Jaaxy Review - The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Review (2018 Update)- The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

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Jaaxy Review - The Ultimate Keyword Research ToolJaaxy Review

Name: Jaaxy
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Price: Free Trial, Pro: $49/mo, Enterprise: $99/mo
Owners: Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate owners)
Make Money Bay Rank: 95 out of 100

After the last update, Jaaxy is the official keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate. You can get access to the keyword tool by creating a free account on the training platform or you can sign up directly on Jaaxy.

Have you ever heard before about low competition keywords that are easy to get ranked for on the first page of Google?

What about niche research, domain flipping or LSI keywords?

I can think many reasons why a keyword tool like this one could be helpful for an online marketer. I have mentioned it before on other articles but on this post, you can find my detailed Jaaxy review.

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy created by Kyle and Carson, the Wealthy Affiliate owners. It collects information from search engines and shows data for searches, competition and two other indicators that help you to determine how easy is to get ranked for a specific keyword.

It is a tool that gives exact metrics in a few seconds and it is really easy to use and understand how it works from the first search.  You can also find training material inside the tool in case you need any help.

It is mobile friendly and you can work online without downloading any software like other tools.

With Jaaxy, you can automate your research and save much time than doing it manually. You can find many ideas with just one search.

I have been using it the last few months to get ideas and competition metrics for my websites. It has helped me to find many niche and blog post opportunities.

However, it is available only in English.


  • Collects and analyzes data really fast
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Accurate data
  • It is mobile friendly
  • You do not need any install any software
  • It has a free trial
  • No upsells


  • It is available only in English
  • You cannot make local research

Who Is Jaaxy For?

Keyword research is an important step almost for any type of online marketer. So, let’s see some examples:


When you blog, one of the ways to get traffic is search engines. If there is a way to find hundreds of long tail keywords that have traffic, I am sure that you would be interested in learning more.

Niche Marketers: Many niche marketers are blogging. So, they can use Jaaxy for their blog.

Additionally, they can use it to find new niche opportunities. When you start a new niche, competition is not the only factor but is an important one.

Domain Flippers: With the Pro and Enterprise membership, you can check if any word or phrase is available on the .com, .net and .org domain. Domain flippers do not care about competition but you can check traffic and domain availability in a few seconds.

Freelancers: You can be an SEO freelancer who wants to make your job more effective in less time.

These were only some ideas of online marketers.

About beginners: If you want to get into online marketing and you are looking a tool to get started, it is a good idea. You just write a keyword relative to your niche on the search box and you get many ideas with accurate metrics.

The metrics also are easy to understand. You get numbers about traffic and competition.

Jaaxy Tools and Metrics

Let’s start with the metrics

Avg: The average searches/mo on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Traffic: An estimation of the visits that you will get on your website if you get ranked on the first place of Google.

QSR: The number of the websites that compete for the exact keyword.

KQI: A quality indicator with three colors to help you choose better keywords.

SEO: A metric that shows you if it is easy to get ranked on the first page of Google.


Jaaxy - Metrics

About the Tools

Domains: Domain availability for .com, .net and .org

Alphabet Soup: Using Google to take ideas in a few minutes.

Saved Lists: You can create unlimited lists to save the results you find.

Search History: It finds your previous searches

Search Analysis: An important tool if you use it properly. It analyzes the websites on the first page of Google for the specific keyword. It shows you metrics like backlinks, post/page length, Alexa rank, page rank and more.

Affiliate Programs: It finds relative affiliate programs. Very helpful for niche research.

Brainstorm: It finds the latest trends on the websites like Google trends, Amazon and Twitter.

Site Rank: This is the rank checker tool of Jaaxy.

You can see how much time you can save by using all these tools. For example, search analysis and site rank it can take hours if you do them manually.Jaaxy - Tools

Jaaxy Affiliate Program: There is an affiliate program to promote Jaaxy. You can get your links even if you are a free member. The commissions are almost on 50% and you get paid on Paypal.

How To Use Jaaxy

I have used it in multiple ways.

The obvious ways are research for blog posts and new niches. But you may do not expect to read that I have used it to find keywords to target on my Bing Ads campaigns and buy profitable domain names.

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

You make a search and you get some relative keywords. Now, what?

