Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners

Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners? – 7 Facts To Consider

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Is Wealthy Affiliate For BeginnersWealthy Affiliate is a popular training program for online business onwners, entepreneurs and affiliate marketers. There are many positive reviews and success stories all around the internet. But, is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners?

When you are new to the online world, there are many new things to learn. Tasks that sound easy for other people, for a newbie can be challenging. This is why most training programs have a big percentage of complaints. They cannot help effectively the newcomers.

However, Wealthy Affiliate is the number one in the industry. What does it make them so different? On this post, you can read seven facts about Wealthy Affiliate that make them the best choice even if you are a total beginner.

1. Step by Step Training

Wealthy Affiliate Certification LevelsWhen you learn new skills, you must be able to find all the steps as you apply them. And believe me, it’s unlikely to know all the skills that are needed. So, you must get all the steps in an easy way to understand.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training takes you from zero, explains why and how it works, and guides you all the way. The lessons are on article and video format, and below the lessons, there are tasks which you complete to make sure you follow the right steps.

Another reason why it’s the best site for beginners is that it gives you the ability to apply anything you learn. You cannot learn without practising. Can you learn maths only from the theory? Most people can’t.

Even if you choose the free membership, you get two free sites to begin right now. And they are WordPress sites with a subdomain which you can transfer later on any domain you want.

The best part?

All the tools that are needed to develop a profitable online business, you can find them at one place.

You get a premium keyword tool to find low competition keywords, a writing tool, WordPress hosting for 50 sites, domain registrar, and a comment exchange tool that will boost your rankings.

2. Do You Need Some Help? Just Ask For It

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate have created this platform to help new affiliate marketers. They encourage everyone to be an active member and answer questions of other people daily. There is a rank system for the members of the platform, and you can earn points from your overall activity and helping others.

As you can understand, when you ask a question, many people are willing to help. Also, there are many ways to ask a question.

You can ask your questions below the lessons as expected, but you can leave a message to the profile of any member, or send a personal message to everyone. Yes, you can contact directly to me and the owners (Kyle and Carson).

While the other members of Wealthy Affiliate can help you with the most marketing and website building problems, for the technical issues, you need to contact the support.

I have contacted the support 4-5 times the last 18 months. Every time they replied and solved the problem in less than 5-10 minutes.

So, any help you may need as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect to get it fast.

3. The Secret Weapon Of Wealthy Affiliate

You may have noticed that members of Wealthy Affiliate dominate the make money online niche. When you look for reviews on making money products, most of the results are from people who are active on WA. This strategy works for all the other niches as well.

It’s your decision to take action, follow the training and place your site on the first page of Google in different keywords. This site is ranked on the first place of Google for almost 25-30 keywords without counting similar variables.

But, what is special in our strategy?

Well, we target low competition keywords with a content-based strategy. Ok, you may have heard again about low competition and quality content.

However, most training programs will not give you all the tools you need, and they do not recommend our secret weapon.

If you check my site, you will see many comments in almost every post. Real people who have read my articles, leave comments. While other people show you different strategies after the content creation that usually do not work, on Wealthy Affiliate you exchange comments.

With that strategy, search engines see that you have interesting and engaging content.

Also, it has a unique tool available for all premium members that you can use to exchange comments. It checks the length (at least 50 words) and the uniqueness, and of course, links are not allowed.

And you will not find a similar tool elsewhere!SiteComments Tool

4. Best WordPress Training and World Class Hosting

​As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have two available free websites and as a premium member, hosting for 50 sites.

From the first lessons, you learn how to build your site​. It takes less than a minute to create it. Then you can add some important plugins and set up your site for SEO.

When you get deeper into the platform, you will discover more advanced training. Most premium members of the platform can easily edit and customize their sites like pros.

Next, you get one of the best hosting services for beginners. You can build up 25 sites with your own domain and 25 free websites with subdomains.

All my sites are built on Wealthy Affiliate and you can check some of the features here.

SiteRubix Hosting

The loading times for every page are super fast both for mobiles and desktops, I have a free SSL, and my sites are protected from any type of spam.

With a few words, you will not worry again about your host provider.

If we add to these benefits the fast technical support and the community where you can get help for any future problem, you have the most beginner friendly environment to start an online business.

5. You Can Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate Right Now

​Building a website takes some time. Many people complain about not getting traffic for a few months. This is something you can expect. You start a new online business; it will not work overnight.

Most people start getting traffic after 3-6 months but to be sure that you are rewarded for all your hard work, you may need to be patient for a year.

However, you can earn money as you grow your online business. Wealthy Affiliate has a huge platform with thousands of active members.

