Make Money Online From Your Passion

Make Money Online From Your PassionCan you really make money online from your passion? If you have tried in the past to earn money on the internet, you know that many online marketers create false expectations and they are promising huge earnings with minimal effort. We aren’t going to talk about any quick-rich scheme but how we can make money by working consistently. Ok, let’s see the benefits of working online, the process of making money online and how we can do this with our passion or hobby.

Benefits Of Working Online

  • Working At Home: You can work from your home or any other place you like. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you’ll be fine. Later, you are going to need a bank account to receive your payments!
  • Start Up Cost: You can find your customers through a website, a facebook page, a youtube channel or every other way you want. You can start building your business at a very low cost instead of an offline business which you may need thousands of dollars to begin.  To be more specific, for a new website you need a domain name (10$ per year) and good hosting service (10$ per month). Check Out How You Can Start For Free.
  • Flexibility: You can start the type of business you like and fits you. You can promote other peoples’ products, make money from advertising, dropshipping or sell your own products.
  • Less Stress: One huge advantage in comparison to your regular job. You can schedule the tasks that are needed to be done as you want and when you want. There isn’t anyone to put you deadlines. You are your own boss!
  • Balanced Life: When you choose your working hours, you can spend more time with your family, your friends and do things you like in your free time.
  • Income: The beginning is going to be slow. Don’t expect to earn money from the first days even if some marketers claim the opposite. However, when you’ll start earning there isn’t any limit on how much your can make. It depends on you. I’m sure you have heard successful stories about websites that sold for millions of dollars and people that managed to earn money even without any technical knowledge. Many of them are true stories and you can start writing your own today.

Should You Follow Your Passion?

For this subject, there are many different opinions. Ok, I’m not telling you to try to become a professional basketball player, if you like basketball, but you can tell your opinion on your blog after watching a game and recommend some relevant products you have tried. Do you like fishing? You can share your opinion and your techniques on social media or youtube. You don’t have to be a writer or an expert, just tell your opinion. There are many people with the same interests, that will agree with you and learn from your experiences. Before analyzing it more, let’s talk about the benefits of working with something you like.

Benefits Of Following Your Passion

  • Motivation

    When you are doing a job you don’t like even if it’s a good one, you don’t have the same motivation as you have when you love your job. You get tired and bored easily, can’t wait the end of the day, in the morning you don’t want to wake up and many other negative feelings. Have you ever feel frustrated without any good reason? Motivation is one of the most important aspects of a successful career. What is different when you love your job? Everything! You wake up happy in the morning, set new goals and go to work to achieve them.

  • Productivity

    Many employers ask their candidates if they like their jobs. The reason is that the employees who like their jobs are more productive and more likely to overcome the challenges of their new job. Obviously, when you are motivated you can be more productive also.

  • You Know What Your Customers Want

    I’m going to explain it with an example. If you like fishing you already know what a fisherman wants because you are a fisherman too. Many online marketers trying to make money on topics where they don’t have any idea what their customers want. Usually, they fail or put much more effort than a marketer who already knows his topic.

  • You Want To Keep Learning

    Simply, when you are passioned about something, you want to learn for this as more as possible. The motivation for learning is a huge advantage to overcome your competition and gain the trust of your customers. Many companies schedule seminars to educate and motivate their employees. You don’t need them. If you love your job, you are motivated enough to keep going.It's Monday

What If I Don’t Have Any Passion

Before building my first website, I had stuck for many days thinking that I haven’t any passion and don’t know any topic well enough to write about it. I was thinking to let it go and try something else.

Everyone has a passion and things that love to do. Have you ever liked a sport? A musical instrument? How do you spend your free time? Do like to read books or watch movies? These are some possible topics too. On online marketing, the topic of a website, a facebook page, youtube channel etc is named ‘niche‘.

The Top Way To Make Money Online

Have you decided what is your niche or you have something in mind? Great, now you are going to build your online business. There many ways to make money online but in the beginning, we’ll keep it simple.

Let’s take a moment to think how our possible customers are going to find us. There over 2 billion people online that look for information and products. They usually search for this information on search engines and social media.

Our goal is to help them find the information they want. The easiest way to achieve this is by building a website. If we have a website we can connect with people from our chosen niche through search engines and social media.

By the time we get visitors on our website, we can make money with many ways. We can recommend other people products and take commissions, we can get paid for putting ads on our website, sell our own products (if we have) and much more.

Do You Want To Build A Successful Online Business?

How This Way Works

As I said above, you are going to get visitors through search engines. Online marketers struggle to get ranked on first pages of Google for the chosen keywords. This is mostly happening cause of the poor training and knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization). You can achieve great results following the three steps above:

  1. Keyword Research: With proper keyword research you can find keywords with traffic and low competition. Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search on search engines to find relevant information or products.
  2. Include Your Keyword Into Your Content: Create a page or a post including your keyword in the title and somewhere in the first paragraph. After that write naturally. One keyword per post/page.
  3. Help People: If you want people to keep visiting your website, your content should be helpful and interesting. If you search for a specific keyword on Google, you expect relevant and helpful results. Help people find what they are looking for and you’ll climb the ranks soon.

After that, you can start sharing your content on social media to get more traffic. Keep creating content and share it consistently and your business is going to start growing.

An Alternative Way

The second way to make money is by creating an email list. You can create a list even without a website but you are going to need at least one landing page to collect emails. How to get traffic without a website? Here are some examples:

Social Media Marketing: You create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube channel etc. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. You create posts and with your links send traffic on your landing page.

Article Marketing: Write articles and submit them to article directories. As above, put links for your landing page.

PPC: Pay per click advertisement, you pay for targeted traffic on search engines or social media.

There are more ways to get traffic, these were only some examples. This way can work if you build a landing page where you’ll collect emails by giving something in exchange like an ebook or promising newsletter.

When you get some subscribers, you could send them emails with interesting content and your recommendations. You are going to need an autoresponder service to send your emails automatically.

In my opinion, the best service to build landing pages and create autoresponder series is Aweber. I have tried to use free autoresponders in the past but I was disappointed so I don’t recommend them. Aweber also offers a 30-day free trial.

The Bad Way

You find an affiliate network, grab some links and put them everywhere. On social media, website comments, forums etc. Well, this way doesn’t work. You may get lucky and make a sale or two, but this isn’t a long term way to earn money. Keep in mind that people avoid the spammers and don’t trust them. So, spam is something you should forget if you want to make money online consistently.

Unfortunately, there are many on the internet recommending spammy ways to get traffic and make sales. You can try these ways if you want it, but usually, you’ll spend your time.

Learn The Basics

You don’t need previous experience to run your online business and it’s easier than ever to build a website. However, before you start building your business, make sure you know the basics. A great place to learn how to get visitors from search engines, social media and how to set up your website is Wealthy Affiliate.

Be Patient

Don’t expect to make money overnight because building your business is a day by day process. Every new post on your website and every new follower on your social media accounts count. You are going to make money soon but I can’t tell you when. When I built my first website, I made my first sale after two months but it can take much longer. It is possible to make a full time income from one website but be patient and don’t give up before start earning as the more beginners do.

The only thing that has left is to take action. Most of the people who want to change their lives by starting their own business never take action. You have no excuse for not starting now. It doesn’t require any investment or risk. Start creating content for something you love. So, what’s the next step?

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