legit ways to make money online

57 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In 2021

You will read a detailed list of legit ways to make money online in 2021. This list includes opportunities that you can start only with your computer and internet access. In most of the following ways, you can start with no skills or experience, and there are already other people and companies that use them to earn money.

1. Affiliate Marketing

My top pick is a beginner-friendly business model because you don’t need to own a product. Affiliate marketers need to join an affiliate program, get their links, start promoting them on the internet, and then they can earn a commission per sale.

There many ways that you can use to find other people that want to buy your products. For example, affiliate marketers can use social media, blogs, paid advertising, forums, email marketing. Usually, only one of the ways above can be enough to make a full-time income. You can start affiliate marketing with a website or without a website.

The best part is that you don’t have to buy or test the products and can access any affiliate program for free. There are huge marketplaces like Amazon and Clickbank that allow you to promote their products. There are millions of products to promote on the internet. For a step-by-step affiliate marketing strategy, you can get started with the free courses of Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Start A Blog

If you can read and write like most people that will read this post, there are many ways to earn money online with these two skills alone. One of the most popular ways is blogging. The process is quite simple. You start a blog on a niche or topic that you like and start publishing relevant posts.

Over time people will start visiting your posts if they are good enough. Bloggers make money with advertising programs like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, their own products, etc. There are many successful blogs that have multiple monetization methods.

The visitors will find you from search engines that will rank your posts in relevant keywords or from social media. So, it’s a good idea to learn some basics about SEO and social media marketing, even if the content is the number one factor for success in this way. You can start your first blog on Bluehost.

3. Complete Surveys

Completing surveys is a popular option for those who want to find something fast and easy. However, the potential earnings are relevant to the difficulty of each method. So, online surveys can help you to make a few extra bucks per week or month in your free time.

There are many legit survey sites that invite people to complete surveys, but you need to avoid some scams as well. A real survey will pay $0.50-$1 on average for 20-30 minutes of answering questions. The online surveys are limited on each site, and each survey requires specific demographics. 

For some legit options, you can check my list of the best GPT sites. Two top options to get started can be Swagbucks and ySense. They have plenty of surveys and other simple offers.

4. Become A Virtual Assistant

Every online business needs people that can handle simple tasks. There are many things to be done, so the owners will need some help sooner or later. Virtual assistants help online businesses to handle simple tasks. It can be anything from data entry jobs to content writing.

A benefit of being a virtual assistant is that everyone can do this job. The companies do not ask for complicated tasks from virtual assistants. If you have some available time per day or week, you can start this job at the side. There are freelance platforms that you can get started and apply for a few jobs. 

If you don’t have any experience or can’t prove it, you can start with the lower rates and increase them in the future. You can handle it as a business and have multiple clients if you have enough time. Here is a helpful guide on how to get started as a virtual assistant.

5. Start A YouTube Channel

If you can put yourself in front of the camera, YouTube can be an interesting option for you. There are many types of videos and ways to attract viewers.

You can do some information videos in a specific niche. It is like the blogging option, but you make videos instead of creating articles. You can show your skills if you are good at anything or just create fun and interesting videos.

YouTube works both as a search engine and a social media network. There are likes, subscribers, and feed with suggestions. Also, people can use keywords to find what they want. You can get some viewers and traffic in both of these ways.

My suggestion is to choose a niche and start targeting a few keywords in the beginning. For top training on keywords and niches, you can learn about Wealthy Affiliate. Many YouTubers monetize their channels with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

6. Make Money On Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the top GPT (get paid to) sites on the internet. You can do different types of tasks and earn some extra money. The concept is that users can do many super easy and simple tasks. They can earn from a few cents to a few dollars per task. 

For a few examples, you can complete surveys, search on the web with their search engine, download apps, get cashback, join on third-party websites, watch videos, and more. Lastly, there is a referral program that you can invite your friends and earn a commission from their activity for life.