They create blogs, questions, and training articles or videos inside the platform and as you can understand, they get credit for that.

When you publish a blog on the platform, it will be ranked in a few minutes because Wealthy Affiliate is an authority website. Every time someone joins the community through your blogs, he/she is your referral and you earn a commission when he upgrades.

Also, you can create training. You have to wait for three months before you publish one but it’s a great way to earn some extra money.

You earn credits that you can exchange later for money. The amount you earn depends on your likes and comments.

6. A Premium Keyword Tool For Free

​If you have read before some of my SEO posts, you know I recommend Jaaxy​ for finding low competition keywords.

In my opinion, it’s the best keyword tool for affiliate marketers because it can search and analyze data in a few minutes, helps you find content and niche ideas, and you keep track of your rankings automatically.

It makes sense that this tool costs some money. For example, the Pro version of the tool it costs $49/month for no members of Wealthy Affiliate.

But if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get a version of the tool with unlimited searches for free.

If you are a beginner, you may do not see how a keyword tool can help you. Believe me; proper keyword research will be an important factor for your future success in online marketing.

7. The Free Membership Is Not A Free Trial

You can remain a free member as long as you want. You can start building your business on your free websites and decide later if you want to go premium.

Every person has different needs. So, there is not any pressure on becoming a paid member like other alternatives.

When you join, you can communicate with others on the platform as a premium member. This happens to show you the benefits of becoming a part of the community. After seven days, you lose some of these benefits because they are only for the premium members.

It does not mean that you lose your free membership. You still have access to training, and your sites.

Later, when you decide to upgrade, you have access to all the resources and you will be able to communicate with everyone, even the owners.

Of course, if you decide to join through my links, I will contact you in one hour.

Last Thoughts (Special Bonus)

​Wealthy Affiliate can help to reach your goals and change your life. It has happened to many other successful members and me.

You already know that it will not happen overnight and you need to develop some skills. So, start working on them and build a profitable online business.

To help you take action, I will give you a bonus:

If you join from my link below, I will contact you within one hour after your registration, and you will get a 61% discount for your first month as a premium member. The discount will be active for one week.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and get your bonus here

43 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners? – 7 Facts To Consider”

  1. Hi Ilias,

    I joined WA back in Feb. 2015. As stated in your article, without question it is the premier educational training platform that can be found online for people quite serious about learning how to create a financially successful online business.

    Yes, this program would, without question be suitable to beginners. What I cannot understand, as stated by people who previously offered their opinion in reviews of this program is their one complaint that too much training is offered at WA and that a “newbie” could get bogged down with too much information.

    I say that is completely untrue, really 100% incorrect. From the second a person becomes a member and starts getting involved with the educational tutorials, (which btw are presented in the best sequential process possible) there is absolutely NO PRESSURE placed on that individual coming from anyone inside the community.

    I think that the problem lies with new members incorrectly having the assumption that money can be earned quickly in an online business and that if they can just rush through the training, they’ll soon see profits. Wrong attitude, and a supremely flawed thought process coming from the mind of that individual. There is no such thing as a get-rich quick program that guarantees a lot of money coming into a person’s business.

    Creating an online business is like a 26.2 mile marathon not an Olympic 100 meter final, only due to people having little patience in the first place, (which truly used to be my own flaw), they all have the wrong mindset about the lengthy learning process that is involved regarding one’s being able to successfully make money online.

    With everything that is offered at WA, looking at the price if one were to upgrade to the premium level membership plan, there simply is no like program that has everything in place similar to the program that you reviewed in your outstanding article!


    1. Hi Jeff and thanks for the great comment!

      You have just reminded me, my the first days on Wealthy Affiliate. I was literally was trying to learn everything and read as much as possible.

      Yes, there are tons of information. But there is a step by step training with specific tasks. The only thing a beginner has to do is to focus on them. 

      When I joined, I could not focus on them and I was looking around for other information.

      The result was to spend many months with any real progress. It was a mindset problem that I had to fix. Of course, later I followed all the steps, and the training worked for me.

      When someone stats without any experience want to start an online business, it’s not possible to have already developed all the important skills. 

      Focus is just one more skill we need to learn and grow through time. Of course, there is no pressure. It is not how fast you will finish the training or build your site. The important is to develop a good understanding of what you need to do.

      I agree that many people want to make money fast. This is just one more mindset issue. 

      Then, they buy some scam products that promise them to make money fast, and later they blame the scammers. Some of them they will see that they have to build a real online business after a few failures. It has happened to many people.

      Wealthy Affiliate has created the perfect platform for those who are willing to start an online business that will add value to the online world and help other people. 

  2. I have been having problems trying to get a good newbie friendly website for learning affiliate marketing and I have to say that I have just found the one.