Now, you want to choose them that are easy to get ranked on the first place of Google. To choose the best of them I follow these four rules:

  1. Avg over 50: You want to have some traffic
  2. QSR under 75: If you have an established website you can target keywords with QSR more than 75. But for new ones, you want the QSR to be low.
  3. SEO and KQI: Make sure that KQI is green and SEO over 90.
  4. You look for keywords that make sense.Jaaxy - Good keywords to target

When you have found a few, save them and move on.

The next step is to create an article target a keyword. So, choose one of the saved ones that you feel comfortable to create relevant content and follow the next steps:

  • Include the keyword in the title and in the first paragraph
  • Write relevant and unique content
  • Do not forget the meta title and description
  • Add it on an image alt

Niche Research

When I make niche research, I focus on three factors.

  1. Avg at least 300
  2. QSR under 300
  3. Check the websites that are ranked on the first three places of Google, I want to see other niche websites and avoid big authority websites

There are unlimited niche opportunities that you can discover with this way but if you are a beginner focus on one project at a time.

Domain Name Research

You can check the domain availability instantly for any keyword you want. You can save much time than searching for domain names on other tools. After you find some domain names you can try to sell them on Flippa or GoDaddy.

I also use Jaaxy for my ads campaigns. It is not showing how much you need to bid but many times you can find more ideas than Google or Bing Adwords.

Jaaxy Pricing

It has three levels of membership, the free, the pro and the enterprise membership.

You can use the free membership to check the program and see if you like it. You will have 30 available searches but no access to most tools.

The pro membership costs $49/mo and it is great for beginners. It will make all hard work if you have a new website or a new project.

The enterprise membership costs $99/mo and it is for people who have many projects and want to save as much time as possible.

In my opinion, it is not expensive if you consider how much it helps you. An overall fair price for both pro and enterprise membership.

Alternative Keyword Research Tools

Jaaxy vs Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro has the advantages that can give metrics for local searches, advertising competition and suggested bids for ads. But you can take these metrics from Google AdWords.

It clearly lacks on analyzing competition for SEO. You can find out about the websites that are on the first page of Google for a specific keyword (Jaaxy has a similar tool) but it cannot give you competition metrics for SEO in a few seconds.

So, Jaaxy is better if you want to make keyword research for SEO but Long Tail Pro can give you local search metrics.

Jaaxy vs Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a tool similar to Long Tail Pro. It has suggested bid metrics but if you want to analyze an SEO competition it shows you metrics from the websites on the first page and you have to analyze them by yourself.

Jaaxy it automates the process with QSR, KQI and SEO metrics and you save much time. Again I think that is a better tool.

Also, Jaaxy is a more user-friendly tool than Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. Both of them are a little complicated and they have a learning curve before you can use them properly.

The good news is that all of them have a free trial. You can see for yourself what is better for you.

My Final Verdict

If you want to have any success in online marketing you need to make keyword research properly. It is not an optional task.

Trying to make it manually is possible for an experienced marketer but it is too time consuming. If you are a beginner is unlikely to figure out all these metrics by yourself.

However, if you use a tool, you can find the best keywords in your niche in a few minutes.

Jaaxy is the best tool to make this job. You get accurate metrics about traffic and competition in a few seconds and then you can focus on other tasks of your business.

After the last update, Jaaxy is the official keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate. You can get access to the keyword tool by creating a free account on the training platform or you can sign up directly on Jaaxy.


Name: Jaaxy
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Price: Free Trial, Pro: $49/mo, Enterprise: $99/mo
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Make Money Bay Rank: 95 out of 100

You can leave your comments and your questions below. I would like to hear your opinion about this review.

Thanks for reading.

50 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review (2018 Update)- The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool”

  1. Thank you Ilias for going through all of the great things that the Jaaxy Keyword Tool actually does. I have used it several times and still was not aware of some of the things you have here on your review, like Domain name research which I have never used, but will when I get looking to change my domain name. Awesome review and thanks again.

    1. As you use Jaaxy, you will learn more and find different ways to get the maximum.

      For example, when I have a new content idea, check for low competition keywords. After writing the article that targets on that keyword, I keep track of the rankings with the SiteRank tool. 

      The domain availability feature can help you when you look for a new niche, or you are looking for available domains to flip for a profit. It’s an easy way to earn some extra money.

