Can You Make Money Typing From Home? – 5 Online Jobs To Get Started

Can You Make Money Typing From Home?

There are many legit typing jobs to apply and make money from home.

Of course, it depends on what you are looking for. There are some options to apply for full-time opportunities but most of them are on side income sites.

On this post, you will find five ways to get started. You will read a small description of the job, potential earnings, sites to get started and resources.

Some of them are training sites and others sites to apply for a job.

1. Transcription Jobs

As a transcriptionist, your job is to listen to audios or watch videos and type anything you listen.

While it sounds easy, you must learn to type fast and some experience could help but it’s not necessary. There are medical, legal and general transcription jobs.

You can begin as a freelancer on sites like Upwork or Freelancer where you apply for listed jobs of you can try a gig style website like Fiverr.

All the above can work well but there will be some competition from other freelancers.

The benefit of freelancing is that you decide on the hours you will work and how much you want to work. If you have not any experience, you can start with the lowest fees ($5/hour) and increase them as you get reviews and find more clients.

Next, you can search on Google or any other search engine for some regular jobs. Here you will find jobs from companies and you must apply directly on them. But you will be fine if you type fast.

The last option is to join companies that offer transcription services to other companies and individuals like TranscribeMe. Usually, they look for good transcriptionists.

TranscribeMe pays $20 per hour but there are not unlimited jobs because of the big number of transcriptionists. According to the site, the average earnings are at $250 per month and the top earners make up to $2000/month.

In my opinion, the option with the best potential is to start as a freelancer.

You can also check some free courses about transcription jobs on Transcribe Anywhere.

2. Captcha Entry Jobs

I am not a fan of this category but many people join on sites with captcha jobs.

Many sites ask for you to answer a simple question, solve a super easy problem or click some images to confirm that you are a human.

Well, some sites pay you to do these simple tasks. Before getting excited, I must inform you that is a very low paying job (you earn a few cents per 1000 captcha).

Also, it’s a really boring task. You just click images for hours to earn 1-2 dollars.

It is obvious that anyone can do this job and there are not requirements. However, if you do not type really fast, it is not worth it.

To start solving captcha, you can try ProTypers.

3. Micro Jobs

The micro jobs are super easy and quick jobs but you earn only a few cents per completed job.

It can be anything from data entry jobs, categorization, solving captcha, make research online, typing jobs, etc.

With a few words, it can be any super simple task a company wants to be completed and it cannot be completed by a computer.

Usually, a company will pay a site for specific tasks, and the site hires users to complete them.

You earn from 1 cent to a few dollars per job but most of the times, you will earn less than 10 cents for jobs that you can complete in a 1-2 minutes.

Your goal is to complete a lot of jobs per hour to earn a few dollars. So, some typing skills will really help you. The top earners from micro jobs make up to $500 per month.

Here are some sites to get started:

All these sites are free to join and you can find many available jobs anytime you visit them.

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

There are many types of virtual assistants. They are responsible for simple but necessary tasks of an online business.

They can do transcription jobs, editing, proofreading and many other relevant tasks.

Usually, they are freelancers and have many clients but sometimes they can work only for one employer.

Like the most freelancers, they start from the $5 if they do not have previous experience and they can scale their freelancing business through time (more clients, higher fees).

I have written a complete guide to become a virtual assistant.

5. Writing Jobs

Most online businesses have a blog that is regularly updated as a part of their content strategy. For this reason, there is a huge demand for writers.

It is not a regular typing job as you must be more creative than a transcriptionist or a virtual assistant. However, if you know how to write and communicate with other people, you can find many opportunities online.

You can also find writing jobs even if you are not a native English. Many website owners will be willing to hire you to avoid the expensive writers.

While many writers apply for these jobs, most of them have not the skills or the right attitude to start a freelancing career and complete projects successfully.

You just need to create an account on Upwork, complete your profile and apply for some jobs. If you are willing to give a few free samples until you find your first clients, you can find a few jobs fast.

Also, you can create some gigs on Fiverr or try some writing platforms like iWriter or HireWriters (native English speakers only).

If you cannot prove any experience, you will start with the lowest fees but you can easily increase them as you get more jobs and complete them successfully.

A good training that you can try about writers is Freelance Writers Den.


The simplest jobs but with the lowest earning potential are the get paid to solve captchas websites. The freelancing jobs have more potential but it will take some time to be successful because you must find your clients.

You can also check the other alternatives of the article because I am sure you can find many interesting opportunities.

The next step is to choose one of the ideas or the resources and take action. You cannot earn any money at all if you do not decide to get started.

For any questions or ideas relevant to the article, you can leave your comment below! I would like to hear your opinion!make money online button

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