While it is a great option for some extra bucks in your free time, it is not easy to go full-time. It’s the best option for people who have some free time and don’t want to do anything complicated.

7. Create A Course

If you are good at something and want to share your experience, creating a course can help you to earn more money. There are many platforms on the internet that you can use to sell your course, but you can sell it on your own website as well.

Many people search for information and have no problem buying relevant courses if they are worth the price. The benefit is that you can create your course once and keep earning money in the future without extra work. It’s a type of passive income. If you create your own website, it will need some promotion in the beginning.

8. Create A Digital Product

A digital product can be a little different than creating a course. Your product can include ebooks, videos, or audio. You just need information in any format you want. Also, most marketers who sell digital products are not experts, but they do some research and collect information. However, if you already have some knowledge or experience in your topic, it can be a bonus. The internet has a lot of room for experts in any niche.

There are marketplaces with digital products as Clickbank to sell them. They have affiliate marketers that can sell your products for a commission. So, you don’t have to worry about selling and focus on the product. You can learn how to get started with Clickbank here.

9. Make Money On Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace that you can sell your services to online businesses. If you have any skills or want to learn anything, it’s a great place to get started. You can write articles, create logos, build websites, manage social media accounts, make videos, and more. 

The sellers create gigs that describe what they sell, and the buyers browse for gigs relevant to the job that they want. It is quite different than the standard freelance platforms that you have to apply for the job.

The sellers can create multiple gigs, offer upsells, change their prices whenever they want, and there is a review system that determines your visibility on the platform. The sellers have potential both for a full-time or part-time income. If you treat it as a business, you have chances to achieve great results.

10. Become A Freelance Writer

Writing is one of the most popular freelance niches on the internet. Most online businesses need content for their blogs and social media profiles. At the same time, many people claim that they can write. However, most of them do not deliver good content to their clients.

So, it’s a job with a lot of demand, and the good writers are not many. Even with some basic writing skills, you can find a lot of clients. Beginners start with low rates, but you can increase your rates as you build your reputation and get more clients.

Freelance platforms are helpful to find clients if you are a beginner and make sure that you will get your money. You can start today and send a few applications. For less competition, you can choose a writing niche or specialize in something. For example, decide to write for a specific topic or just learn about SEO. Discover how to earn money as a freelance writer in 30 days or less here.

11. Write An Ebook

If you like to write, there are many available opportunities. Writing ebooks is another good option for writers. You can sell your ebooks on Amazon Kindle. This business model can work well with informational ebooks that teach people about something.

The writer can focus on researching a topic and provide the right information. It does not have to be a super lengthy ebook. Many writers earn a full-time income with short ebooks if their information is accurate. Then, you can use links to your ebooks and promote any other courses or products. Amazon has many visitors per day, so you don’t have to spend too much time promoting your ebooks.

Selling an ebook can generate revenue for years after the creation. For scaling, you can sell it on more platforms or write more ebooks. It is an easy process, and many of the tasks can be outsourced.

12. Start An Online Store

You can start your own online store without owning the products. This business model is called dropshipping. Your job is to find a supplier that is willing to ship the product for you. Then, you can list the product to your own store. Once you make a sale, you give the contact details to your supplier to deliver the product. You earn the difference between the starting price and the selling price.

It is another beginner-friendly way to build an online business because the sellers don’t own a product or have technical knowledge. You can get started by creating your store on Shopify. It’s a platform that helps people to create a store, add products, and process orders with a few simple steps.

13. Build Niche Websites

Niche websites are sites that focus on a specific audience or topic. It can be a site about a hobby, an interest, or help people with something specific. These websites have a small range of topics, but they have less competition than authority websites.

It’s a very profitable business model that does not require a big investment. You need to publish content and monetize it with affiliate offers or advertisements. It may take some SEO knowledge to attract an audience, or you can share the content on relevant forums and social media groups. Once you start earning money with niche websites, you can scale it by adding more content, sources of traffic, or just create more websites.

