JustAnswer Review

JustAnswer Review: How Much Can You Earn As An Expert?

JustAnswer Review:

Name: JustAnswer
Website: www.justanswer.com
Price: Free
OwnerAndy Kurtzig
Make Money Bay Rank: 72 out of 100

What Is JustAnswer?

There are many sites where you can earn money online, but you can not find many sites like JustAnswer. It was created in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig. The idea is that people can get help from real experts. They will not solve your problems physically, but they will answer your questions and give their advice.

In this post, I will present this site from the perspective of a user who wants to make money online. To achieve that you want to be the person who answers these questions.

When a user posts a question and gets an answer, he will be charged from $15 to $90. It depends on the type and the topic of the question.

I know there are many Q&A sites where people answer your questions for free. The main difference here is that the members of JustAnswer who will answer your questions are real experts and not some random guys. The site makes sure that they have experience and the necessary credentials.

In my opinion, it’s a nice idea. You actually help people and get paid for it. It is not another spammy site where people pretend to know everything and put their links to make you buy something. There are many different categories. For example, medical, homework, finance, computers, and more categories to choose from.

You earn an amount of money for every answer depending on the answer, the rank you will get from the user, the type of service, and more. It is obvious that when people pay for an answer, they will not pay for random or easy answers. It’s ok to check how it works but you need to know the answers.

This was the main concept of the site. You can also earn money with the affiliate program or by referring other experts but I think the best way to make money here is by answering the questions.

On the experts’ page, it mentions that the top experts earn $1000s so it seems that it’s possible to do it full-time but a more realistic approach would be to use it as a way to earn a part-time income.


  • Free site to get started
  • You earn money by helping other people
  • There are not many complaints from experts
  • Established website


  • It is not a full-time opportunity
  • Complicated approval process
  • Usually, you will earn a few dollars per answer

Who Is JustAnswer For?

At first, it looks like a site that could be great for everyone who wants to earn some extra money. However, when you try to join, you will see that many people will not get accepted.

There are many categories and subcategories to get started, and they will approve you if you can prove that you have experience in your category. You may need some additional credentials like a diploma or a license.

So, it’s for people who are confident of their skills on a specific topic and they want to use those skills to help people and make money. It does not need any other additional knowledge of computers or marketing. If you can answer some questions, you will be fine.

However, it is not a site where you type on Google a question, find the answer, and copy-paste it back. You must know what you are talking about and can prove your experience.

If you are looking for some extra money for easy tasks, it’s better to look for other alternatives like ySense or Swagbucks.

Also, you work for JustAnswer, and it is not a type of online business. This means that you have not to control everything and your work or reputation counts only inside the platform.

It could be a problem in the long term if you want to get established as an expert in your niche and outside of this site. For an alternative model, you can check how affiliate marketing works.

How Much You Can Earn

JustAnswer is live for many years. It has built an audience and you can find a lot of members inside the platform. To get a better understanding of how it looks, think of it as a forum or Q&A site.

The fact that it has many members, it does not mean that there are unlimited opportunities to make money. It depends on the category. You need to know that you will earn 20% of the total amount someone pays for an answer. It can go up to 50%. The question costs for a simple user from $15 to $90 so we can calculate that you can earn up to $45 per answer.

Of course, you cannot expect that you will find many of the high-paying questions. Most of the time, you will get paid about $5 or less per answer. Lastly, it seems that there is a number of refunds. While there are not many complaints by the experts, sometimes people who pay for their answers ask for their money back.

If you want to know how much you can earn, you need to estimate all these factors. I would say that it’s a good site where you help people to earn money but there are better and less complicated ways to get started.

My Final Verdict – Is JustAnswer Legit?

JustAnswer is an established website where a lot of people get help or earn money. There is not misleading information or any major complaints about payments or anything else.

So, it’s safe to say that is a legit website. In my opinion, it can work for you if you are a real expert on any of the available categories. If you are not an expert, do not waste your time. You cannot join to test it or learn how to make money.

However, do not worry there are many other opportunities that can be more profitable. You can check my top recommendation. A program for everyone who wants to start an online business.


Name: JustAnswer
Price: Free
OwnerAndy Kurtzig
Make Money Bay Rank: 72 out of 100

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