ways to make money on fiverr even without skills

30 Ways To Make Money On Fiverr (Even Without Skills)

If you are looking for ways to make money on Fiverr in 2021, you are in the right place. Below you will find 30 ideas that you can use to get started.

If I had to start from zero in 2021, Fiverr would be one of the first places to consider. It is a freelance paradise. Many business and website owners hire Fiverr sellers for different tasks. This is why I have included Fiverr on my list with the top legit ways to make money.

Fiverr works with gigs that are packages of services. I asked myself what services I would sell with a brand new account. So, here are thirty services you can offer to make money on Fiverr.

1. Sell Logos

Creating logos is quite easy these days. There are many free logo makers and websites that allow you to create designs. I use Canva for different designs and can work for logos. It is free and has a wide variety of free images to use.

Fiverr has many logo designers, but there is a lot of demand as well. The expectations of the buyers depend on the price they pay. If you start with $5 logos, you can sell simple logos without problems. As you improve your skills, it’s fine to increase your prices.

There are many categories of logos to choose like monogram logos, pictorial marks, wordmarks, and more. It’s a good idea to focus on one of these categories to decrease competition and become good at something. For example, the following sellers have made thousands of dollars selling simple gigs without counting any upsells.

fiverr gig idea logo

2. Flyer Design

The second option is quite similar to logo creation. You can find a free flyer maker to create as many designs as you want. Many businesses need flyers to share with their customers.

Creating flyers is a little more complicated, so you can charge more and expect less competition. Again, you can choose one category of flyers for better and faster results.

3. Flyer Distribution

I have seen some flyer distribution gigs that work well on Fiverr. You can print and distribute flyers of other people to your area. Then, you can take an image and send it as proof of your work.

These gigs don’t have much competition because they require offline work. In many cases, you can be the only person that distributes flyers in your area. But the demand is not guaranteed because most Fiverr buyers work online. It is an easy way to increase sales if you live in a big city where many people will see your flyers.

4. Become A Social Media Manager

Many companies and online marketers can hire you to take care of their social media accounts. Usually, they don’t have time to update their profiles or want to focus on other projects. It’s quite easy to log in to their accounts, publish some posts, and reply to any messages.

Social media management is a repetitive service. If you do a good job, your buyers will come back over and over again. You can set your services on your gig description, and buyers will hire you based on them. The prices of these gigs vary based on their services.

fiverr gig idea social media

5. Influencer Gigs

If you have an audience on any online platform, you can sell simple posts that promote products and services. For example, you can share a message on Instagram and get paid for it if you have thousands of followers.

Growing an audience to sell gigs may take a while. However, those who already have an audience can make money on Fiverr right away.

The price of your gigs depends on your audience and engagement rates. The competition is low because not many people have big followings. If your social media accounts are niche-focused, you can earn even more money than generic accounts.

6. Write Articles

Many beginners start with this option. All the information you need about any topic is out there. You can make a simple Google search and find anything you need.

However, I suggest writing articles only for people that love writing. If you start with a new account, you have to offer a lot of value for five dollars to get your first orders. The expectations of the buyers are increased as well.

Writers will be fine in this category, but it will be tough for complete beginners. If you love writing, you will improve your skills, earn money, and increase your rates as you get more customers.

A tool that will save you a lot of time is Grammarly. It checks for any grammar mistakes and duplicated content constantly. The speed of your writing will determine how much you can make on Fiverr.

7. Perform Keyword Research

It is one of the easiest Fiverr gigs you can create. Your buyers will be website owners that search for keywords. They create content for this keyword to get traffic from search engines.

There are thousands of keywords in every niche you can find with a keyword tool like Long Tail Pro. You can request their niche and then type it on the tool. It will generate hundreds of content ideas.

They probably need metrics that determine the potential traffic and competition. All these metrics are included on the Long Tail Pro.

8. Become A Voice Over Artist

It is a simple gig for native English speakers. Fiverr buyers need your voice over services for YouTube videos, radio ads, TV ads, courses, phone messages, and many more.

Your job is to read a script that your buyers will send you. Once you create a new gig, you may have some competition. But you can easily offer more value until getting some reviews or focus on one category. Voice over is a popular service on Fiverr with many top sellers.

voice over gigs

9. Become A Proofreader

You can get articles from other people and proofread them for grammar or spelling errors. It is one of the easiest gigs to deliver.