Niche websites work because people want to get specialized information on these topics. By creating good content, you can establish yourself or your brand as an expert in your niche. You can learn how to build a website and get traffic on Wealthy Affiliate.

14. Teach A Language

Online courses are quite popular these days, and teaching a language can be an extremely profitable option. It can work for any language, but there is a big audience that wants to learn English. There are many ways to teach someone online.

First, there are many companies that hire tutors. A simple Google on this topic can give a lot of ideas. Second, you can work as a freelancer and find clients by yourself. In both cases, it’s possible to get paid per hour or do any other type of agreement that you want.

15. Become An Influencer 

Everyone uses social media these days, so companies are willing to pay influencers and users with a big audience for simple posts. If you already have a big following, you can earn money per post. This method is available for everyone with an audience and not only for celebrities.

Becoming an influencer can take some time, but it’s worth it. You need to find a niche and start creating quality content. The type of content depends on your platform and your audience. If you build an audience and get engagement, you can start selling posts on freelance platforms. 

In some cases, people can contact you directly. However, you need to learn when an offer is a professional one or not. Lastly, you can promote your own products.

16. Test Websites

Many businesses want to check their websites for user experience. They want to get more clients, so they must communicate effectively with their content. A tester will just visit these sites and find any problems with the design or the content. 

You can join companies like TestingTime and UserTesting that hire people to test websites for other businesses. They give you specific instructions and what to check on these sites. If you follow their instructions, you will get paid per project. Testing websites is a decent side income option that you can do in your free time.

17. Flip Domain Names

There are domain names that have been sold for over one million dollars in the past. These days, you can still flip domain names even if it’s not possible to find these high-value domain names at a low price. 

The goal is to buy low and sell high. There is a lot of room for new domain flippers on the internet. Companies and marketers will keep using domain names, so it’s on you to find good deals and resell them for a profit.

There are online marketplace and forums to sell and buy domain names. It’s a long-term business with different types of sellers and investors based on their budget and strategy. You can do it part-time or full-time, depending on how much time you will invest in searching for new opportunities.

18. Sell On Amazon

Amazon is the biggest marketplace on the internet. It includes both physical and digital products. The advantage of Amazon over other alternatives is that you can get access to a huge audience of active buyers. 

There are many business models that you can apply as an Amazon seller. You can sell your own products, do dropshipping, or use the FBA program that you send them the products and take care of the transaction. The sellers don’t have to do any marketing or find their own customers. Their job is to find good products and create nice listings on the platform.

19. Become A Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists get content in audio or video format and turn it into written content. There are specializations that include legal and medical. These specializations require a certificate. However, most of the transcription jobs on the internet are available for everyone who wants to give it a try.

You can get started as a freelancer, find work on a company, and there are side income websites that pay transcriptionists per project. As you get more projects, you become more skilled in this type of job, so you can earn more money. Beginner transcriptionists will make a few dollars per project, but you can easily turn this skill into a real business.

Usually, they give you some simple tests to check if you can do the job. Even if it seems difficult in the beginning, you can develop your skills through practice. There are opportunities for both part-time and full-time transcriptions.

20. Sell Services To Local Businesses

Most businesses use the internet for branding and sales and you can easily help them with any part of their online activities. You can build websites, post on social media, create content, or run advertising campaigns.

You can contact these businesses online if they have contact details or offline by visiting and showing them what you can do. It can be extremely scalable because you can sell the same service over and over again.

In most cases, you don’t need any special skills. These people don’t have the time to handle their online tasks or just want to focus on other things. You can save them time by managing simple tasks and actually helping them with their projects.

21. Become An Online Tutor

If you have some experience in teaching or have enough skills to teach anything, you can consider online tutoring. People can pay you to help them with their homework, teach them skills, or consult them with their problems. The market is big enough to find jobs even in the most common things like math and science.

