lurn summit review - legit

Lurn Summit Review: Legit Program By Anik Signal?

lurn summit review - legit

Welcome to my Lurn Summit review. This is the second version of the program by Anik Signal.

In this review, you will read what it’s included on the $1 membership, what you are going to learn and how you can use the program.

What Is Lurn Summit?

Lurn Summit is a two day event in which you can watch some successful marketers talk about business. This event is 100% virtual and of course, it’s not live. You can watch all the summit from your computer or laptop.

You will get many hours of video recordings on the members’ area for $1.

This is a digital program you can find on the marketplace of Clickbank. It follows the structure of many other Clickbank products but it’s legit and created by a top marketer.

The first version of Lurn Summit was a success according to Anik Signal. Thousands of members joined it and for this reason, they decided to repeat it.

A similar legit product that I have reviewed a few months ago way is Rich Dad Summit. The difference between these products is on the information they share.

Lurn Summit is focused on affiliate marketing and the different strategies you can use to make it work while Rich Dad Summit mentions different business models.

Anik Signal is a top affiliate marketer who has created other digital products as well. One popular high-ticket program by Anik Signal was Inbox Blueprint. As you can understand from the name of the program was about email marketing.

He is one of the big names on affiliate marketing. Many people promote his products and he has partnered with many big names. Some of the speakers on Lurn Summit is Bob Proctor and Kevin Strawbridge, CEO of Clickbank.

Also, all the testimonials are real. Anik Signal has many students and a lot of people have bought his products in the past.

That means you will learn from real experts on Lurn Summit. It’s not one of these low-quality Clickbank products. You can definitely use this information to start your own online business.

What’s Inside

With $1 you can get access to the members’ area and find all the recorded videos. The product includes 16 hours of information from different speakers. All of them are well know names.

Lurn Summit is a program that focuses on affiliate marketing. Anik Signal sell his own products but he teaches on them how to make money as an affiliate.

So, you can get information on how to set up an affiliate marketing business, mindset training, how to find products to promote, get traffic, make sales, etc.

It starts with simple information but as you go through the videos, you can learn more advanced stuff.

I think that the only problem is that there is nothing actionable. Even if you take notes about everything, you can’t use it because there is no tools or step by step process. Unless you buy the upsells.

Of course, it’s a $1 dollar product. The product delivers a lot of content from that price and from top marketers.

The business model that Anik Signal recommends and many Clickbank affiliates is the following:

It is heavily based on paid traffic and email marketing. With a few words, you put some ads to send traffic to the affiliate product page or to your landing pages. If you have a landing page, you may ask for emails and you get into email marketing.

There are pros and cons to this business model. Paid traffic can work faster than free traffic but it has a high risk. It takes an upfront investment. But it can work and many people make money in this way.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, you can watch the videos of Lurn Summit and then, decide if this is what you are looking for.

How Much Does It Cost?

The good news is that you can start with only $1. But there are some upsells in the members’ area.

You can get the first upsell from the beginning. It is recommended from the program and has a 21 days free trial. The name of this upsell is Lurn Insider, and you will get more information on a monthly basis, you can watch the webinars of Anik Signal, and you will be invited on a private Facebook Group. This upsell costs $67 per month.

The last upsell costs $197 and there is a $97 downsell. This upsell is named 10K Formula and has more advanced information and actionable steps.

On most programs, when the front end product is good enough for your money, you can expect a good quality on the upsells. I think the same applies to Lurn Summit.

If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that I do not like the upsells because they are a little misleading for the buyers. But we can agree that digital products include upsells.

However, we can still find great courses on affiliate marketing with no upsells at all like Wealthy Affiliate and Super Affiliate System. Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership and then a monthly fee. Super Affiliate System is a high ticket program.

I don’t say that Lurn Summit is a bad product because of the upsells. Instead of that, I think it’s worth the one dollar price. But there are other alternatives for those who get frustrated with upsells.

Pros and Cons


  1. Owner’s Reputation: Anik Signal is a top name on affiliate marketing. He has created many successful products, and many people follow him. Also, the other speakers are big names. I think that most people who will read this review already know Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor.
  2. Real Testimonials: There are many weird programs out there. When we hear about testimonials we suspect that something goes wrong. However, Anik Signal has many students and has helped many people to build online businesses.
  3. Price: Some products sell worthless guides and short videos for hundreds of dollars. Giving $1 for 16 hours of training from experts has enough value. There is a 60-day money back guarantee as well.


  1. Upsells: I mentioned above this issue. The total cost of the product can be hundreds of dollars depending on the monthly fees.

My Final Verdict – Is Lurn Summit Legit?

In my opinion, Lurn Summit is a legit program. You get a lot of information at a very low price while you can always avoid the upsells if you do not want them.

It’s not a program that will give you tools or a step by step process to build your business but you can find the right direction.

Most people will learn new things on affiliate marketing, mindset, copywriting, traffic, and much more.

The CEO of Clickbank can help you to understand what it works right now in this marketplace. It’s the biggest affiliate network and marketplace for digital products so I would listen to his advice if I wanted to start this business.

I have reviewed many programs from different marketplaces. Most of them are not good. They include a lot of hype, low-quality products, fake testimonials, the owners use pen names.

Lurn Summit is completely different from these programs. You can get good information for $1, and you can learn from the best.

For this reason, I would suggest it to anyone who is interested to get into affiliate marketing or just want to learn more about email marketing, paid traffic or copywriting.

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Thanks for reading my review on Lurn Summit. If you have any questions or want to share your opinion about the product, you can leave your comments below.