5 Real Ways to Make Money Online

5 real ways to make money onlineMany sites are promising overnight riches, website or blog owners show you photos for exotic places and big houses before they recommend you a program that will make you rich. If you trust them usually you will lose your money. Most of the times they show you other people’s photos in these exotic places or they pay to make a video in a luxury house. This does not mean that you can not make money from the internet. There are real ways to make money online, but if you want to achieve then you should put effort to reach your goals. Read below 5 real ways to make money online.

 Build a Niche Website

I strongly recommend writing about your hobby or your passion on a website. For example, if your passion is to play poker you can build a site for poker strategy or if you have a pet you can write how to train animals like yours. It is not expensive to start your website, you will need a domain name and a hosting service but you can start for free if you do not want to risk any money.

After that, you can write content relevant to your niche. Finding ideas for content sounds tough but there are some techniques you can try out. My favorite one is to get ideas from keywords that people use to search on Google.

When you write about 20 to 30 posts it is time to get traffic for your website. You should share your content on social media, optimize it for the search engines, write articles and publish them in article directories etc. You can find more information about building a niche site in my ”starting a business online for free” page.

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Sell On Amazon

Many people make money by selling on Amazon. Amazon is a huge brand name with millions of visitors every day and over 80 million visitors per month. As a result, many sellers prefer it for selling their products. You can start from scratch, selling products you can find in your home, like used books or toys. It will not be easy to make your first sales but when you get your first reviews, you will start selling in regular basis. If you have already a local business you can easily expand it through amazon and find more customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission while promoting other people’s products. There are affiliate programs where you can find products to promote and affiliate training sites if you want to learn more.

You could start by signing up on Clickbank and choose a product. Clickbank has many digital products from many categories. An easy way to choose a product is to go on the marketplace, choose a category you like and sort the products by gravity. Gravity means how many affiliate marketers sell this product. Find a product with gravity over 20, get your link and promote it. If you are looking for a quick start then paid advertisement would be a good option, for cheaper ways though you can try to build a niche site or promote your product on social media.

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Make Money By Writing Articles

If you like writing, then you should consider writing for money. Many website owners are paying individuals writers for their articles. A good place to sell your services is Fiver, many freelancers are making money with Fiver. The standard price for a 400 – 500 words article is 5$, but you can make more money for bigger articles and other relevant services.

Keep in mind that it is not an easy way to make money, you need to write quality articles and you will have tough competition.

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Online Surveys

Another way to make money is answering simple questions for companies that make market research. You will not make a lot of money with this method, only a few dollars for each survey, but it does not require much time and effort. If you need a part time or full time job this is not recommended and would be better to look for the other methods above.

I hope you found this article helpful. In the next days, I will write more articles about money making ways and ideas so, make sure you keep up. For questions and feedbacks, you can comment below.