7 Realistic Ways To Make Money With Facebook

make money with facebook

On this post, you will read seven legit ways to make money with Facebook that anyone can apply.

The fact is that many people already use Facebook to grow their businesses and promote their products. So, if you have already an audience, you may lose some opportunities for extra money.

Also, you can build your audience from zero or use other methods that are mentioned in this article. The only thing you need is a Facebook account and you will be able to use at least one of the following ways.

1. Sell Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is the online business model in which you sell other people’s products and earn a commission per sale.

The best part is that you don’t have to own or worry about the products. You send traffic to a sales page and the vendor takes care of the rest.

The top affiliate marketers publish content on a platform, build their audience and recommend products. You can use your Facebook account or page to grow your audience and just build a simple website to recommend your products.

Facebook does not like affiliate links because some people spam them around so it would be a better idea to have a website to send your traffic than posting your links on Facebook directly.

In this way, you can build your audience, make sales and be safe that you will not have any issue with your account.

In my opinion, the best affiliate program to send traffic from Facebook is Amazon Accossiates.

The traffic from Facebook is not so targeted as traffic from other sources so you need a platform that people trust, converts well and have a variety of products to choose.

The commissions are at 4%-10%. That means if someone through your links buys products with a total value of $100, you will earn $4 to $10. There are other affiliate programs as well with bigger commissions but most of them do not convert so good with Facebook.

You need to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and create a website with a few simple pages to send your audience.

I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate, a top training platform for affiliate marketers. It will give two free websites, there is free training on how to build and set up a website really fast. Also, it has thousands of active members to ask questions and get help.

2. Build A Shopify Store

This is another way to start an online business with traffic from Facebook and other sources without owning a product.

Shopify is a platform for beginners who want to begin with e-commerce. It’s not a free platform but there is a 14-day free trial to give it a try. They provide you with a store to add products without any technical knowledge.

Most people who create Shopify stores start a drop shipping business and this would be a good idea for a beginner. You just need to choose your niche, select a few products and the vendor will ship them to your customers.

Shopify includes enough guides and resources to find anything you need to know about e-commerce and traffic generation. There are specific places that you can search for products or you can find a drop shipper by yourself.

If you already have an audience on Facebook or want to build one, just find a few products that you think they would buy.

Then, add the link of your store on the sidebar or publish a few posts about these products. Some people will take a look at your store and hopefully, they will buy a product.

The profit margins are low because you sell the product a little higher than the price of the vendor. You can set any price you want. It’s your store. But you need to be a little realistic to make a few sales.

3. Sell On Facebook Marketplace

It’s easy to use Facebook Marketplace and try to sell a few products. The only problem is that you have find the products. If you have a budget, you can buy products and resell them here.

Facebook has a few rules for those who want to use the marketplace but it’s a simple and easy way some money.

There are some pros and cons to consider. On the positives, there are no fees and you can communicate with your potential clients.

On the negatives, you don’t build a real business and it’s not easy to connect your products with other platforms like a Shopify store.

I think you use Facebook Marketplace for drop shipping or just looking for cheap deals with the intention to sell the products elsewhere.

Like other online marketplaces, you need to do your research, take clear pictures of the products and be willing to set fair prices. There are people who already make money with Facebook Marketplace or promote their business so you can give it a try.

4. Build A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages have a specific audience or niche. The people who will like a fan page, they are interested in one common thing.

From a marketing perspective, they are easier to get monetized than a simple Facebook account with the same number of followers. Also, Facebook gives you some options to promote your pages.

The users of Facebook want to watch a few videos, see some images, read the news and share with their friends. So, they don’t visit Facebook to buy things but to find something fun or interesting.

With a Facebook fan page, you have more chances to promote affiliate products or your Shopify store and make sales because your audience is more targeted. You already know they are interested in the topic of the page and it’s possible to use relevant products.

So, you can also promote digital products, ebooks, and services that would not convert with a random audience.

While it’s not necessary to build a Facebook fan page, it would definitely improve your chances to make more money.

