how to make money with wealthy affiliate

12 Realistic Ways To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

You will discover how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. Below, there are ten ways that you can use even if you are a beginner. If you have never earned money online before, Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to get started. It has quality training, all the tools you will need, and a helpful community. All the following ways are realistic and include examples. If you want to check the members’ area by yourself, you can sign up here for free.

1. Build Niche Websites

If you start with the suggested free training, you will learn how to build a website. These are small niche sites, which is a great business model for beginners. Of course, you can make your site as big as you want, but you start small and grow later.

The first step in that process is to find a niche. The free training includes enough information to get started. However, I have created a list with 3000+ niche ideas that you can use for your projects. The first step is to find a low competition niche that will give you some easy wins.

The second step is to find keywords that you will use to build up your website. Wealthy Affiliate includes a great keyword tool only for the members of the platform. You can get free access to the keyword tool with your premium membership that costs $19 for the first month, as you can read on my review of Wealthy Affiliate. You will get traffic and competition metrics.

Once you get some low competition keywords, you need to create content and wait to get ranked from Google. There is training on creating content. You can use these instructions to create the content by yourself or outsource your articles.

The goal of small niche sites is to get ranked on the first page of Google for low competition keywords. Then, they get traffic that you can monetize in different ways.

A top member of Wealthy Affiliate created a website about football snack helmets. It is a tiny website that makes $400-$1000 per month, depending on the season. If you type the relevant keyword on Google, you will find it on the first page.

niche site example

There are unlimited tiny niches you can take discover by yourself. You will start earning money if your build the site and wait to get ranked. You can create as many niche sites as you want once you learn the process. Wealthy Affiliate has case studies for niche sites mentioned above that you can copy. They are available to all the premium members.

2. Build Authority Websites

Authority sites cover broader topics. For example, a website that covers many health topics is an authority website. Usually, they are not limited to a small niche. A niche site can reach 50-100 pages, but an authority site can create many times more content.

Of course, big authority sites can earn much more money but have more competition. While it is critical to make some easy wins, you will compete with the big players sooner or later. While you can go full-time with a small niche site, an authority site has more chances for massive earnings.

wealthy affiliate success story

Again, you will use the tools by Wealthy Affiliate. Ther is a great website builder, top support, and premium keyword tool. Wealthy Affiliate training will guide you on that process, and you can get help from experienced members.

A great example of an authority website with low competition is a review site. If you choose a category of products on Amazon and start doing reviews, you can create as many reviews as you want over time. Companies will always launch new products, so you will keep finding new content ideas.

If you can add more reviews, you can scale your earnings. Review sites are only one example. There are many categories of sites you can use for that method.

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3. Build An Online Store

Online store builders have some limitations. While they allow you to build a blog on your store, it is difficult to manage it. They are not created for content. Wealthy Affiliate has no limitations on that part. You can put ads, promote affiliate products, and sell your own products.

The platform focuses on affiliate marketing, but some members add online store functionality on their sites. You can follow a few different strategies. It can be something simple like selling t-shirts with your logo to your followers or more complicated projects. In every case, online stores can increase the income of a website.

If you follow the strategy of Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn to get traffic. Without traffic, you can earn money in any business model. Then, you can build your store. There is training for building online stores inside the platform.

sell your own products training

Another thing to consider is that you can sell digital products. If you create a course or an ebook, you can create an extra page on the WordPress site to sell them.

I don’t suggest e-commerce to beginners because they spend their time build product pages without traffic. Then, they put ads that don’t work because of the lack of content. But creating an online store is another option on Wealthy Affiliate.

4. Flip Websites

Website flipping is an attractive business model for beginners. They can earn significant money with a new website instead of waiting for months or years to reach its full potential. As you can understand, it is the process of building or buying a website and selling it at a high price.

If you use the training of Wealthy Affiliate, your website will get traffic sooner or later. When you start getting traffic, you put some ads or affiliate links. Once you complete one or more profitable months, you can sell it at a high price. A website costs 20-30 times its monthly earnings. If you can prove earnings of $200 per month, you can sell it for $5,000.

website flipping success story

This process is exciting because you can repeat the process for new websites. If you reinvest your earnings and outsource some tasks, you can build new sites much faster.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easier because it includes hosting for ten websites. The keyword tool can help you find many low competition keywords to get traffic fast. The only downside is that I would prefer to keep my sites and discover their full potential.

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5. Become An Affiliate Marketer

While you can build any type of site you want, Wealthy Affiliate loves affiliate marketing. It is quite clear on the training. The biggest successes from the members are with affiliate sales. Of course, you will learn how to build a site and then promote your offers, but affiliate marketing can work without a website as well.

For example, you can create a YouTube channel, learn to use paid ads, or get traffic on social media. All these methods can work for affiliate marketers. But you must learn how to find the right programs and place your links.

Wealthy Affiliate has a unique tool that searches affiliate programs on the internet. You can type a keyword, and it shows you relevant affiliate programs. If you click on one program, you get more information like commissions and contact details.

affiliate program search

You can also see reviews from other members who have used the program before. This tool allows you to find quality offers and avoid scams. The affiliate programs are not limited to a specific business model. It searches for the best results on the internet.

6. Make Money With The Referral Program and Go To Las Vegas

Wealthy Affiliate has a top affiliate program. You can earn recurring commissions monthly or yearly based on the pricing plans of your referrals. I have referrals who joined in 2017 and still upgrading their membership.

