lazee profitz review - scam or legit?

Lazee Profitz Review: Scam Or $50K Per Month?

Welcome to my Lazee Profitz review. You will find out if this program is a scam or a legit way to make $50,000 per month as they claim on the sales page. We can see many statements that do not make sense, so here is if it really works or not.

What Is Lazee Profitz?

Lazee Profitz is another program that includes a software and promises unlimited traffic and commissions with no real effort from your part. You can find it on Warrior Plus, and it is quite similar to other products that I reviewed recently as Freebie Commissions, Easy Pro Webinars, Commission Map, and more.

This is supposed to be a program that creates affiliate websites with one click, and these sites are going to make $50k per month. Then, we can see some screenshots and other claims about the system like viral traffic and done-for-you commissions.

Affiliate marketing does not work as described here. There is no such thing as done-for-you commissions. It sounds like selling $50k per month for $22, which is ridiculous. You can’t buy commissions, and there is no program on the internet that can give you money.

You can only get some websites that are the same for every member. They have the same design and content for everyone. So, you just get duplicated websites. For this reason, they say about 1-click websites. Yes, you can get them in one click because they have already created.

While there are some options that I will describe below, the traffic is up to you. Also, the content has no updates, but you get a specific number of blog posts that are not great.

There are some guys who promote Lazee Profitz on the internet, but as you can see, most of them create their content and their reviews, or they promote it through emails. They don’t use duplicate content.

The bottom line is that you don’t have any benefit by getting a few websites with duplicated content. They can’t work for anyone. Also, the claims and the presentation are not accurate. Earning $50k per month from this program is not realistic.

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How Does It Work?

When you get inside, you can fill in affiliate ID from three different marketplaces and create your website. As I have already mentioned, it’s a website with 20-30 reviews.

While there are many review websites on the internet and many of them work, this one has not any chance because of the duplicated content. When you get into this business model, your goal is to get traffic from Google.

However, Google likes only unique content, so you must figure out other ways to get traffic. The sales page mentions that you will get viral traffic. It just includes a few social media buttons that you can use to share your content on social media.

If you have not a following, you will get only a few clicks from social media. And this is the plan for this program. Start building a following for using this website is not a good idea as well. There are better products and websites to promote on the internet.

Then, you have the option to add an email form and start collecting emails for your visitors. You need an autoresponder account to connect it with Lazee Profitz. Without traffic, this option is not helpful.

While you don’t need a domain name and hosting, you use a subdomain and hosting from the program. It is not a professional way to get started, and the subdomain reduces your chances for sales because it does not look professional.

The program includes some training that you can find in video format. The videos show you how to set up and use the product.

If you want to add more articles to your website or need more information, you have to buy the upsells. They will give you more duplicated articles and other features.

How Much Does It Cost?

The front end product of Lazee Profitz costs $22.71, which is a pretty standard price for a Warrior Plus product. There are timers that are supposed to increase the price when they go to zero, but I have not noticed any difference.

Inside, you can see six upsells with a total cost of over $700. While you don’t have to buy the upsells, the lack of results and information can push you to them.

Some of the upsells can work as additional features, and others look like different products. For example, they include landing pages or an affiliate store that is not so relevant to the articles of the front-end product. In my opinion, you can’t expect better results from the upsells. They are in the members’ area to increase the profits of the owners.

If you don’t like the product and can’t get results, you have 30 days to contact Warrior Plus and ask for a refund.

About The Owners

Lazee Profitz is created by Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari. They have created multiple similar products that make unrealistic claims and include a software. One of their products that I have visited was Sniper Profix Pro, and it was not a good product.

It had the same screenshots, scarcity, and get-rich-quick hype that I do not want to see. Their job is to create products for marketplaces like Warrior Plus and try to make sales. It does not mean that they use their products or their suggestions to earn money.

Is Lazee Profitz A Scam? – My Final Verdict

They sell a product that has duplicated content and claim thousands of dollars in earnings, viral traffic, and other nonsense. I don’t think that the owners believe in the value of their product and expect results for the members.

Additional to the very low-quality product, there are upsells that do not add real value that are worth over $700. This is not a way to start an affiliate marketing business, but you will waste hundreds of dollars.

The review websites that you can see around the internet include unique content. You don’t have to create every piece of content, and many bloggers or website owners outsource their writing tasks. However, duplicated content does not work, and it can decrease the rankings of a website.

I am quite sure that the owners and these guys who do positive reviews on Lazee Profitz know how this business model works, and this product can’t give you results.

On the members’ area, you can see some social media buttons. A few shares are not enough to create viral traffic. Also, review websites do not work very well with social media, and they are focused on organic traffic.

The bottom line is that Lazee Profitz does not deliver. It is not possible to create an online business with one-click websites. Also, there are no lazy ways to get results. They repeat the work lazy multiple times on the sales page.

The truth is that if you are not willing to take action and create content, you will keep wasting money on online get-rich-quick schemes like this one.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model when you do it in the right way. The right way is helping people instead of spamming around and trying to mislead potential buyers.

If you plan to create content and recommend other people’s products to make commissions, you should have the intention to find products that solve the problems of your readers.

There are many legit affiliate programs out there. Some obvious options could be Amazon Associates, some top Clickbank products, top private affiliate programs, etc.

By creating relevant content, you can make sales and help people at the same time. This is what I do to make money on the internet in the last few years and can work for everyone who is willing to take action.

For a top training platform for affiliate marketers, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It has over one million members, experienced affiliates who will help you, and top tools to get started.

You can learn how to build a website that will be the foundation of a long-term business and not a trick for a few sales. There is step-by-step training, and it’s on you to use it and make it work.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Lazee Profitz. You will not make unlimited traffic and commissions in 60 seconds, so it’s a better idea to find other alternatives. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.