You just need to use Grammarly. I mentioned this tool in the writing category above. It will find all the errors in every piece of content. You will then get suggestions next to each error with the correct version of the word or sentence.

You can proofread a large amount of content every day with the help of Grammarly. After creating your gig, you can consider extra ways to make money as a proofreader.

10. Video Editing

If you like video editing or don’t have a problem learning it, you can consider these types of services. Video is popular these days because of YouTube traffic. So, there is a lot of demand from website owners and YouTube channels.

There are extra categories you can learn, like gaming and wedding videos. You will need a video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

11. Create Slideshow Videos

If you use Adobe Premiere Pro, you will have no problem creating a slideshow video. Buyers will send you the images and any quotes they want to include in the video, and then you will put them all together.

You can increase the price of your gig based on the number of images and the running time. This category does not have much competition, so it’s great for beginners willing to do the work.

12. Become A Coach

Coaches help people to make progress, set goals, and install new habits. There are many types of coaches, like life coaches, productivity coaches, and confidence coaches. I have seen coaching gigs for specific skills as well, like Facebook Ads, writing, and YouTube.

Of course, you need some experience in the category you want to become a coach. But your main job is to help people make progress. It is a category without much competition, but your buyers expect results. You can also decide how you will coach people. It can work with phone calls, video calls, or text messages.

13. Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do simple but repetitive tasks for other people and companies. The same applies to Fiverr. Virtual assistants make data entry tasks, research, planning, set appointments, etc.

Anyone can become a virtual assistant, and this is one benefit of this job. However, it would be a good idea to check what other virtual assistants do on Fiverr before creating your gig.

You want to start from $5 to increase your chances to get hired, but it must be a better option than other people at the same time. If you are interested in other virtual assistant jobs, you can check this article.

14. Sell Guest Posts

If you have a website, you can easily sell guest posts on Fiverr. Your site needs to have some SEO value, and buyers will check it before ordering.

Guest posts do not require any work on your part. The buyers send you the articles, and you just upload them to your site. It’s an easy way to earn passive income.

You can scale your earnings by creating multiple sites. You can check here how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost. Of course, a website can earn money in multiple ways and is not limited to guest posts.

15. Become A Translator

It is an ideal option for people who can speak two or more languages. Buyers will send you articles, audios, or videos, and your job is to translate them.

Your competition depends on the languages you can speak. For example, more people can translate English to Spanish than English to Greek. You can also translate non-English languages like German to Italian.

If you need extra help with your translations, you can always use Google translate. I don’t write these articles for expert translators but for beginners who want to make money on Fiverr.

16. Become A Video Spokesperson

You actually stand in front of the camera and talk about a product or service. Usually, the buyer sends you a script with the words they want you to say.

They will upload this video on their websites or YouTube videos where they promote their products. The prices of these gigs range from the experience of the spokesperson.

In my opinion, the competition is low in this category. Your characteristics will increase or decrease your chances of getting a job. For example, your accent, age, and background of the video will determine your sales. It’s easy to say a few words in front of the camera, but not everyone.

17. Build Websites

Many companies need new websites or updates to their existing ones. Fiverr is a great place for freelancers who knows to code or can build websites.

You can build many types of websites, like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and more. You can also create specific types of pages like sales funnels or e-commerce pages.

It is not an easy option but extremely profitable. You can set high prices for a website and get repetitive customers because they need updates sooner or later.

18. Perform SEO Audits

SEO audits analyze the SEO performance of a website. When you perform an SEO audit, the buyer expects specific detail on what they do right and wrong.

Then, you can suggest solutions to the existing problems. This process is helpful because it eliminates SEO errors that decrease the organic rankings of a website.

There is a huge demand for all SEO services on Fiverr. You can make SEO audits fast with free online tools and then make your suggestions. You can send multiple SEO audits per day for $5-$10.

SEO audit gigs

19. Sell On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO includes anything related to the content. Each blog post and web page must include the main keyword in specific places. Usually, you can change a sentence to include the keyword.

You actually place a keyword in the content. If you use an SEO tool like Yoast SEO, you only need to follow the suggestions. For example, you need to add the keyword in the first paragraph, a few subheadings, meta title, meta description, etc.

You can charge $5-$10 per web page and complete multiple orders per day. It’s possible to choose categories of web pages to avoid competition, like Shopify or WordPress pages.

20. Create Business Cards

Many gigs offer designs for business cards. They have a lot of demand because every online or offline business use them. In some cases, people create cards with simple promotions and links.

