How to Make Money by Hiring eCommerce Freelancers

How to Make Money by Hiring eCommerce Freelancers

Starting an eCommerce business is one of the best ways to earn money without leaving the comfort of your living room.  The possibilities are endless when you run an eCommerce store, which is why more and more people are choosing to invest their money in this kind of business.

While it’s convenient to say that it’s easy to run these types of businesses, truth is, it really isn’t considering the amount of work that needs to be done.

Time and again, store owners have tried doing everything themselves from designing their websites to writing blog posts and managing inventory.  Though it is possible to get things done, we all know that it’s not going to cut it given the amount of work needed.

If you really want to make money with your eCommerce business, the right thing to do is to outsource some of the critical tasks that require specific skills. By hiring the following eCommerce freelancers, you’re not only freeing up your workload, you’re also making a very good investment.

1. SEO Specialist

The first step to getting more buyers for your products is to drive traffic to your website.  While basic SEO tactics are easy to learn, getting someone who possesses expert skills will definitely make a huge difference.

Not only will you see good results, you’ll also see immediate impact which is crucial considering how tough the competition is today with online stores popping up left and right.

With a good SEO specialist on your team, your business will become more searchable, drawing more people to you and increasing your chances of making a sale. Remember that the more traffic you get, the more money you can earn from ads (if you have them) and product sales.

2. Facebook Ads Expert

Facebook is the gold standard when it comes to social media.  With its 2 billion monthly users, it is without a doubt the best platform on which to market your business.

Promoting on Facebook, however, is not as easy as running campaigns with everyone as your target.  This is where the services of a Facebook Ad expert come in handy. You need someone who knows how to effectively run campaigns that will not only win your more followers but also give you your money’s worth by getting quality leads.

By reaching a targeted audience, you are showcasing your business to people who are ready to buy.  The more sales you make, the bigger the profit you earn.

3. Google Adwords Expert

Keyword research is another critical part of eCommerce because this is how people find you when they perform internet searches.

Let’s face it, people rarely bother to look at the second page of the search results pages, which is why cracking that first page is of utmost importance.

Google AdWords experts help you land on the first page of a Google search by identifying the right keyword that you can use for paid advertisement.  Landing on the top of the first page of a Google search increases your chance of getting noticed, thereby opening the possibility of attracting more prospects.

As we mentioned earlier about SEO specialists, getting found presents a great opportunity to sell products.

4. Product Page Optimization Specialist

Your product listing is the heart of your business.  The more optimized your product pages are, the higher the possibility of making a sale.

It takes special skills to create highly-optimized product pages and you’ll need someone with similar skillsets on your team if you want more conversions.

Keep in mind that coming up with engaging product pages isn’t as easy as it seems because it involves psychology and a combination of critical elements to get buyer’s attention.  It’s one of the key tasks you would be better off outsourcing.

With highly-optimized product pages, you increase the chances that your site visitors will buy from you, making the investment you made on your specialist worth it.Team works on project

5. Product Photographer and Video Creator

Apart from the technical tasks that need to be done, you’ll also need creative skills in your team.  You need someone with a good eye to capture your product’s best angles and showcase them in a way that people would find it hard to resist.

Getting a good photographer and video editor to work with a product page optimization specialist is the winning combination.  If you can hire freelancers with these skills, you’re looking at more conversions coming your way.

6. Product Sourcer

When you run an eCommerce store, there’s no room for complacency.  You can’t rely on your best-selling products forever.  You need to be constantly sourcing for new, sellable products.

Fortunately, there are freelancers who possess this special skill set.  You don’t need to spend hours looking for the next products to sell when you’ve got someone who can do it for you more efficiently.

Product sourcing isn’t as simple as relying on current trends.  Like keyword research, you need to be looking for products with high demand and less competition, information that a good product sourcer can provide. This will save you a lot of money by keeping you from investing in products that do not sell.

7. Lead Generation Expert

Generating leads is essential for every business because, without new leads, your business won’t generate profits.  This is the best reason why outsourcing leads generation to someone who knows it upside down works to your advantage.

With a lead generation expert on board, you have someone who knows the kind of customers catered to your business.  This person also has a number of tricks up his sleeve in terms of lead generation from building your email list to crafting strategies to get more people to sign up.

A lead generation expert has the ability to bring more potential customers to your business which is without a doubt, a valuable contribution that you can’t afford to ignore.

Quality leads mean greater conversions and greater conversions mean bigger sales. Doing it this way also saves you money that you may waste on poor, low-quality leads.


Generating sales from an online store isn’t as easy as it looks.  It requires several skillsets that combined, makes one hell of a combination.  You can’t do it all as much as you may want to.

By hiring the eCommerce freelancers we mentioned above, you are making a great, long-term investment guaranteed to increase conversions and sales in a short span of time.  More importantly, choosing to outsource gives you more flexibility and time to focus on other parts of your business.

Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of When he’s not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he’s mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.