You can teach kids, grown-ups, professionals, and any other target group you want. You just need to go to an online platform that fits your target audience. It’s possible to market yourself on your own website or social media if you have some basic internet marketing skills. Online tutoring has potential both for part-time and full-time income. It’s on you to find as many clients as you want.

22. Become A Proofreader

Proofreading is one of the easiest tasks in the content creation process. A good proofreader needs to have a good knowledge of grammar and spelling. They check articles or books for any errors and correct them. However, proofreaders don’t change the readability and the meaning of the content. 

Many companies that hire proofreaders require a degree in anything relevant to English and writing. However, no one cares about your degree on the internet. If you can do a good job, you will find many clients. It’s another service that you can sell as a freelancer on many online platforms.

23. Become An Editor

Editing is another job relevant to writing that you can do online. Editors need a combination of proofreading and writing skills. They check the content and suggest changes that improve the overall performance of the content. 

Editors can get better rates than proofreaders, and you can apply for jobs or start as a freelancer. Almost every online company that publish any type of content need editors to help with their projects. If you don’t have any experience in writing yet, it can be easier to start with other writing jobs as proofreading mentioned above.

24. Do Micro Jobs

It is the easiest way to earn money on the internet. It will not make you rich, but if you are consistent, micro jobs can get you some extra bucks per week. Micro jobs include any super simple tasks that do not require technical knowledge, experience, effort, or ability. It can be as simple as checking comments, complete captchas, or find broken links. In rare cases, you may need to do some writing tasks or virtual assistant tasks.

The tasks are so simple, fast, and easy that they do not pay over a few cents each. However, you can accumulate money by doing them over and over again. Micro jobs can be a good option to earn something extra in your free time or until you find a better alternative. For some popular and free sites to get started, you can join on ySense and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

25. Flip Items 

Many people want to get rid of their stuff at a low price or even for free. You can check their items, evaluate them, and flip them on online marketplaces for a profit. It is possible to do this business only from your computer on sites like Craiglist, but you can visit garage sales or buy items in stores. It’s up to you how to build your business. I just mention the possibilities. 

You don’t need a big budget. If you can find some items for free or sell some of your own stuff, it’s possible to get started for free. Then, you can sell them on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook marketplace. It is a fun business model because you actively search for value in simple products. The more you learn about your market, the more available opportunities will appear in front of your eyes.

26. Write Resumes

There are millions of people that search for a job without putting the energy to write a nice resume. They may lack experience, belief in their abilities, or just don’t know to mention the important things. Writing resumes is another niche for writers. It is a simple task that you can do over and over again once you learn the right structure.

There are many places that you can sell your service. You can start as a freelancer on Upwork and Fiverr. Another option could be to work for other people’s companies. While it sounds like something simple, there are many full-time resume writers. There is a huge market of unemployed or low-paid professionals that have no problem paying a good writer to increase their chances of finding a job. You will feel good by helping these people and receiving feedback from them.

27. Moderate Forums

A forum moderator is someone who checks the comments and messages of a forum. They make sure that the new posts and replies follow the rules of the forum. It is possible to correct grammar mistakes or ban users.

There are moderatos in blogs and social media too. They do the exact same thing. However, it is more common to find this type of job on forums because there are many new threads, members, and replies every day. If you have basic English knowledge to understand the comments and threads on forums, you can apply for this job. 

You can join companies that hire moderators like ModSquad and LiveWorld. There are many similar companies that you can find with a simple search. The rates depend on the company, but earning $10 per hour would be reasonable. The other option is to find for clients as a freelancer.

28. Sell Your Photos

If you like to like to take photos, you can sell them for a profit. Most online businesses need images for their blogs and social media. So, someone must take these photos and sell them. The good news is that there are many big stock sites that sell images. The user can upload the image on the site and get paid per download.

Each site has different rates. For example, Shutterstock pays 25 cents per download. The more images that you upload, the more chances you have to increase your profit. While there are some people who do this job full-time, there are many part-time photographers as well. 

