Kindle Sniper Review: Just Another Scam Or A Legit Program?

Kindle Sniper ReviewWelcome to my Kindle Sniper review. On this article, you will find out if it’s a scam or a legit program you can use to build an online business.

Kindle Sniper promises to teach you how to earn money with Kindle Publishing.

This is a legit business model and many online marketers send traffic to their products or earn money directly by selling e-books.

Can you learn about Kindle Publishing and earn $1000 per day with the Kindle Sniper as it claims?

Well, in my opinion, this product will not help you to make money in any way. Simply, it is a product with no real value unless some claims for quick earnings.

When you buy the product, you get a small PDF with some basic information about this business model.

I think you can find 2 dollar ebooks on Amazon with more value than Kindle Sniper. The PDF guide is not irrelevant but you cannot create a business only with this.

I add this program in a category of super low-quality programs that try to make sales only from their claims and marketing tricks.

Here is a list of similar products you must avoid:

These programs have some common strategies that are mentioned in my reviews. For example, they do not reveal their owner or they use a fake name, unrealistic claims, low-quality training and guides, and almost all of them cost $37.

As you can see above, two of these programs use a similar name to Kindle Sniper too (eCom Profit Sniper, Tube Profit Sniper).

What Is Included In The Training

You buy an ebook and that’s all you can get from Kindle Sniper. There are no other guides, tools, videos or examples. Only a PDF which is not a lengthy one or comprehensive enough to start a new business.

Probably, when you read it, you will still need more information. It does not include misleading or completely wrong content but it is very basic.

Usually, when you give $37 to get a program, you expect tons of information. There are programs with more value in the free membership like Wealthy Affiliate which is my top recommendation.

Also, there are many YouTube videos and blogs where you can find similar information for free.

Anyway, below you can read the chapters of the ebook to get a better idea of what you will learn:

  • Kindle Publishing Overview
  • Signing Up To KDP and CreateSpace
  • Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Niche Research and Selection
  • Criteria for Your First Niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating a Title
  • Creating Your First Book
  • Freelance Writing Marketplaces
  • Cover Design
  • Formatting for CreateSpace
  • Publishing To KDP

Each of these chapters is split into smaller sections and there is an overview for each aspect of this business. As I said above, it is not a step by step process and you will not read something that you cannot find elsewhere

Unrealistic Claims and Fake Testimonials

On the homepage of the product, you can read everywhere that you can make $1000 per day.

Then it mentions that you can earn that money by using one secret software and selling one single type of product!

It is weird because there is no software and you do not sell products but you publish your ebooks.

It seems that they use a part of the video sales from another quick rich scheme. Also, it mentions that you earn money automatically which does not make sense and it is not relevant to the product.Kindle Sniper Review

Also, the homepage of the program is almost the same with the homepage of The Az Code, another scammy program that promises thousands of dollars in Amazon commissions.

Lastly, the guys you can see on these videos who talk about their successes with the program are a few hired spokespersons.

I have seen them again on similar scammy programs. You can see this guy here:KDLSniper - fake testimonial

And here is his Fiverr gig where you can hire him for a few dollars:fiverr gig testimonial

I will not analyze the claims and the testimonials further. They are not real and the numbers do not make sense at all. They just try to make you buy a worthless product.

How Much Does It Cost?

The program cost $37 and you will get a low-quality ebook. There are some upsells as well which is the first thing you see when you buy it.

I cannot estimate the total cost of the upsells because programs like this tend to promote always something more.

The other similar programs that are mentioned above have upsells up to 500-600 dollars so I would expect the same here.

Not every upsell is useful or relevant to the program or this business model but they have found a way to promote them.

A few words about Kindle publishing

Kindle publishing is a profitable business model. You find a hot niche and you create an ebook. Once you have published, visitors of Amazon will see it and hopefully, you will make a few sales.

Then you repeat that process and you promote other products to increase your earnings.

In theory, it is fine to write an e-book. However, many people use this Kindle publishing technique in a totally spammy way.

They outsource the writing in freelancers and they get poor content for a few dollars. Then, they focus on the title, the keywords and the cover to make some sales without caring about helping their audience or adding some value to the buyers.

I cannot recommend something like this.

Instead of that, I can recommend you to get started with affiliate marketing. Your goal will be to help your readers with your content and earn money by recommending relevant but quality products of other people.

My Final Verdict

Kindle Sniper is a low-quality program and it is not worth your money. You cannot start a business or make money with the ebook that is included in the program.

Sure, it’s not a total scam but I would not give even $2 to buy it. I have explained why on this review.

The creator or the owner of the product do not care to tell you about the product or the ebook. He just claims different numbers on the video of the homepage.

The only good news is that you can get your money back in 60 days from the day you have bought it.

However, if you buy any of the upsells inside, you cannot claim the money of the upsell back.

If you have tried this program, I encourage you to share your experience below. You could protect other potential buyers from wasting their money and their time.

Thanks for reading my review on Kindle Sniper. For any questions, you can leave your comment below!

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