.
    Thanks once again for the sound niche advice. I get it!
    I will keep it simple and stick to one niche.

    1. I am glad it helped. Yes, keep it simple! It’s an easy and straightforward process to apply.

      Many people fail because they complicate it. For example, I get messages with questions about my social media strategy from people who have published only a few articles and they waste hours per day on Facebook to get more likes.

      The focus must be on the content and the low competition keywords. Later, when you get some traffic, it will be easier to expand your reach on social media or any other site on the internet you want.

  17. Thanks for the informative article Ilias! I feel like you’ve covered the basic concepts of Wealthy Affiliate very in depth without being overwhelming.

    I’m still fairly new to building niche websites and have a question for you. How long did it take you to actually start making money when you first got started with WA?

    1. Hi Jon, this is the most common question I hear from people who want to join on Wealthy Affiliate.

      First of all, it’s important to aim for low competition. When you can find really low competition keywords or niches, you can definitely get traffic and make sales really fast.

      Next, choose your niche wisely. I see many people choose the niches with the high traffic like health niches, make money online niche, dating, etc.

      They work, I am in the make money niche as well. But they are super competitive. Still, you can find low competition keywords but it will take more time to get traffic than another smaller niche.

      I have seen sites on small niches to go full time after six months with 30-40 articles. But if you want to go full time with a site on the affiliate marketing niche, it is obvious that it takes much more effort.

      But in both cases, if you are consistent and create helpful content for your readers, sooner or later you will get traffic and everything will be fine.

      As you can see, on Wealthy Affiliate you learn how to build a real online business and not some tricks to earn a few dollars. 

      Click here to create your free account!

      I will personally help you all the way along.

  18. Hey I really enjoyed this article, you were very informative about Wealthy Affiliate. I have a Clickbank account but I have not used it yet because I am not sure how to. I mainly use amazon and I started writing my own ebooks. There is money to be made online and Wealthy Affiliate will show you all the way and helps you to succeed.

    1. Hi Justin, there is nothing difficult on creating an account. It is like creating an account on any other site. Good luck with your ebooks!

  19. Hey Ilias,
    Right on! There are no shortcuts to success, I’m a member of WA too and have been here for 3 years. I started with zero knowledge on blogging and plus, people around me weren’t very supportive.

    When they realised how my website grew and how amazing my followers are, only then did they start to believe. It’s never too late to start, awesome write up bro!

  20. Thank you for the detailed explanation on how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. You put everything down in such an easy manner that making money online seems to be easy and fun 🙂

    So it is really great to have such a platform where you can get all the knowledge, help and connect with other online marketers struggling just the same as you. Then I think it is more likely to succeed online and not to give up as you constantly are cheered up by others, isn’t it?

    1. I know from my own experience and by talking with other online marketers that when you get started, rarely you get support from your family or your friends.

      They say “go find a real job”, “no one makes money on the internet”. They do not believe they can do it so it’s natural to think that you cannot do it as well.

      The truth is that it’s the best time to get into online marketing. It’s the gold rush of our generation.

      But what you can do when your friends and your family do not support you.

      Well, I can think of only two things:

      1. Try to explain them. If they do not support you, at least they should not discourage you.
      2. Join an online community and start connecting with other online marketers. (Wealthy Affiliate is a place with thousands of active affiliate marketers.) 

  21. What a great description on how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am glad I found this platform and have been able to be an active member for quite some time.

    Although I have not been able to make money so far, I know that it is just a matter of time and I will reap the benefits of working really hard for months. This is definitely not a get-rich-quick-scheme and that is what makes it trustworthy.

    As I can see, you have been persistent and consistent, you have been patient and have been willing to invest time to create a successful business and it has worked, and so will it work for me and many others.

    Thanks again for sharing, 

    1. Hi Oscar,

      In the beginning, I was not consistent and my results were poor. When I decided to follow this strategy properly, everything has changed

      You can see above the screenshot of the 2k payday as a proof that this strategy works. 

      Be consistent, patient and help and help your readers with your content. If you think the long-term and the big image, it will be easier to get motivated and do what it takes.

      Someone who creates 2-3 posts per week targeting low competition keywords, he/she will publish almost 100 posts in one year and 500 visitors per day only from search engines is a realistic expectation (5 per ranked keyword).

  22. Great article explaining Wealthy Affiliate. I can confirm that WA is pretty amazing.There’s nothing that they don’t offer you and nothing that they don’t cover in the online business courses.

    I hope everyone that sees this article at least tries Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll definitely wish you had found it sooner.

    1. Thanks for your comment Garth, Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for every one who wants to start his own online business. Wish you every success on your online adventure.

  23. Hey there,
    This is a great strategy I need to implement on my online business. I have used other social medias but I haven’t started with Twitter as a tool to promote my content. Though, I’ve heard it is an incredible way to reach thousands of people, and the fact that Twitter keeps growing shows how new markets will appear within the site.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. I am happy that helped you. Twitter is a great place to start when you want to make your first sale if you share your content with the right way.

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