Is Writing Jobs Online A Scam? (Honest Review)

is writing jobs online a scam? - review

In this review of Writing Jobs Online (, you will read if this is another online scam or you can make money on the members’ area.

While many people get paid to write on the internet, you will discover that many things are not as presented on th sales page.

What Is Writing Jobs Online?

Writing Jobs Online is a digital product from the marketplace of Clickbank. There is a number of similar products that offer you different types of jobs at a price.

For example, you may have heard about Gaming Jobs Online, Photography Jobs Online, and Tutor Jobs Online. I will review these products in the next weeks, so soon you will find more information about them.

These products has a similar landing page, the same pricing, fake testimonials, and a low-quality product on the members’ area. You actually pay for information that you could find elsewhere for free.

Writing Jobs Online is one of these products. They include a poor product on the members’ area and just try to sell the product with no sense claims.

There are many claims about the number of available jobs and the money you are supposed to earn. For example, $30-$120 per hour or $1000 for a short ebook.

If you have any experience as an online writer, you know it’s not easy to earn so much money. Some writers earn that money for sure, but they did not achieve these results with a magic program.

If you are a beginner, it will not be easy to make so much money with no experience and no previous jobs. A realistic expectation would be to earn $5 per article or something like in the beginning.

Also, it’s not as simple as choosing a job and start making money. You must apply for them, and you need some skills to take the job.

The program cannot help to earn more money or applying and getting a job. They will show you only some writing jobs on other free sites and the rest is on you.

So, Writing Jobs Online is not as presented on the sales page. Also, they will not pay you or hire you for any jobs.

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How Does It Work?

If you buy the product, you will see a complicated members’ area with a list of websites. That’s all you can expec.

You pay to get a list of sites that you could find elsewhere even for free. Most of these sites are legit but you can find them even with a simple Google search

The jobs are not available only for you but for everyone who will join the other sites and apply for them. You don’t have any advantage as a member of Writing Jobs Online and the difficulty to apply for these jobs is the same with or without the program.

The program does not pay you and it’s not a type of middleman. You may find some affiliate links but they don’t contact the companies that are recommended.

So, you don’t have any benefit or advantage from other writers when you use these resources.

Writing Jobs Online is a typical digital product that wants to generate money for the owner and the marketers who promote it.

Even if you make some money by using any of the sites on its list, you could achieve it without it.

There are many free sites to search for writing jobs or any other type of jobs. For example, two popular options are Fiverr and Upwork. For more ideas, just search on Google for “freelance websites”. You will find many platforms to get started.

While it’s ok to pay to learn new things like buying a book, training program or a course, it’s not ok to pay for a job. Most of the times will be a scam.

Fake Testimonials

You can see a few images from members who have made money with Writing Jobs Online. Next to their images, they write a few words about the program and their earnings.

The bad news is that these images are not from real members. The creator of this page have found them on sites with free photos and used them on this site.

For example, check the screenshot from the program below:

fake testimonial writing jobs online

With a simple Google search on this image, you get some of the following results:

fake testimonial writing jobs online proof

Most of the results are from different sites and use different names. This man is not a testimonial of any digital product. The other images you can see on the sales page, it will give you similar results with a Google search.

When you see fake testimonials on a program, you can assume that something goes wrong. The legit programs do not need fake testimonials because they have real members with results.

Lastly, there is not any person behind this product. The woman on the video presentation is a hired video spokesperson and we cannot find information for the name that is mentioned on the signature.

You will not find anyone on the members’ area as well and the support is limited to one simple email that you can use for technical issues.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a seven day $1 trial because they want to confirm that you have a credit card and then, you must pay $27 per month to remain a member.

When you fill in your details for the payments, you agree to pay the monthly fees in the future. They will get paid without other confirmation but you can always stop the membership.

Most similar products include some upsells, so you can expect more promotions inside.

The most weird thing here is a downsell that offers a $50 bonus. You can find it with the exit popup. However, they can’t offer you a bonus because they can’t pay you in any way and they are not partners with the sites on their list. The bonus is not real.


The 60-day money back guarantee is provided by Clickbank and it’s 100% legit. If you do not like the product, you just need to contact Clickbank support and ask for a refund. Usually, they will send it in a few business days.

My Final Verdict – Is Writing Jobs Online A Scam?

In my opinion, Writing Jobs Online is a scam for a few reasons:

The most obvious reason is the fake testimonials. They use images of random people to increase trust with the users and make more sales.

If this product could add any value to the members, they could use images and videos from real members.

If you are looking for a way to make money online for a while, you already know most of the resources they offer on the members’ area. You can be sure that there are not unlimited writing jobs in the members’ area and they do not work as they describe.

Your earnings as a writer depend on your writing and communication skills. There is not a magic place with unlimited high paying jobs.

The best thing you can do is to stay away from this program and save your money. Writing Jobs Online will not teach you anything that is worth the price and the monthly fees.

All the information and resources are already available on the internet. You can find them with a little research on Google, YouTube and blogs.

From my experience, all the legit ways to make money take effort and time. Even as a writer, you need to develop your skills, get some easy jobs, build your reputation on the internet and start increasing your rates. It’s a natural process and not something that works overnight.

Here Is Something That Really Works

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People will read your article because you give them what they want. Then, you can recommend some products and make money. For more information on my strategy, check the link below.

Thanks for reading my review on Writing Jobs Online. This program is just a list of free sites so I do not recommend it. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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