  2. Thank you for the insightful review. I used Jaaxy free and collect quite a number of keywords on a range of topics with my 30 free searches.

    Jaaxy certainly gave me some outstanding ideas for articles and the keywords helped me get my pages ranked on google, Bing and Yahoo.

    It worked so well that I am going to sign up when I have finished with my current keyword list which still has 4 keywords that I have not yet written about.
    A helpful article about an great tool..

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      This is the right way to use it. I find all the keywords I need for my projects on Jaaxy. It’s a powerful keyword tool.

  3. Thanks for highlighting all the awesome features of Jaaxy. I had been using the Google keyword tool and found it quite difficult until I started using Jaaxy. I could never go back to Google or any other keyword tool. Jaaxy ticks all the boxes and gives you everything you need and stuff you didn’t know you needed. I love it! Alanna

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Hi Alanna,

      Google keyword planner does not work for SEO. The competition tab on that tool is only for advertising.

      Jaaxy is the only keyword tool I use, and get amazing results. I have got ranked for many different keywords on the first page of Google. My traffic keeps increasing, and I generate many keywords ideas consistently. 

      If you focus on SEO, Jaaxy is the best available tool.

  4. RichPersonality

    Jaaxy is simply my favorite keyword tool! I’ve used it for a long time and I hadn’t had any problems with it so far. Sure, some people might need some more advanced keyword tools, but Jaaxy really has everything you need to do the right keyword search. It’s also really simple and easy to use and I like simple things!

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Sure, it has everything you need. In my opinion, it’s the best keyword tool for SEO. It can analyze the competition in seconds and you can keep track of your rankings. 

      Lastly, you can use these results for Youtube keywords as well.

  5. Ilias, Is it a fact that using Jaaxy helps one’s ranking with specific Keywords?

    As also, the bigger one’s niche competition; will be the smaller one’s income?

    Would not you say that search analysis is one of the most important tools going forward with ones website?

    Is’t it good to know that, understanding will play an integral roll using Jaaxy, as Long Tail Pro. and Market Samuriai both have their merits but Jaaxy call the shots?

    1. It does not work like that Dorkas.

      When you get in a competitive niche is just tougher to get ranked on the first page of Google. It is not about the traffic or the income. 

      Sometimes competitive keywords convert better or have more traffic but it is not a rule that applies in every case.

      The difference is in the time and effort you need to get ranked high on search engines.

      Jaaxy is a unique tool and completely different from the others you can find on the internet. Most keywords tools are similar on how they estimate the data and what metrics they show. 

      However, Jaaxy has the QSR metric that helps to estimate the competition more accurately than other tools and it has many additional features to make your research much easier and faster. 

  6. Thanks for the details review I have been looking for a good keyword reasurch tool that’s easy to use, I have been blogging for a while and the google keyword tool is very basic, can you give me anymore info on how it works for domain flipping?

    1. Domain flipping is a different business model than blogging but you can use Jaaxy for this one as well. You want to find free domains that have some values and no one have bought them yet. Then you list them on an auction for flippers and you hope to sell them.

      I have found 2-3 domain names with estimating value over $500 but it is more tempting for me to build a new niche site on them that just selling them.

  7. Excellent review, Jaaxy is a very resourceful and brilliant tool to use, paid alternatives are not quite as good as Jaaxy I have founf in my experience. A very good and detailed review thank you for the insight.

  8. I also struggle to find the right keyword for what I want to write about. Jaaxy seems to offer a lot of interesting features that I have not seen in the free online tools. I am trying the free trial and I am shocked by how quickly it shows me results as well as whether I am in the right zone for the keyword I have chosen! I think Jaaxy will be a very useful too for my research!

    1. Hi Irma,

      You are not going to find on any free keywords tool the features of Jaaxy. Also, the paid alternatives have a different way to figure out the competition that it is not easy to understand for many people.

  9. Bonzo124; You post has prove very helpful to me, as you have remind me that Jaaxy is designed to help marketers to find Keywords easier.

    could it be that marketers who use Jaaxy is likely to get rank in search engines over those who do not use Jaaxy?

    Also from your review, Jaaxy is a proven time savior for Keywords searchers, Is it so?

    1. It helps to find more low competition keywords. If you create quality content for them you will get ranked many times in the long run.