If you want to sell your photos by yourself and keep all the money, you can build a website and learn some marketing to promote your photos. This is the hard way, but your results will depend entirely on you.

29. Sell On eBay

eBay is an online marketplace that many sellers use as an alternative to Amazon. Many people sell on multiple platforms, but eBay is always one of the top choices. It has different rules, and you can find many types of products. You can sell your own products, resell other people’s products, or do dropshipping.

The competition can be a little tough in some niches, but there is a big market of hungry buyers looking for deals. The auction process is very interesting, and you can attract many buyers that search for bargains. Lastly, you can sell digital products like guides, ebooks, websites, and services. You can literally sell anything if you follow the rules of the marketplace. If you get reviews and build a reputation as a seller, you can expect more visibility in the future.

30. Create Apps

The market is full of apps that help people to do or learn different things. Creating apps can be profitable in many ways. First, you can sell your apps after the creation or once they get some downloads for a few hundred dollars. The selling price depends on the niche and the available audience. Then, the buyer can promote them and continue from that point. Second, you can create an app, promote it, and earn money with ads or subscribers. It must be an app about something helpful and needs a market.

Of course, you need to know to code to build an app, so it is not for everyone. However, there are many places that you can get some training in coding and this business model. Many people have learned to create apps by themselves.

31. Become A Bookkeeper From Home

A bookkeeper updates financial records, creates reports, checks the accuracy of records, and do similar simple tasks. It is different than being an accountant, and bookkeepers do not need a degree.

So, you can actually become a bookkeeper from home. It is a job that you can turn into a business. Also, you can decide if you will do it part-time or full-time based on the number of clients that you can handle. It is possible to find online bookkeeping jobs, but I think it’s better to become a freelancer directly because there is more potential in this way. You can start on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

32. Cashback Websites

This is a way to save money, but the result will be the same. You will have more money in your pocket. Cashback websites work as middlemen between the customer and online retailers. They give you a list of sites and products. If you buy them through their site, they give you back a percentage of the price. They get a commission, and the seller gets the rest of the money.

It’s a super simple process, and there are no extra fees for the buyer. The commissions can be from 1% to 10%. The popular options do not tend to give big commissions, but you can check your options and find alternatives and new online retailers. So, there is nothing to lose. There some cashback offers on GPT sites like Swagbucks and ySense.

33. Sell On Etsy

Selling on Etsy means that you will create your own store on Etsy. It is a platform that individuals sell their products. You can sell anything because it is a marketplace for unique items. So, people sell homemade physical products, designs, t-shirts, and art. 

If you don’t know how to get started, you can check what other people do and try to create something similar or better. A good idea would be to check their marketing strategy if possible.

If you create your own store on Etsy, you actually build your own business. You will need a logo, a name for your business, take care of shipping, and have a strategy for your store. Some people just have fun with the process and make only some extra bucks, and others make a full-time income. The structure of the platform and all the process help the sellers to be creative with their products.

34. Make Money With Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate network and digital marketplace. It is not the only affiliate network for digital products, but it is the largest one. Vendors create products and publish them on Clickbank, while affiliate marketers promote these products to earn commissions. Clickbank takes care of the transactions and payments for each part.

When you visit a Clickbank product, you can recognize it because it mentions the name of Clickbank. They have a sales page, a payment form, and a members’ area. You can become both a vendor and an affiliate of Clickbank. It allows anyone to create an account and get started.

Also, the company has created a training program for people that want to make money on this network with the name Clickbank University.

35. Become A Translator

The task here is straightforward. You get documents in one language and translate them to another. The internet has a broad audience that includes most countries and languages in the world. Many online businesses operate in more than one country and need to translate their content.

On the internet, you don’t need a college degree for this job. If you know more than one language and can do a good job, there are a lot of opportunities for extra cash. You can get started by joining freelance platforms, start searching for relevant gigs, or you can find regular jobs that you can do from your home.

