Make Money With Traffic Exchanges

Can You Really Make Money With Traffic Exchanges?

Many people are active in traffic exchange websites. They try to do a lot of clicks to get traffic with the hope that some of that traffic will convert.  But can you really make money with traffic exchanges?

On this post, I will explain why I do not use them. Simply, I do not think that it’s a way to build a profitable business or make money consistently. Let me explain:

How Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

When I made my first steps in online marketing, I tried to learn everything as fast as possible. I was lucky to find Wealthy Affiliate in the beginning and build my first website. Some people spend years on scams and programs that do not work. But my research did not stop there.

Soon, I discovered other types of online business and ways to make money. My motivation was always to start a business, so I did not look for an online job. Anyway, as you can understand soon, I learned about junk traffic.

Junk traffic is the type of traffic you get from the traffic exchanges but you can also get it on PTC sites, AdFly and many other places on the internet.

The idea is that you get massive traffic but the visitors are not really interested in visiting your site. For example, on PTC sites, they earn a cent per click. On AdFly, they do not expect to visit another website when they see an AdFly advertising.

Similarly, when someone visits your site from traffic exchanges, he wants to make you visit his site. Usually, they earn points which they use to get visitors.

If you join a traffic exchange website this will be your job. You will visit other people’s sites, earn points, and give your hard earned points to get some traffic.

For example, if you have used EasyHits4U, you know that you need to stay on a site for 20 seconds to earn one point (one point = one visitor).

As you can understand, it takes hours to get 100-200 visitors. So, if you do not want to spend hours on visiting websites, you buy traffic. Then, you can get traffic to your site directly or advertise your site with text links, banners or some customized pages that you can use only on these programs.

If you are lucky, you can get money rewards. I had tried a site once that it was paying you 30 cents after visiting 1000 sites. Of course, it is not worth it. It takes many hours to visit 1000 sites and stay there for 20 seconds.

With a few words, the traffic on these sites is from other people like you who wants to sell their products or they want to earn a few cents per hours of work.

Can You Build A Business With Traffic Exchanges?

Some people claim that they make money with traffic exchanges. I do not think that I have seen a proof of these claims but from time to time you can find some stories.

However, I am sure that online marketers who have built some reputation in the industry do not use traffic exchanges and junk traffic at all.

Some people try to send traffic to get referrals and they recommend you these sites to get free traffic to build your list but it does not work as they say. The visitors from traffic exchange websites are not interested in your products and they look for free traffic. That’s it.

If you are participating in a traffic exchange program, you are looking for free traffic too.

How many hours have you spent in clicking or visiting other websites?

And how much money have you earned from junk traffic?

From my experience, the users of these sites start promoting relevant sites with a free membership. Usually, they do not get any referrals but when they get referrals they do not earn money from them.

It makes sense. They join to check if they can promote the offer you promote on them. They do not have any motivation to be active on these sites.

After a while, you will be able to answer the questions above. Most users of these sites, they spend a lot of hours visiting the offers of other members and they do not make a single penny. They may lose money as well if they pay to buy more traffic.

Even if you get a referral, a lead, or make a sale, you cannot duplicate the process because it just happened.

To build a real online business, you need visitors that are highly interested in your products, services, or articles. You need targeted traffic. Targeted traffic converts.

Last Thoughts

Most people who join any traffic exchange website get disappointed and frustrated after a few days or weeks. They spend hours in front of a computer just by clicking and visit other people’s websites.

If you have tried one of these sites, you know that you cannot expect something else from the traffic exchanges. With a few words, it’s unlikely to make money consistently in this way and even if you make a few sales by luck, you cannot keep it up and turn it into a profitable business.

My Recommendation:

The good news is that there are real online businesses which can generate a full-time income online for their owners. You can build a profitable online business too. On my guide to making $100 a day online, I explain some reasons why people do not make money online.

If you read it you will see why you need to stay away from site income sites like traffic exchanges. Then, you must be willing to learn something new and develop some skills.

Yes, you need to invest in the time to develop these skills and start earning money but this is what it takes to achieve your goals and change your life.

For more information, check my top recommendation on creating an online business.

If you want to ask any questions or you want to share your experience with traffic exchanges, leave your comment below. I would like to hear your opinion.