how to make money as a teenager during the quarantine

The 10 Best Ways To Make Money As A Teenager During Quarantine

Today you will discover how to make money as a teenager during quarantine. We can agree that it is unlikely to find a job in many countries and cities these days. We don’t know when we will go back to normal as well.

However, the internet is already here and works. Many people make money online for years, so you can do the same thing. There are many opportunities out there during quarantine. Here are my best suggestions.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate homepage

Wealthy Affiliate is a top training platform for affiliate marketers. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s the process of making commissions by suggesting other people’s products. For example, you can share a book on social media with your link and earn money if someone buys it.

You can make money with Wealthy Affiliate by learning this process and using their amazing platform. It has a community of over 2 million members and all the resources you need. Many beginner affiliates start from Wealthy Affiliate every day. You can be the next one.

A part of the process is to build a website. The topic of your site will be something you like or be passionate about. It is an easy thing for a teenager to find things they like. One of the best feelings is to work on something you love and make money from it.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate in the last years and personally help beginners. Many other members do the same thing. If you need help with anything, there is always someone to help you. For more information, you can join Wealthy Affiliate here for free.

2. Fiverr

Many businesses use freelance platforms to hire people for different projects. Fiverr is the most popular of these platforms. It also looks like a marketplace between freelancers and companies.

Your product is your gig, which is a package of services you offer. For example, if you can design a logo, you can create a gig that sells logos. You can create a free account, publish a few gigs, and then start making sales. It’s so simple to make money on Fiverr.

The only limitation is that the buyer must be happy with your delivery. Usually, they will accept your work if you deliver what you promise with your gig.

If you want to summarize the process, here the steps:

  • Find a service you deliver
  • Create and publish a gig that includes your service
  • Make a sale
  • Deliver the service

Of course, many people want to make money on Fiverr. You need to figure out a way to do a better job. Usually, starting with the lower rates is a good idea. The minimum price of a gig is $5. You can then add more value by delivering a better quantity or by providing a few samples with your work. If you can deliver quality services, Fiverr can become a goldmine for you.

3. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a platform that gets a lot of attention these days. It is the second biggest website in traffic after Google. Starting a YouTube channel can be challenging, but it is a nice investment if you find an interesting topic.

Many people don’t want to show their faces or are afraid of the competition. However, if you create nice videos regularly, you will start getting views and subscribers. You can monetize your videos with Google AdSense, which is the advertising program of Google.

In most cases, you don’t need any special equipment to create a few videos. Many YouTubers started for free. But it is on you to evaluate it. The videos can answer questions of people in your topic, be funny, or teach something. Uploading a video does not take more than a few minutes. So, the most important part will be the quality of your videos.

Once you start getting views, you can scale it with more videos. The old videos will keep getting views and make money for years. This is the power of publishing content.

4. Swagbucks

swagbucks home

If I had to choose the easiest way to get started, Swagbucks would be my first choice. You can make money with Swagbucks in various ways, but it is helpful only for people who want to earn a few extra bucks.

It can’t replace your job had hasn’t potential for a full-time income. Swagbucks includes surveys and online tasks that pay from a few cents to a few dollars per task. It’s super easy to complete these tasks and doesn’t require any effort on your part.

The best approach is to sign in once a day to your account and check for any available opportunities. Instead of spending your time on social media, you can earn a few extra dollars with this site.

5. Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are remote workers that do simple tasks for online business. You can get hired from a company as a freelancer and get paid per project or hour of work. It can take a while to get your first job, but there are no limits on what you can achieve after that point. If you have enough free time and a decent work ethic, you can work for multiple companies at the same time.

You can get into freelance platforms or search for job listings online. There is some competition because many people want to do these types of jobs. However, the standard 9-5 jobs have more competition than any freelance platform. For more information, you can read this post on how to become a virtual assistant.

6. Become A Freelance Writer

Most online businesses need content for their online projects. The content is created by writers. For example, you can write blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, ads, and many more. Even YouTubers follow a written script. 

The internet is full of low-quality writers. So, there is a lot of competition on the lowest levels, but the quality writers make a lot of money. If you join a freelance platform like Fiverr that mentioned above, you must start with the lower rates. Once you find some clients and reviews, you can expect tons of writing projects.

Beginner freelance writers start from $5 per hour. However, experienced writers can earn $100 per hour or more. You can find over 200 writing niches to get started here.

7. Blogging

If you like writing, blogging is another great option. It costs only a few dollars to get a domain name and a hosting provider. I suggest getting started with Bluehost if you like blogging.

If you choose this way, you need to choose a topic for your blog and write relevant content. You can get ideas from social media, YouTube, and other posts.

Your success will depend on the amount of content you create and how you promote it. You can share it on social media, forums or use keywords to get traffic from the search engines. You can use these top blogging tools to improve your chances for success.

8. ClickFunnels

clickfunnels home

You may have heard about sales funnels before. They are a series of pages that want to turn your visitors into buyers of a product. Of course, you don’t have to own a product but use an affiliate marketing model. ClickFunnels is the best place to use and learn about sales funnels.

If you master the process of creating sales funnels, you can use them in various ways. The benefit of sales funnel is that you don’t have to create content. You get pre-made templates and pages, watch a few videos with instructions, and follow their steps.

9. ySense

If you are looking for a second website for online surveys and simple tasks, ySense is a top option. The tasks allow you to get paid by watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, and many more.

ySense works with third-party providers. If you choose a task, you go to a third-party platform to complete the task. However, you get paid from ySense. Lately, ySense created its own tasks that give great rewards.

There are some limits on how much money you can earn on ySense. The surveys and offers are not unlimited. If you join for the very first time, you will find plenty of offers. Then, you need to wait for opportunities to appear. It is a website to earn some extra bucks and can’t replace your job.

10. Do Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are easy, fast, and repetitive tasks that pay a few cents per task. If you do plenty of them, you can earn a few dollars. Each task takes from a few seconds to a few minutes, and this is why you can complete too many of them.

You can start with Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is a website for micro workers by Amazon. Some users post jobs, and then micro workers complete them. You can find different types of jobs, so your job selection will determine your results. Micro jobs can work for people who don’t want to learn anything new. If you have a lot of free time during quarantine, you can earn some extra money.


These were my best ways to make money as a teenager during quarantine. All of them are online methods and websites, as you probably expected. If you take action now, you can be at a better place in a few weeks or months. For more ideas, you can check my full list of legit ways to make money online.