36. PTC Sites

The easiest thing that someone can do on the internet is to click. PTC (pay per click) sites are willing to pay you for clicking on ads. Of course, these ads want to get your attention and sell your products, but it’s up to you to avoid them or not. A click on these sites pay less than one cents and the number of clicks per day is limited.

However, these sites have a unique process that you can reinvest your money to buy referrals and earn from their clicks too. It is a process that you can lose money as well. So, it’s a combination of earning and investing. NeoBux is the most popular site in this category, but you can find many similar sites with a simple Google search. Most of the time, you will find ads on PTC sites for competitors. It can be a fun way to make some extra money in your free time. The potential is low because of the low rewards per click.

37. Become A Web Designer

Web design is another job with high demand and a lot of competition on the internet. Like most freelancing jobs, most people do it wrong, or they are not professionals. So, you can win most of your competitors by delivering on time and take projects that you can do. 

If you are a web designer or want to be one, you just need to start finding clients and build your skills. You can find gigs in any freelance platform on the internet like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance. Next, some sites are created only for designers. If you want a standard job, you need to get hired by a web design agency.

38. Start A Podcast

A podcast publishes content in an audio format. Many bloggers start podcasts these days because it is easier for their audience to listen to audios than reading their articles. They can listen to them when they exercise, do tasks at home, or in their free time. 

The process of starting a podcast is similar to starting a blog. You need to choose a niche, find interesting topics, and create content. Once you have created a few podcasts, you can share them on social media, YouTube, a blog, and any other platform relevant to your audience. You can make money by promoting your own products and services or use affiliate marketing. 

If you want to get started from zero, you need some basic equipment like headphones, a microphone, and editing software. Usually, you can get everything you need on a very low budget.

39. Answer Questions

You can get paid to answer simple questions that you already know. JustAnswer is a popular website in this category. You can apply to answer questions today. It is a website of simple members that ask questions and experts. The experts answer questions that are relevant to their expertise. Then, they get paid based on the answer.

There are many categories for experts, so it is not only for doctors and lawyers. You can join the site by yourself and check if there are any questions for you. The process is super simple and easy, but it’s difficult to earn a full-time income. However, you can earn some extra dollars per answer.

40. Flip Websites

Many companies invest in established websites. Once a website starts getting some traffic, it is easy to keep getting more visitors for years. You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in websites. There are opportunities for a few hundred dollars. Then, you can grow the websites and sell them at a much higher price. Also, you can start a website from scratch with no money and sell it once it starts earning money. 

It does not require any special skills, but you need to keep doing what already works for a site. You can add more content, build an email list, or grow social accounts. There are many ways to add value to a website and increase its value. There are marketplaces that people can buy and sell their websites in action. They give you details about their traffic, income, previous transactions of the seller, and more information. Find out how to flip websites for profit here.

41. Become An Instagram Influencer

Instagram is a popular social network and gets a lot of engagement. There are many micro-influencers that earn a full-time or part-time income by Instagram alone. They find a niche, post relevant images and videos, and monetize their audience by selling their products or affiliate offers. Also, there are companies that are willing to pay influencers to advertise their products.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or an expert to build an audience on Instagram. It only takes consistency and relevancy. The more you post, the more followers and engagement you will get if the posts are interesting for your audience.

42. Create Logos

Every online company needs a logo for their websites and social media accounts. There are individuals that want logos for every site and domain name that they have. So, there is a high demand for this job. While it is quite easy to create a logo, it is very cost-effective to outsource these tasks and get better quality.

As a logo creator, you need some practice to make sure that you can create nice logos. Then, you can get started with online platforms that specialize in logos or freelance marketplaces. If you are a beginner, there are free tools that can help you with that job like Canva. It will never stop being a demand for logos and opportunities for extra money. The next step in this business is to offer relevant upsells that can increase your income because companies do not want to spend a big budget on simple logos.

