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2 Ways To Make Money With AdFly

Most people have visited at least a few times an AdFly advertisement. Usually, you can see them on free sites, torrents and sometimes on social media. Ofter, we see this type of ads in places with a bad reputation on the internet.

On this post, my focus will be on showing you some legit ways to make money with AdFly and comparing with other alternatives. We will take one step at a time. Let’s see how exactly it works.

What Is AdFly and How It Works

AdFly is a URL shortening service that pays you to share your link.

Ok, it sounds great so let me explain:

There are many URL shortening sites on the internet. You can copy-paste any link to these sites and you will get a smaller and more attractive link. Many bloggers and online marketers use shortened links on social media.

AdFly is different because every time you click a link that is shortened on this site, you will see an advertisement, and the person who shared the link will earn a few cents. On average, you earn $2 per 1000 views. It depends on the country of your visitors. Traffic from the USA, Canada, and England can bring you more money than other countries while traffic from Asia or Africa is worth less than $1 per 1000 views.

To earn money from a visitor, he/she must wait five seconds to see the advertisement before he closes the page or goes to the next one.

AdFly is a legit company, there is no doubt about that. It will pay you on time, has over a million members and thousands of them are active. You can check on the forum some discussions, strategies, payment proofs, and more.

Also, you can buy traffic to send to your site. It costs only $1-$5 per 1000 visitors. This is why they pay for your traffic. There are advertisers that are willing to promote their products to your visitors.

However, the fact that it is a legit site does not mean that it’s the best way to monetize your site. It’s an interesting way to earn some extra money, but you must be aware of some negatives that you can see below.

1. Make Money With AdFly by Sharing Your Links

When you create your account on AdFly which is a free one, you can shorten any link in a few seconds.

There is a box to type it and then, you click Shrink. Now, you can get your link and share it anywhere you want.AdFly - Tools

Before suggesting some ideas, there are some possible problems when you use this service. For example, on the home page, you can see a video that recommends sharing the links on your blog. I am sure that this is not a good idea for the following reasons:

  • It is bad for user experience: Your visitors click a link from your blog that shows them an irrelevant advertisement and they have to wait 5 seconds until they move forward. Bad user experience can affect your reputation and organic results negatively.
  • There are better ways to monetize your site: You can monetize your traffic with affiliate marketing by recommending some relevant products to your content or use some better advertising programs. If you use Google AdSense, sometimes you can earn more than a dollar per visitor.

If your plan is to keep your visitors happy and earn more than a penny per visitor, AdFly is not recommended. However, sometimes you cannot get approved by a reputable affiliate or advertising program. Then, AdFly can be an option. Here are some examples:

  • Traffic from social media or YouTube
  • Generic content (funny videos or images, news, sports, etc.)
  • Video game guides
  • Torrents

When you offer something for free and it can get enough traffic, it’s okay to use it.

Lastly, you need thousands of visitors per day to consider monetizing your content with AdFly or you will only earn a few pennies per day.

2. Buy Traffic From AdFly

There are many ways to get paid traffic on the internet. One of the available ways is to get junk traffic from a few dollars. Junk traffic is the not targetted traffic. It means that random visitors will see your links.

Most of them will not have any interest in your products or your services. However, you hope that some of them will take a look at what you have to say. Your goal is to attract the attention of these visitors (a free offer could help), get an email, and arouse their interest in your product.

So, you will need an affiliate program, an autoresponder (GetResponse free trial), and a free website to create a few pages. You can get all the tools for free and invest money only in getting paid traffic from AdFly.

If you want this method to work, you need to be willing to test different offers, website pages, and series of emails. You want to find good products to promote because it would increase the chances of making a sale.

The first goal should be to get a few email addresses from your visitors and turn this untargeted traffic to targeted with your email series. It is not an easy job, and many online marketers believe that it’s a waste of time. However, there are companies out there that still, profitably use these advertising methods.

Also, some people advertise really popular programs and send that traffic directly to the sales page of the products. For example, well-known betting sites or casino offers. They hope that their offer will be advertised to people who are already interested in getting started with these sites.

In my opinion, it would be better if you use a landing page and an autoresponder.

How Much You Can Earn

When you earn $2 per 1000 visitors, you need 50000 visitors for $100/per month. If you monetize in any other way all that traffic, you will be a full-time online marketer. For this reason, I mentioned above that you could use AdFly only if you cannot find any other alternative.

I think that most people who are considering AdFly as an option have not thousands of visitors. So, you can expect to earn a few dollars per month if you are active on a platform and share links daily.

If you are interested in buying traffic for your products, it is more complicated to calculate your potential earnings.

It depends on how well you convert. Keep in mind that is a risky investment and it’s possible to lose a lot of money because the traffic is completely untargeted.

For those who have found a way to get leads and sales with junk traffic, they can repeat their method and reinvest a part of their earnings. Sure, you can go full-time if you convert well.

Of course, there are better ways to get traffic. You can try some PPC advertising programs like Google AdWords or Facebook ads. If you want to find more opportunities for junk traffic, you can check some PTC sites or get some gigs from Fiverr.

However, there are many scams with traffic from bots instead of real visitors so make sure you have done your research before using a site or a service.

Alternatives Ways To Make Money Online

You can make money with AdFly, but we can agree that it is not a great opportunity. There are better ways to get started. My suggestion is to start a real online business.

It takes some skills and patience to earn money online consistently. However, you can make it work and create a source of passive income.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

This is what I do to earn money online. It’s a real online business and the process is similar to AdFly. You will send traffic to your links.

But you need targeted traffic. Relevancy matters on affiliate marketing and you can achieve that with traffic from search engines and social media.

You can learn how this online business model works on Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Dropshipping:

It is an alternative that can work if you are willing to invest a budget in PPC advertising. You can work on big marketplaces like Amazon and eBay but my recommendation is to build your own store.

You will need a store builder like Shopify and a drop shipper.

Other ideas could be to start a blog and monetize it with advertising programs or make some videos on YouTube. You can be creative!

Final Thoughts

Ok, you can use the two ways above to earn some extra money but make sure you are aware of all the other possible alternatives.

If you decide to start with AdFly, you can get help on the forum of the site as well. It’s an active forum, and you can get ideas or ask your questions.

I would not suggest creating a business model based on AdFly for the reasons I mentioned above. AdFly is for those who cannot monetize their traffic in another way, or they look for alternatives ways to promote their products.

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