Make Money Online Niche – Let’s Narrow It Down

The Make Money Online Niche – Let’s Narrow It Down

Too many people love that niche. They try it again and again and make things happen.

However, others say that is saturated.

What is the truth?

Well, I work and write daily about the make money online niche. Yes, it was not easy to make my first sale and get some organic traffic.

Wait a minute. Easy?

It’s a business. It’s not supposed to be easy!

Today, we will find a way to narrow it down and I think you will be impressed by the results at the end of the post.

Before that, we need to forget the myths that prevent us to be successful in the specific niche:

Is The Make Money Online Niche Saturated?

The make money online niche is a huge one. There are many relevant forums with thousands of active members. Check the forums about sub-niches as well. Again, thousands of active members.

You only need a tiny part of this audience to be profitable. Yes, you will not get ranked for the keyword “affiliate marketing” soon but there are many other ways to get traffic. Don’t focus only on SEO. There is a solution about SEO as well that we will discuss below.

My first online effort was on a health-related niche, the best relevant forum had 200-300 active members and most of them were online marketers.

Did I pick up the wrong niche?

Maybe, but you can imagine how I feel when I see so many people asking questions about ways to make money online, affiliate marketing, marketing tips, etc. Thousands of possible buyers and too many opportunities are waiting for someone.

You only need to help a few of them to make your first sale. SEO and the shares on social media will come later as you build your audience and help people.

It does not mean that everything is perfect but there is not a perfect niche. It is also fine to choose another niche. The problem is when people avoid it because of some myths that read on the internet.

If you want to start an online business in the make money online niche, just do it.

By saying that let’s discuss the negatives and the benefits:

Negatives Of  The Make Money Online Niche

1. SEO Competition

I have already mentioned that and we are going to solve that problem in this post. But yes, you will not be able to get ranked on many competitive keywords for many months.

2. The beginners have not made money yet

This is mostly a limitation belief and not a problem. You do not need to claim fake successes. You can talk about your progress, the tools you have used, do reviews, help people with simple problems.

Can you build a website?

Help people to build websites.

Have you joined a great affiliate program?

Then, show them how you did it.

Do not say, do this action to make x amount of dollars when you have not made a single sale. There are training programs for new online marketers that will show you how you can start and avoid these issues.

Check my #1 ranked program here

Benefits Of The Make Money Online Niche

1. Many Potential Clients

The influencers on social media have thousands of followers on almost every platform, overcrowded forums, and millions of searches per month on search engines.

Again, you need only a small part of it. If you are willing to put in some effort great things can happen.

2. Many High Priced Products

Some people create their own products and some people promote other people’s products. It does not matter what road you are planning to choose. This is good news for you.

You can make hundreds of dollars only with one sale.

Let’s narrow it down!

You will need three things for this process.

1. Access to Google

2. A keyword tool

3. A list of possible audiences:

There are many different audiences in the make money online niche. It includes all the people who are interested in making more money, a passive income, starting a business, etc.

The good news is that other people have already made research. Here is a huge list of target audiences.

This list is created for the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate. You can probably use some of these ideas and also explains how you can use this information.

However, the best scenario is to learn how to find niches and narrow them down by yourself because many of these audiences would not convert well to other products in the same niche.

So, create your own list. You can get ideas from people who are interested in your product and check what your competitors do. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can ask the owner to give you a similar list.

Now, I will choose one audience and narrow it down with the following techniques:

The Google Alphabet Soup

When you type a keyword on Google, it gives you automated suggestions. The suggestions are popular keywords that people use to search.

For this search, I will search sub-niches of the passive income audience. I just type passive + a letter and keep notes of the suggested keywords.

Here are some ideas:alphabet soup technique

You can be creative, add letters at the beginning of the end of the keywords and test different things to get results.

Anyway, these keywords are enough to search a little deeper.

Now we will use Jaaxy to analyze the competition:

How To Find Low Competition Opportunities

You will need a free account, you will get 30 free searches.

I do not expect tough competition on these keywords but let’s see the numbers from the tool. I like the “passive income for college students” so I will start with this one.Jaaxy results

The exact keyword has not many searches. But if you add the traffic of the relevant keywords and the recommendations on the sidebar, you get 400-500 searches on a really low competition niche.

The QSR number shows the sites that include the specific keyword in their posts or pages. 34 is a great number.

This traffic is only the beginning, you can add more keywords and content later. It is not hard to dominate niches like this one if you work properly.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have realized that there are many undiscovered low competition sub-niches in the make money online niche. This process took me only 5 minutes. You can find many great ideas if you spend some time to do some research by yourself.

So, don’t listen to those who are talking about competition and dead niches. You can get into any business you want to build something great.

Of course, there are skills you need to learn. With practice, you will be able to find keywords and niches easily. You can check my recommended training program to get started.

For any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to leave your comment below.