Is Yoonla Legit? – Can You Really Start Your Digital Lifestyle?

Is Yoonla Legit?Yoonla Review

Name: Yoonla
Price: Free
Owners: Reno Van Boven
Make Money Bay Rank: 45 out of 100
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What Is Yoonla All About?

I accidentally found this program some weeks ago and it attracted my attention instantly. It was free but I was not sure what to expect before getting inside.

Well, I discovered that it is not a scam for sure. However, I doubt that you can build an online business only with Reno Van Boven’s guides.

Younla is a CPA program that teaches how to promote the program without any other alternative option. If you join, you have to promote Younla.

If you have heard about CPA marketing before, you may think that it is a site like Maxbounty but it is not even close.

More specific, it is similar to CB Passive Income but you get paid per lead and not per sale.

Many of the reviews on the internet claim that it is a free site. Well, it is true but you must invest some money to get started with this business model.

At the beginning, you will buy a domain name, hosting service and an autoresponder. In the best case scenario, you will pay $35 from the day 1. Also, it is not a one-time fee as you need to renew these services monthly. Yoonla costs-autoresponder

Next, you will use the $100 advertising package from Yahoo (as a bonus for using their hosting service) and Reno Van Boven recommends to invest in solo ads. As you can see the initial investment may be much higher than $35 from the first month.

It is a legit business model for sure, but does it really worth it?

I would not recommend it. In my opinion, if you can invest an amount of money per month, learn something that will give you money consistently like blogging, SEO, video marketing etc.


  • It is free to join
  • Legit program
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy to set up system


  • Limited training
  • You will need to pay for resources and tools
  • Reno Van Boven recommends paid traffic
  • There is only one available niche

Whos Is Yoonla For?

Most programs like this one focus on beginners. They have made a good work to create an easy system to follow by everyone no matter his experience and knowledge in the online marketing.

The bad news is that an experienced marketer do not need this system to make money. Buying a domain, setting up an autoresponder and creating a landing page is not a difficult job to do.

If you know the basics of online marketing, there is no reason to join Yoonla and limit yourself by promoting only this program.

However, if you are a beginner and you do not have the free time to learn about these simple skills, you can use this system.

In a few words, it is only for beginners who do not want to spend a lot of time in learning the basics of internet marketing.

Keep in mind that you need a budget because sometimes paid traffic can cost more than expected.

Yoonla FoundationYoonla Foundation

When you join this program, you will start by setting up your Yoonla account.

There are videos and directions all along the way and you will not face any problem to get started.

Yoonla foundation has 5 steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Install Software
  3. Digital Setup
  4. Automation
  5. Instant Traffic Formula

On these steps, you will start by buying and setting up your domain name and your autoresponder. Next, you will use the resources (landing pages, pre-made emails) and you will send traffic to the landing pages.

The landing pages and the pre-made emails look professional and I expect to convert well if you send them targeted traffic.

The Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is an important factor to consider before joining.

The guides are not anything special. They tell you how to join a few products. You can find many free videos on Youtube that show step by step how to use them.

So, the only way to make money with Yoonla is by promoting this system. You will get $2 or $4 per lead depending on the country of your referral.

The money you can make, it depends on the quality of your traffic. If you think that you can find cheap and targeted traffic, it is worth trying.

Is Yoonla Legit? – My Verdict

I will start by telling you how Yoonla makes money. When you join the program, you must buy a domain on Yahoo and an autoresponder service from GetResponse.

You use their affiliate links to create your accounts. Later, you will need a Leadpages account too. You do not pay anything to Yoonla but they get a commission for every penny you pay on these sites.

Yoonla - Solo ads

Next, they show you a simple legit way to get started but it is a risky one to lose even more money.

While their way is a legit one, I do not think you should try it. Many people fail to get results with solo ads, even experienced marketers.

Usually, it will not work from the very first time and you will probably spend a lot of money from the beginning without making a progress on building your list or making sales.

To answer the question of this post, Yoonla shows a legit way to market the system but I do not think that Reno Van Boven is completely honest about what you can expect and how much the project will cost.


Name: Yoonla
Price: Free
Owners: Reno Van Boven
Make Money Bay Rank: 45 out of 100

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