      Marketers who do not know how to make research manually and they do not have a tool like Jaaxy, they will probably lose many opportunities. 

  10. Hey, Ilias!

    The trouble with most keyword research tools is that they can be expensive, the metrics can seem complicated, and also need downloading on to your computer. So you can imagine, I’ve been on the hunt for a decent keyword tool for some time… and Jaaxy is definitely the one I need! 🙂

    Looking through your review, it’s clear to see just how simple and very user-friendly Jaaxy comes across. I really love the fact that this Jaaxy tool only provides the essential metrics, it easily helps you to find good keywords, and there’s no clunky software to download.

    And as for the price, this tool is extremely cost effective for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

    In my eyes, Jaaxy is a real WINNER!


    1. Hi Neil, I hope to find what you are looking for on Jaaxy. Most users are happy with the effectiveness and the speed of the tool while it helps many beginners to get started with keyword research.

  11. Your site is well filled out and it looks like you are already getting responses which is awesome! With that said, I think the site is a little bland and with all of the words written out as they are it feels tedious to read. However, I am easily turned off with wordiness. I think more pictures and some added headings would help to break up the seemingly endless stream of words. Your content is good though and I love the topic and how you are set up to promote everything we do! I am inspired by that. Does Jaaxy pay you for memberships too?! I guess I never thought of all of that yet?!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Bruce, I like to hear what people like or not on my website. I have mentioned Jaaxy before in some articles but this is the first detailed one. After a few days, some people have already registered for a free trial. 

      It is a product that you can promote easily because is unique and one of the best in the industry. So, many people want to learn more and they will find you to read your opinion.

  12. Awesome review, initially l didn’t understand what Jaaxy Tool can do until I read your review.
    thanks for the great info, now l know how best to use it and as well make good earnings out of it.

  13. Hi Ilias
    great review, this tool really seems to be the number one. Too bad it doesn’t work for German. At the moment I work with another keyword tool that is included in my package with WA, do you think I should change?

    1. I really like Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool and you do not need to buy a new one if you are a beginner. But if you have some money to invest, it would be a good idea to go your research on the next level. It would definitely help your business.

  14. Hey Ilias,
    I think that Jaaxy is a great keyword tool. One of the things I like most about it is the speed. I would hate to know how much time I have spent on keyword research with other tools. When my business starts making money consistently, I will definitely invest in Jaaxy.

    It’s unfortunate that it is only in English. Do you know if they are working on getting it in other languages?

    1. It is true that you can find anything you want really fast, a few seconds to find a good niche and just a search on Google to see what websites are on the first page. If you like what you see go to the next step.

      Long tail pro analyzes data from Google Adwords for search by country but it has not something similar to QSR.

  15. Awesome review! Thank you for the in depth information about Jaaxy. I’ve actually been using Jaaxy for the last couple of months. It has really helped me with writing new blog posts and using keywords.

    I’m glad you can save your keyword searches on Jaaxy and go back to them whenever you want. It’s a very helpful tool.

    I appreciate you providing comparisons with Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai. I have never looked into other programs that offer similar tools. Like you said, Jaaxy is the better option. It has more to offer all in one place.

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Weston. 

      Jaaxy is a unique tool, the only one that shows you the exact number of the websites that target the specific keyword.

      After finding profitable niches and keywords, it’s on you to make the work that needed to get ranked. Just like you there are so many people who confirm that it has helped them.

  16. Hi Bonzo,

    Jaaxy sounds like an excellent tool to use. You mentioned under ‘cons’ that you cannot do local research, do you mean the research you do is worldwide or can you research per country at least?

    Also, do you know of any other similar products that do local researches?

    1. Nice question Tony.

      Local research can be by country and by city/region. I do not recommend any paid keyword for this. 

      Start with Google Adwords, go to the targeting setting and choose your country or city. Check what people search in your area and your competition manually on search engines. Competition of Google Adwords is not for SEO but for ads.

      Then you can check Google trends to check what is hot by country and last you can add in your keywords your city or region. For example “business ideas in London”.

      You can also choose to target users from a specific country on Google webmasters.

  17. I too use Jaaxy, it is one of the better keyword tools on the market and definitely one of the more affordable ones. Although its keyword data is its main attraction, I also like to use the site rank features and the affiliate programme finder. There is one other tool that I think is very similar to Jaaxy and that is kwfinder, have you tried it out?