5. Facebook Ads

Paid advertising is a way to send traffic to a sales page. It can work with most of the ways above. Facebook Ads is a popular way to get paid traffic on the internet. Many experts recommend it because it’s cheap compared to other alternatives.

The main benefit is that you can make money faster than waiting to build your audience naturally which can take some months. If you start a campaign, you can start making sales today with affiliate marketing or any e-commerce model.

However, you need a budget and there is some risk you must consider. It may take some time until learning and mastering this method.

When you create a few profitable campaigns, you can scale your profits by adding more ads.

There are many courses on the internet on Facebook Ads. Wealthy Affiliate has a top webinar in the premium membership and you can combine i with affiliate marketing as well.

6. Sponsored posts

If you have built a big audience and get engagement to your posts, many people would be willing to pay you for some likes and clicks to their products or services.

This method is more popular on Instagram and a few years earlier was popular on Twitter but it can work on Facebook as well. It depends on your audience.

With a few words, you will be an influencer. It will take time to build such a big audience from zero but I think it’s worth it.

You can start earning some extra money with a smaller audience as well. There are people on Fiverr who buy and sell sponsored posts for $5.

If you choose this method, it would be a good idea to keep some balance between your standard content and sponsored content. People follow you or like your Facebook fan page for the content you usually publish and not for the promotions.

7. Build An Email List

An email list can help you to create an audience that can follow you anywhere and not only on Facebook.

If you have a big list, you can promote affiliate products to earn a commission and your own products or services.

Facebook gives you the option to add a button to call people to subscribe on your email list if you have a Facebook fan page. Also, you can post the links to your landing page as any other link.

You need to offer something in exchange for your visitors’ emails. The easiest thing to do is to provide them with free information like a free ebook, newsletter, or a free course and let them know you will send them more emails in the future.

Then, you should send helpful content and your promotions. If you build trust with your subscribers, they will buy many of your recommendations.

Facebook Ads is a great way to ask for emails while you promote products and services at the same time.

Tips To Build Your Audience Faster:

Publish great content: People love to find interesting posts on Facebook. When they feel it can attract the interest of their friends they share or like it.

Creating great content could be one of your goals. Find what works on your niche, what other people share and what type of content gets the more engagement (likes, comments). Images and videos work better than content with only text.

Another thing to consider is the consistency and the frequency of publishing new posts. The top fan pages publish content many times per day and you can also consider starting a group to get more engagement.

You need a website: You may want to build an email list, promote affiliate products or sell your own products.

A website can help with any of these ways. First of all, you will be able to share quality content with a link to your site. Many top pages share a mix of images, videos, and links to articles.

Also, it adds trust and helps you to build a brand even if you get traffic only from Facebook. It’s easier to promote something when people can see a website with useful information.

It will separate you from the spammers who just share links around the internet.

Help people: Most people forget that part at all. They are focused on getting results and making money so they don’t see that they can make more money when they add value.

The easiest way to add value is by helping people. If you genuinely help people, a few of them will be thankful and they will give back to you.

For example, you join a group on Facebook and start answering questions of other members. If you really help the people who made the questions, they may take a look at your profile, like one-two posts, visit your site or join your list.

Experts are those who have helped a lot of people through time. You don’t have to be an expert to make money but you need to add value by helping others.

When you make a sale as an affiliate marketer, you give them information about the products or show them where to buy them. When you make a sale on your store, you offer them a better price or a product they could not find elsewhere. Find a way to add value and you will make money.


These were my seven best ways to make money with Facebook and a few extra tips to use.

You only need a Facebook account and start creating some content. It can be anything like images, videos, and text. Keep in mind the people who you will attract and like your posts will be interested in your content.

It’s important to find products or services to promote they are relevant to this audience if you want to get any results.

When you earn some money with any of these ways, you can scale up your earnings by doing more of what you already do.

Thanks for reading my post. For any questions or additional ideas on how to make money with Facebook, you can leave your comments below.

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