If you focus this year on the affiliate program, you can earn commissions for years passively. Many members choose this option, while others keep building and add up to their monthly earnings. The monthly commission for premium members is $23.50. So, you need less than 50 premium members to earn $1000 per month.

how to make money with wealthy affiliate - referral program

Wealthy Affiliate hosts a super affiliate conference in Las Vegas every year. Super affiliates for this program are those who make 300 sales per year. It is an achievable goal. Many people achieve this goal, but it takes some work. Of course, you can set easier goals as a beginner. I just mention how the referral program works.

There is training created for the referral program alone. It is special to the main training. You can access the first level of the training with a free membership and not only with the premium. You can learn how to build a website, use social media, and place ads.

7. Publish Content On The Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is an active community where people publish posts, ask questions, and leave comments. There are many members who love to publish content because they love the process without the intention to earn money.

Most beginners don’t know that Google can rank any type of content under relevant keywords. It depends on the quality of content and the competition, but my point is that you can get ranked from articles you publish in the members’ area. You can expect many comments on your good comments because of the supportive community. Engagement definitely will help your posts to get better results.

how to make money with wealthy affiliate - posts

A website has more chances to get ranked from a Wealthy Affiliate post. However, this is not the case if your site is 2-3 months old. I don’t suggest neglecting your site, but consider blogging on Wealthy Affiliate as another opportunity.

You can share your opinion about tools you use, new strategies, and your ideas. When people find your content on Google and join Wealthy Affiliate, they will count as your referrals. If they upgrade, you will earn money from the referral program.

8. Create Your Training

Every member of Wealthy Affiliate can create training and make money from it. The only requirement is to be a premium member for three months or more. Then, there is no limitation on how many pieces of training you can create.

how to make money with wealthy affiliate - training

If you have something to share with the community, you can create a video or write an article. Your training must have four or more lessons if it is created in article format. Videos have no requirements. You can share anything you want if you think it has some value.

Once your training is live, you just wait. It will appear on the feed of other members, and some of them will check it. They will like your training and leave you comments. Of course, the number of likes and comments is relevant to the value of your training.

When you reach a specific number of views, likes, and comments, you get to level one and earn ten credits that are equal to $5. On the second level, you earn 20 credits. As you go up to the levels, you make more money. You can create as much training as you want and get paid for it.

9. Become An Ambassador

Wealthy Affiliate has an amazing ranking system insider the community. Based on your activity, you get points. The points of each member are counted and create the rankings of the platform. Those who are on the top 25 are the ambassadors.


While there is no standard reward based on each member’s position, you have plenty of benefits. First, you will get more engagement in the community to help you apply some of the methods above. Second, there is a budget for ambassadors and those who have high rankings by Wealthy Affiliate.

You don’t have to be an expert to get good rankings. You can welcome new members, answer simple questions, be active, etc. As you learn more through the process, you will become more helpful to others. If you are active consistently, you can get ranked high enough in the community.

10. Leave Comments On Other People’s Websites

One of the top features of the platform is the comment exchange feature. Websites need more engagement to get higher rankings. Even if you don’t know anything about SEO, this is an obvious statement. Comments build trust with the readers as well.

If you leave comments on the comment exchange features, you earn points that you can use on the platform. However, Certified Commenters can turn their points into cash. The requirements are to be a premium member for three months or more and have good rates on your comments.

In my opinion, this is the easier way to make extra money on Wealthy Affiliate. If you remain a premium member for three months, you will be able to earn more than monthly membership from your comments alone.

11. Domain Flipping

Most people wouldn’t expect to see this business model on a post about Wealthy Affiliate. The truth is that Wealthy Affiliate has a premium keyword tool with traffic and competition metrics. Next to each keyword, you can see domain name availability. While you search for keywords, you also search for domain names.

keyword tool

Then, you can go to the registrar of the platform and buy your domain name. Wealthy Affiliate has quality support, and the chances are you will never have any issues with your domain names. It gives you free privacy that is paid on popular domain registrars.

This business model is quite simple. If you find short keywords with traffic and available the .com version of the domain name, you can buy it. It is easy to sell exact keyword domain names. You can create a simple auction on Flippa and sell it to the highest bid.

12. Sell Your Skills

If you start applying the training and using the tools, you will learn important skills. You can learn about SEO, keyword research, content writing, WordPress, etc.

All these skills are valuable for other online businesses and website owners. You can go to a freelance marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork to sell these skills. For example, an SEO freelancer can earn over $50 per hour.

I am a freelancer and an affiliate marketer. But I started from zero on Wealthy Affiliate. I figured out many ways to use what I have learned over time. Today a percentage of my income is from freelance projects. I still use some tools of Wealthy Affiliate for my projects, like the writing tool and the keyword tool.

How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

Most of the ways you can read in this post have full-time potential. A website is an online business, and this is how you must treat it. Successful websites can get great results. 

You can make a full-time income with Wealthy Affiliate if you work for it. You need to follow the training, take action, and put in the effort. But you can also target lower if this is what you want.

You can’t start from zero and go full-time overnight. I must make it clear. Also, there are no guarantees because a big part of your results depends on your actions.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

It takes almost six months to make money with Wealthy Affiliate from the day you build your first website. This is the time it takes to start getting traffic from search engines and earning money. You can’t speed up this process.

Again, your results are relevant to your actions. The six-month time is the minimum I would give to a new website to get ranked on the first page of Google. I assume that a member of Wealthy Affiliate targets low competition keywords and publishes quality content.

My experience is quite relevant to this time. It took six months to make my first affiliate sale. I have listened to similar experiences from other members as well. 


These were 12 ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. They are achievable if you follow the training. My favorites are to build niche sites and affiliate marketing. But you can choose anything you want. If you want to get access to the platform, click here to join Wealthy Affiliate for free.