43. Become A SEO Specialist

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the skill of getting ranked on the first page of Google for the keywords that you target. Many internet marketers and beginners avoid SEO because it is not an easy task. For this reason, it is very profitable for anyone who is willing to master it. 

There are many ways to make money with your SEO skills. You can become a freelancer and complete SEO projects for websites, create an SEO agency, build your own websites, and create courses. Many companies are willing to pay a lot of money for SEO tasks because good rankings mean tons of visitors to their sites.

You can learn SEO by applying these skills to your own website and getting easy SEO jobs in the beginning. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you the basics of SEO and website creation. Then, you can use these skills in any way to want.

44. Email Marketing

The easiest way to promote any product on the internet is through emails. You can find a product in an affiliate network, so you don’t have to create your own product. Then, you need to write a few emails and create a landing page to collect email addresses. Once everything is ready, you send traffic to the landing page.

The benefit here is that everything can be automated easily. If you have an autoresponder service, it will send your emails to every new subscriber. The traffic can be automated as well if you use paid ads. Many companies combine email marketing with some of the methods that are mentioned above, but it is possible to build an audience with email marketing alone.

45. Edit Videos

The most time-consuming task on the creation of a video is editing. Even a short video can take hours of editing. You can see why creators and companies want to outsource these tasks to video editors. Professional editors can charge a lot of money, but you can request lower rates as a beginner to start your editing career.

There are plenty of ways to find editing jobs. You can apply to some companies directly that have no problem working from home, get started with freelance platforms like Upwork, or join websites that pay per project. If you want to get projects from multiple sources, you can treat editing as a business and learn to outsource your tasks.

46. Become A Business Coach

If you have skills in something, you can help other people to learn the same thing. Companies are willing to pay for the self-development of their employees, and the rates of a good coach can be very expensive. From my experience, there are writing coaches that help writers to create good habits and be productive. But there are many other categories. For example, life coaching is very popular, and there are many expensive courses on the internet. 

Of course, you must treat it as a business and find your own customers. So, you want to develop the necessary skills for a niche if you don’t have them already and promote your coaching business through ads or social media. Offering your services online is possible and recommended because you save time, and it’s possible to find more customers than offline methods. However, coaches do not limit their businesses on the internet.

47. Quora and Medium Partner Programs

They are two completely different platforms, but both of them attract writers. Quora is a question and answer website, and Medium is a platform that you can publish your articles. They have a big audience and many members. Their success depends on the quality content that you can find on these platforms.

Many companies and freelancers use Quora and Medium to get more clients. However, it is possible to get paid for your articles without a product and promotions.

They have created partner programs that encourage writers to create more content by rewarding them for their job. Each program has different rules, and your earning potential depends on the engagement of your articles. So, they are two great options. If you are a writer, you can definitely make some extra money on the side.

48. Manage Social Media Profiles

It is a very simple job that you can do from your home. If you know how to post and engage on social media, you can earn some money doing it. It is a job that you can do online, but you can find clients both offline and online. You can easily check the social media accounts of businesses near you and offer to help the ones that need improvement. The other option is to find clients on freelance platforms.

You can improve their images, descriptions, and publish content. There are tools that automate the process and allows you to handle multiple accounts. You can turn it into a business because it is easy to scale it or outsource all the tasks. The rates depend on the quantity and quality of your services, but it’s easy to find clients with low rates and increase them later.

49. Start Your Own Online Travel Agency

An online travel agency is a website that helps visitors to find travel offers and book hotels. They can book them through their site, and the agency gets a commission. There are many popular online travel agencies around the world. They are from small business to huge brands with multiple employees.

There are too many traveling niches, so you can specialize in something. This is how you can get an advantage over your competition and start building from that point. If you do this business online, the cost is much lower, and the potential earnings exactly the same with a standard travel agency.