Some gigs in this category combine logos and business cards. If you have a logo gig and want to add more value, it’s fine to include a second service to the same gig.

Business cards need to have a better design than logos. So, it’s a little harder to create them. But you can still use Canva and other similar online tools to get templates and images for free.

21. Write Resumes

When people look for a new job, they need a nice and well-written resume. Fiverr has many top sellers in this category that offer their services.

People are willing to pay a lot of money for a nice resume, and this is obvious even from a quick search for resume sellers. You can make the difference and offer your services at a lower price.

If you can do a good job and have low rates, you will get tons of orders in this category. Writing resumes do not require any great writing skills, but it must look nice and get the reader’s attention.

22. Write Product Descriptions

Many marketers sell on online platforms without wanting to write anything. They may have valid reasons to avoid writing, like lack of skills or their English are not their native language.

You can go to the broad term and offer your services for any type of product. However, the best option would be to focus on one platform. For example, you can write descriptions on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, etc.

These subcategories have less competition and need to learn one platform. You may need to learn what works on each platform and some basic copywriting skills.

23. Write Emails

If you like to write, you can choose emails as your main category. It is quite similar to product descriptions. You need to get the attention of the reader in 100-200 words.

Almost every online marketer and business need emails. It is an evergreen category, and the demand will be there for many years.

Emails need a great title to increase clicks, compelling copy, and effective calls to action. On the benefits, it’s a process that you need to learn once and can apply in many niches, and you will get many repetitive clients once you establish your gig.

24. Animated Videos

Animated videos are popular both for buyers and sellers. Buyers love them because they are engaging and explain their products to the customers.

Sellers love them because they are easy to create and have a great demand. You can use an animated video maker for free or paid to deliver your service.

Many YouTube videos and blog posts explain how to create an animated video in a few steps. Do your practice, and then go on Fiverr to publish your gig.

25. Your Message On

This category of gigs includes many creative ideas. Fiverr sellers can put your message on their cars, bodies, pets, and anything else you can think.

These gigs make sales because marketers want to find fancy ways to promote their business. If you find a unique way to advertise messages, you can really get a lot of attention. Simply, you will be the only person who makes this offer.

This category has created top sellers that offer unique things. But it also includes many sellers that make a few extra sales. So, you can consider it as your main or secondary gig.

26. Become A Tutor

Fiverr allow tutoring in any category. Most people know something that can teach other people. You can teach a language, math, physics, chess, acting, etc. Anything you know and can help other people can be enough to make you money.

The demand and the competition depending on your category. For example, teaching maths has more competition than chess. Your rates also depend on the service you offer.

According to the rules of Fiverr, you can use contact details when they are part of your service. So, you don’t have to work on Fiverr even if it offers video calls.

27. Sell A Guide

You can create a short guide that includes tips and strategies for a specific problem. It is similar to the tutoring gigs, but this time you create an ebook or a video instead of making a lesson.

For example, you can teach people how to stay fit, play the guitar, invest, etc. You can be creative in this part but make sure to sell something that people search on the internet.

If your guide is valuable, people will be willing to pay you a lot of money. When you are not sure about the quality of your guide, you can sell it for $5 and adjust it later.

28. Real Estate Promos

Many Fiverr gigs focus only on real estate. They help agencies or owners with their projects. They offer different types of services like photos, videos, and promotions. It is an industry with a lot of demand, and people are willing to pay for a good service.

You can check the packages of other real estate gigs and find out the services you can offer. Most sellers use online tools and deliver their projects through Fiverr. If you can help your potential clients with anything, you can easily use this category to make money on Fiverr.

real estate gigs

29. Help Buyers With Their Social Media Ads

Most online platforms have advertising programs, and many marketers rely on them to get leads. You can choose any platform you want and offer a relevant service. For example, you can help them with their campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

You can provide a few services in this category. There are people that create images for ads, write the copy, or focus on ad management. Each option can be extremely profitable if you deliver a good service.

30. Become A Songwriter

If you know how to write music, this category has a hungry audience. People will ask you to create music for different reasons. You can create the melody, write the lyrics, and do the vocals. Or you can choose only of these options. The rates of these gigs are quite high and include different types of styles.


These were some great ways to make money on Fiverr. All these categories have created many part-time and full-time sellers. Of course, you can be creative and do something completely different or add extra value to your gigs.