2 Ways To Make Money Answering Questions

2 Ways To Make Money Answering QuestionsCan you make money answering questions?

When it comes to money people are creative. They can think so many different ways but they tend to use their imagination for easy stuff like the topic of this article. Sometimes, easy can be a good thing.

On this post, I present you two different ways to make money answering questions. Of course, two different ways means different websites and ideas.

How Does It Work?

The internet is a place where you can find tons of information. You can find it in different formats too. All of us who work online we answer questions. This is our focus. Some people say that we help people. Both of them are true.

Many blog posts, Youtube videos, websites, ebooks, and social media pages answer some questions. Not all of them but many. People need that information to make their life easier. But it makes sense, that’s not possible all the questions that people look for to get answered from the articles and the videos. Also, many times people ask personalized or opinionated questions.

As you can understand, you can find places on the internet where people visit to submit their questions. The obvious ones are the forums and the Q&A sites. Another category is the sites that will pay you to post your answers and lastly, there are the surveys sites where you answer easy questions about your experiences to help companies to market their products more effectively.

I will cover all of these categories today and provide you some links to get started right now.

Before getting started let me explain what you can expect from this way because there are many other ways to make money online and some of them have better rewards.

How Much Can You Earn By Answering Questions

The get paid to answer questions websites usually pay from a few cents to a few dollars per question. Most of the times, the reward will be a few cents.

However, when you can earn more money, you can expect that you need to find a difficult answer. No one will pay you for something easy.

These questions are made from other users who want a solution to their problem fast. You can not find too many of them who will pay for that. So, the numbers of the questions on these sites are limited.

If we consider all the above, we can realize that’s a way to make just a few extra dollars per week. I would say in best case scenario (but realistic), you can earn a part-time income.

Are you looking for a full-time opportunity? Check my top recommendation here.

1. Get Paid To Answer Questions Sites


JustAnswer is one of the sites you must try. While it is not easy to get approved, it has really good rewards. It is not a full-time income site but it’s better than the other options on this list.

Ask an Expert & Get Answers to Your Questions

There are many categories of questions you can answer. But these answers are for real experts. When you want to join, you choose the most relevant category of your expertise and show them the necessary credentials. They may ask for a diploma, a license, or previous experience.

When a user makes a question, he will pay from $15 to $90 and you will earn 20%-50% of that money.


A completely different website. If you join Ether, you must give your phone number and just wait for someone to call you. You earn a commission for every call. To get a better understanding, you can check how the experts on Ether looks like. If you cannot get approved on JustAnswer, you can consider it as an alternative.


Fixya is the last good site that it is worth to answer questions of other people. It has a marketplace on the platform and you can earn some extra money. There are many different categories. For example, there are questions about apps, computers, music, automotive, art, etc.

Survey Sites

Surveys usually pay you a few cents for answers about your personal experiences. The surveys take a few minutes and you hope to complete a big enough number of surveys to earn a few extra dollars per month.

You can check ClixSense which is available worldwide and Fusion Cash.

Bonus: Some companies pay you to test websites. These sites are considered part-time opportunities as well, and you can check 22 companies here.

2. Q&A Sites and Forums

This is one of the ways I like to apply to get traffic to my sites. Traffic means visitors. Then I monetize that traffic with affiliate marketing offers.

Let me explain:

This is not a way with a guaranteed reward. However, if you are willing to answer questions and help other people, you can do it by building your own online business.

When you visit a forum, you can see questions all over the place. There are some threads as well where people tell their opinion about relevant topics but let’s focus on the questions.

It does not matter if it’s a fitness forum, business forum or any other type of forum, some experts answer as many questions as they can.

These guys usually have a link on their signature and one on their profile. People who read their answers can see their links. This is a way to send traffic to a website and the people who are super active on forums earn more money than the members of the suggested sites above.

This is just something to consider. I use that technique sometimes and I know it works.Question and answer on Quora

Of course, to apply that method you need a site. If you have never built a site before, there is a learning curve but nothing too hard. You can learn how to build your first website for free and monetize your traffic on Wealthy Affiliate.

For those who already have a website, you can start with a forum relevant to your niche and your products. Also, a good Q&A site to try is Quora.

Last Thoughts

I think you have some nice ideas to get started. It can be a get paid to answer site, a survey site or you can choose one of my other suggestions.

Anyway, you have enough information to take action and see what can happen later.

Answer questions is a great way to make money because you help people!

This is what I do on my site as well. And you can leave your questions or your comments below. I would like to hear your opinion about this article.

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