Can You Really Make Money Posting Links?

make money posting links

There is some confusion on many beginners world whether you can make money posting links or no.

The short answer that it’s not possible to earn money just by adding a link on a blog or social media.

However, many online scams promise the opposite while many marketers misrepresent legit online business models to sell you their products. On this article, you will read how you can avoid all these situations and discover three legit ways to get started.

Link Posting Scams

There are dozens of programs that sell the opportunity to make money online but many times they don’t deliver what they promise.

The easiest way to figure out these programs is by taking a look at the claims on the sales page.

They tell you to make hundreds or thousands of dollars just by posting links on the internet and try to sell a different story on each program. Usually, you will create a website to start posting your links or someone is supposed to hire you for that job.

Many times they will use words like a secret system, autopilot, overnight earnings, anything that indicates quick results with no effort. When you see claims that sound too good to be true, most of the times, it’s a scam.

There are a few common things on this type of sites:

First of all, you can see a video on the sales page with more money claims. On the video, you may see a few testimonials or some screenshots. Usually, they are not real testimonials and the results are not real or taken from other sources.

Next, the name of the owner and the story that is presented is not real as well. With a Google search on these names, you can check it by yourself.

So, when you hear about link posting jobs and businesses, it’s better to stay away. Also, you should not pay someone to find you a job. It’s ok to pay for tools or training but not for jobs.

Are there any legit ways to make money posting links?

Some marketers recommend sites that you can join, get your links and start sharing them on the internet.

These guys promote something and try to make it sound as easier as possible. They can get a few referrals with this strategy but in the long-term, it does not work for anyone.

It’s bad for you because you expect something different and their referrals will not stick to their recommendations. Usually, they will show you an affiliate program, a social media strategy, or an URL shortener tool.

These three ways are the closest ways to make money to link posting but they are not so easy as they sound. They take work, time, and in some cases, you build a real online business.

The good news is that you can start with any of these ways even for free. It’s easy to get an affiliate or referral link and start posting it. The difficult part is to send traffic on this link.

However, there are strategies for any business you want these days. Below you can read how to begin with any of these three ways.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers focus on marketing. They are not responsible for the product or customer service and it’s a real online business.

The top affiliate marketers choose a niche they would like to get involved. When they have a following or an audience, they make a few recommendations. If someone buys a product through their links, they earn a commission.

You can do the same thing too. I am an affiliate marketer and the process I follow has four simple steps:

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Get Traffic
  • Make money

The focus of my strategy is on the third steps. Without traffic, you cannot earn money so here is how it works:

The first thing you want to do when you get into a niche is to learn what people search on the internet. They search for information and products but you want to be more specific. With a free keyword tool, you can get many ideas.

Then, you want to create content with the information they want. If you can do some research and write a few articles, you can become a great affiliate marketer. If you follow this strategy consistently, you can get results.

The commissions can be low and high while there are many high ticket affiliate programs or products with monthly payments. You can find programs that pay hundreds of dollars per day or create passive sources of income through recurring commissions.

It’s not just about posting links. You put your links when you have added some value and helped your visitors. If you are not willing to do something more than just posting links, it’s unlikely to make money in any way.

For more information about affiliate marketing, read about my strategy here.

2. Social Media Marketing

Some people create an account on social media, get a few links from an affiliate program and they start sharing them.

The results are no sales, they spam other people, and they feel frustrated because it’s a waste of time. Even if they make one-two sales, it’s unlikely to make money consistently.

This is the wrong way to use social media. The right way is simply to engage with other people in your niche. Yes, you need to choose a niche here as well. Also, it would be a good idea to build a site or a store and connect it with your social media account.

If you are active and add interesting content in any format (text, images, video), you will build through time an audience. Some paid advertising could help you to build your audience faster.

A strategy based on social media has some potential but it depends on the platform. Facebook and Instagram would be my top two choices but Pinterest or Twitter can work as well.

Lastly, you can follow and check other people on your niche to get ideas and learn how they work.

3. URL Shorteners

This is not my favorite option but some people some extra money with this type of sites.

When you want to share a link on social media or any other platform, the big links make your post to look a little ugly. The URL shorteners make your links smaller and more attractive.

Most of these sites are free. The best part is that some of them can pay you to use their services. Of course, there are pros and cons of using the paid shorteners.

Usually, they will show an advertisement for a few seconds to those who will click these links. The second issue is that some of them have a bad reputation because you find them on websites with torrents and freebies.

When you use a paid URL shortener, you will earn a few cents per visitor so you need a lot of traffic to make a full-time income. There are better ways to monetize your traffic but you can use it for audiences that are not going to buy something.

The most popular URL shortener is AdFly but there are other alternatives too.


The three ways to get started above are legit and you can start for free. You don’t have to invest any money to join an affiliate program, create a social media account or join an URL shortener.

They are not link posting opportunities as described from the online gurus but this is the closest alternatives.

In my opinion, it’s a safe option to avoid all the marketers and programs that promise to make money posting links. The claims are unrealistic and most of the times, you will lose money.

You will not earn thousands of dollars overnight by posting a few links so it’s time to find something that works.

The fact is that there are many profitable online businesses and you can build one if you are willing to take action. They take time and work as any legit opportunity.

For any questions, feedback, or opinions on anything relevant to this post, leave your comment below.

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