50. Develop WordPress Themes And Plugins

Most professional websites use WordPress. It is a content management system that allows anyone to build websites without any technical knowledge. One of the features that make WordPress special is the unlimited themes and plugins that are available. Everyone can develop a theme or plugin and sell it at any price he wants.

There are online marketplaces that you can sell them, and it’s possible to use other internet marketing methods to promote them. A plugin that really solves a problem can become popular fast. So, opportunities lie in solving problems or create updated and better versions of what is already available.

51. Get Paid To Use Your Voice

Voice over is the process that you can use a voice on a video that is not part of it in the beginning. You can actually read or create a script, and the creator adds your voice to the original video. Many companies use voice-over actors because they don’t have a good speaker or their native language is not English.

The best part is that no one knows that it is your voice but only the person who hires you. So, you are not responsible for the meaning of the video and can work for shy people as well. Usually, companies search for voice-over actors on freelance platforms. It’s quite easy to create an account on Upwork, apply for a few voice-over jobs, and earn some money on the side.

52. Become A Business Consultant

Business consultants help other companies with parts of their marketing. They don’t actually do the job, but they suggest solutions to their problems. For three popular examples, there are online consulting businesses for SEO, social media marketing, and lead generation. A business consultant is responsible for strategic planning and the education of a company that hired him.

Of course, you need to know the skills that you want to sell before you are able to teach them. However, you don’t have to be an expert. Like any other business, you just need to be able to solve a specific problem. You can promote your business through blogs, videos, and your network.

53. Become A Dating Coach

Some people are willing to pay a lot of money for advice on this topic. Dating and relationships are two very popular self-development niches. A dating coach can offer services through the internet with live sessions, webinars, and guides. They don’t need a certification, but it would be a good idea to have some experience in the topics that you want to teach.

The rates of a dating coach depend on his expertise. The top dating coaches earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per session. There are many blogs and videos that promote relevant products as well. So, you can use many ways to get started as a dating coach and find clients.

54. Create And Sell Your Own Jewelry

It’s a hobby that you can turn into a business if you have enough creations. You can sell jewelry on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, create your own Shopify store, or sell them on Etsy. It’s an evergreen niche with high demand, so there are always opportunities for creative sellers.

This business model is about creating nice jewelry and find an audience on the internet. The design and quality can help you to get a competitive edge. If your creations are good enough and unique, you have more chances to get the attention of your audience. Also, you will need nice images and to take care of the shipping. 

55. Teach People To Play An Instrument

If you can play an instrument, you can teach your skills to other people. There are many ways to earn some extra bucks if you know music and instruments. Teaching is one of the easiest ones. You can find clients online through ads or join teaching platforms. If you feel confident in creating a course, you can sell it on platforms for digital products.

The most important part is to help beginners that want to learn about music. It does not take any special skills, but you will need to guide your clients. If you can prove your experience, people will be willing to pay high rates as a real-life teacher. Of course, you can start without experience and get testimonials through time.

56. Multi-level marketing

It is known as network marketing or pyramid marketing. You get referrals and earn commissions when they buy something from your company. Before you earn your commissions, you must buy them first. You can find many MLM companies on the internet these days. The benefit is that you don’t have to create a product, and many of these companies will show you specific steps to follow.

In this business model, you must be willing to invest money and be careful about unknown companies or pyramid schemes. It is a business model that works both offline and online. Usually, the person that referred you to a company is your mentor and responsible for showing you how to get started. Then, you will be the mentor of your referrals.

57. Write Reviews

When someone wants to buy a product or visit a company, it’s possible to read reviews on the internet first. Big online brands have been created only by writing reviews. You can write and publish reviews on your website, YouTube channels, social media, or third-party platforms. Then, you make money through ads or affiliate marketing. 

There are companies and sites that pay people for their reviews per project. In this case, you need to follow specific guidelines. Your job is to write about your experience with the products that you have already used.


The available options are not a problem. As you can read above, there are dozens of legit ways to make money online in 2021. The problem is that most people do not take action. Just choose something you like and get started today.