    1. I have tried it with a free account only.

      When I tested, it is not an easy keyword tool to use. It has 6 factors to estimate competition:

      Domain and page authority, Mozrank, Moztrust, external links, Facebook and G+ shares of the first page URLs. Then, it estimates the competition with a rank from 0 to 100.

      I have found problems on their system from the first searches. It was estimating as easy to outrank posts from websites with huge domain authority with good content. Also, it was estimating no traffic on keywords that I get traffic. Last, it does not show you how many sites you have to compete as Jaaxy.

  18. Wow, Jaaxy sounds like a great program. You mention that it is easy to use. But do you have to have prior knowledge of keyword research before using it? Is it something a complete beginner could do and navigate?

    Thanks for this review! I want to give it a try.

    1. You need to know what is a low competition keyword or a long tail keyword. If you do then you can get started.

      You just write in the search box your niche/topic and you get keyword ideas with accurate metrics about traffic, competition and domain availability. You can also use the Alphabet Soup and the Brainstorm for more ideas. Yes, it is easy to get started.

  19. I have been using the free version of Jaaxy. I still have some searches left. One of the things that I found that I like is the Keyword Competition feature. This allows me to tell if I have a good keyword or not. I am wondering if you found where to get support at Jaaxy. I haven’t needed any support as it is very easy to use, but just wondering.

    1. You can find the support on the bottom of the home page. Click the “contact us” button and you see a form to write your message.
      They will answer you in 24 hours.

  20. Great information Ilias, I really like the thought of appearing in search engines quickly, it makes total sense if there are very few websites you are competing against that you will get to the first page. I spend a lot of time on keyword research I think this will help free up my valuable time.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Randy, this is the reason why low competition is important for new websites. A new website cannot outrank an established. So, it must find keywords that other sites have not target yet. At least they are not targeted by a big number of them.

  21. As someone who has first hand experience with Jaaxy, I can vouch for its usefulness. One of the first articles I was gonna write ended up being lot more competitive than I thought from Jaaxy. I ended up switching it to something a lot less competitive, and still with suitable traffic and had a lot better results. Totally worth the 19/mo

    1. Hi Joe, you can find unlimited small business opportunities through low competition. This way works online also and you can exploit these opportunities with the right tools. 

  22. Marios Tofarides

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the review of Jaaxy. This is a very helpful tool for either niche picking or blog post writing. I am using the free version for the moment. I may upgrade in the future.
    I like the metrics analysis as well as the advice on research, both for niche and for blog post purposes.
    Great post. I will have it as a reference!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Marions. I use both for niche and blog post keyword research reseach and I am glad that I found it at the first place. 

      Use wisely the 30 searches of the free trial as you can get many ideas. There is no reason to upgrade yet if you have not use all the availble searches.

  23. I have tried Jaaxy and I must say it is very easy to use. It is kind of fun to, seeing the different parameters and trying to find good keywords and domain names.
    For now I am trying to keep costs down so I am using the free keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate (which is quite good as well) but I will certainly get Jaaxy once my website is getting some profits.
    Jaaxy is a time saver and the best keyword tool I have ever tried and I have tried quite a few.

  24. I always struggle with locating keywords that other’s are not already using – most of the stats on the free keyword tools seem to be slightly ‘off’ at best (especially when it comes to competition). How does this tool work on the SEO competition aspect? Would you say it is really effective?

    1. Hi Chris, Jaaxy gives you the opportunity to find really low competition keywords. I have ranked in some keywords after 10 minutes on the first page because there were not enough relative pages to outrank me. 

      Many people try to get ranked for high traffic and competition keywords and outrank authority websites by building backlinks. If you use Jaaxy properly, you will get ranked in hundreds of low competition keywords without building any backlink.

      So, yes it is effective. 

  25. Thanks for the review of Jaxxy, Ilias! This looks like a very beneficial tool to increase the search engine optimization of blog posts. I was amazed at the difference between changing a couple words made on the search graphic you posted! This is proof that Jaxxy can make the difference in the amount of organic traffic you can receive by writing with strategic keywords.

    1. That’s true Nathan, Jaaxy can make a difference. It enables us to find low competition keywords quicker from our competitors who use other keyword tool or no keyword tools at all.

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