Can You Really Make Money With PLR Articles?

Make Money With PLRPLR (Private Label Rights) are the products that have been used in the past and after you buy them, you have the license to use them as your own. You can post them to your blogs, resell them or modify them.

You can find PLR products even for free. For example, many online marketers offer PLR articles or Ebooks for giving them your email address. You can also buy them on websites like Fiverr from freelancers and other similar websites.

Usually, people are trying with two ways to make money with PLR articles. The first is by using them and the second is by reselling them. Can these ways really work?

Using PLR Articles For Your Website

The advantage of using PLR articles is that you save a lot of working time. If you run a website, you should update it regularly and create content for your readers. Some years ago, many online marketers was using PLR articles to their websites. However after the last Google updates, if you haven’t unique content it will be harmful to your website as Google doesn’t rank high the duplicated content. The worst scenario is your website to get penalized or deindexed by Google.

Other ways that people tend to use PLR articles:

  • Blog Posts: Well, people still trying to build blogs for backlinks. As I said above, Google focus on content so backlinks isn’t a big factor anymore. However, backlinks can harm your rankings if they are from blogs with duplicated content.
  • Email Marketing: Using duplicated content in your emails can’t harm your website but you can lose many readers or customers if they understand it. As you make your research for the topic you are interested in, they do their own research too. It’s possible to find the same articles elsewhere. This would be bad for the trust you want to build with them. The same applies to them who use PLR content on their webinars and their membership websites.
  • Spin Articles: If you have spun an article before, you know that it usually makes no sense and look ugly. You will lose your readers for sure and you will get penalized by Google.

My Opinion

Focus on your readers and create content for them. If your website offers interesting and helpful information for your audience, they’ll trust you and it’s possible to buy your products and your recommendations. Don’t try to fool them because the will understand it sooner or later.

Make Money By Reselling PLR Articles

In this case, you are are going to use the PLR articles as the product your website promotes. Building a website is the way I suggest for new startups. Create your content, make your keyword research and get traffic from social media and search engines.

You can also sell your products on websites like Fiverr. There are many freelancers on this website that are selling their products or services. Buying PLR articles from Fiverr with the purpose of reselling them at a higher price on your website would be reasonable as many gigs have very low prices.

Before making your decision to start a website on the PLR niche, I think you should consider two more factors:

  1. Who Are Your Customers: You are going to sell your products on online marketers (beginners) who don’t know yet that PLR articles are harmful to their business. The problem isn’t only ethical but it’s practical too. You’re trying to promote products you don’t believe. So, it would be more difficult than usual to sell your products to them and build trust with your customers.
  2. You’ll lose your customers: This isn’t a long term business, soon your customers will learn that PLR articles aren’t what they expected and they won’t buy from you again. PLR and backlinks businesses still survive cause of the inaccurate training and information on online marketing. They naturally decrease their profits as any business that sells outdated services and products.

My Suggestion

Well, I’m not saying not to start your online business but to find a more profitable niche with more chances to survive in the long term. If you don’t know how to do this, you would find this article useful. Consider that finding products to sell or building your website means that you are in the right way. What is next? Find a training program and learn everything you don’t know yet. However, beware of the scams and the outdated information.

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