    I just schemed through the headings and said in my mind that this is exactly what I have been looking for.

    Thank you very much for breaking things down for me so easily and help me make a well informed decision.

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      You are welcome, Dave. When you want to start with affiliate marketing, it’s not easy to find legit training and resources. I am happy it helped.

  3. Not only is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners, but it’s specifically tailored to them. I had no clue how to start a blog. I mean I know my way around a computer, so the technical stuff is easy, but knowing how to create content, do SEO, and all that other stuff was completely foreign to me before joining.

    Now with only a few months under my belt, I’ve got a fully functional website that’s set up to make me money. Though I haven’t got enough traffic to make a dime yet, I’m confident that what I’m learning will eventually get me there.

    1. Most of people who join on WA have not any knowledge before about SEO and content creation but soon they learn how to promote their effectively on search engines and social media.

      Be patient Dustin, it takes some time to get results but it worths the waiting.

  4. Hi Ilias!

    This article makes a great point. When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed that there were people of all skill sets and levels out there working on the same platform. A very large majority of those people were brand new to the experience.
    I knew nothing when I started out at WA, but the platform was easy to use and the community is amazing. Everyone is helping everyone else. As long as you’re reaching out, asking questions and for support, you cannot fail.
    Starting an online business involves a lot of hard work, but Wealthy Affiliate lays it all out step by step. I am beyond grateful I found WA and allowed myself to take the risk of starting a business.

    Thanks for the good read!



    1. When you see successful online marketers to work, it motivates you to keep learning. You know that your strategy can work because you see other people results.

      It takes time to learn the skills that needed but if you do one thing at time as a beginner, soon you will be able to get create nice sites.

  5. WA seriously is a very user friendly site that trains you while you work in it. It builds up with you.
    Actually I was having a problem with the domain transfer thing. I could not set my owned domain name either. so may be if you could suggest something out of it.

    1. It is a simple process Sujit. You can find many tutorials inside Wealthy Affiliate about this problem. Just type your problem on the search box. If still you cannot do it, contact the support or ask the community. 

      It will not take over 10 minutes to transfer it.

  6. Ilias,
    As a WA member for a few years now, I can honestly say that in my heart, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place a beginner on the internet could find.

    As you list the steps in Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners, I was nodding my head as I read.

    From the Step by Step training to working with the amazing Community, WA offers it all and for Free to start.

    Great job letting beginners understand the value in starting with a program like Wealthy Affiliate. They won’t regret it, I sure have not, my best

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kyle and Carson have created a super beginner friendly platform to help people to get started online. 

      The first lessons are really simple to understand and you can anytime to make a question and get help from the other members.

      It is a unique program for sure.

  7. Hi, Ilias. My answer to your question is YES IT IS! LOL. WA is beginner friendly. I was a newbie when I joined and from all the lessons and support from other Premium members I was able to cope with its many challenges and I am still going strong! Thank you for sharing this post! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Sindy, you can find help and support when you need it in WA. The training and the community are the two most important factors that made Wealthy Affiliate number one in the industry.

  8. Fantastic review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have used this program in the past too and I loved everything about it. I was able to take in a lot of information and better my career in affiliate marketing. I love what you’re doing with the site and keep up the fantastic work. I do have one question for you though. Does Wealthy Affiliate allow you to host sites on their domain?


    1. Hi Shawn, do you want to know if there are free domains? You can have 25 free SiteRubix sites if you are a premium member and 2 if you join for free.

      You can learn more here.

      If the question is about the hosting then you can host another 25 websites with your own domain.

      Also, Wealthy Affiliate has high-quality web hosting. This website is in WA.

      I can confirm that it has very low loading time on every post and page on this website and you do not have to worry about security issues like other host providers.

  9. Hey Ilias,

    Great article on Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Wealthy Affiliate and after reading your article, I decided to try it out. I like that they give you a FREE trial to see if it’s for you. I already got an email from the owner of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle welcoming me to the program.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Jack, I guess you were not expecting to be welcomed by the owner. Kyle and Carson (owners) are active members of the community and they answer daily to many questions and posts inside the program.

      Also, you can contact directly with any member you want if you are a premium member. You can always ask for help. The only thing that it is not allowed is spamming. It is a spam free program.

  10. Great review on Wealthy Affiliate! Much like you, I have done my research on making money online and I have to say that joining WA has been one of the best decisions of my life. You can really take any passion and turn it into an online business that you can be proud of. It’s a great feeling knowing that people are viewing my content on a daily basis and I have my little own spot on the internet!

    The community at WA is fun and addicting! I love how you can get help from anyone within minutes. Also. I too had to contact support a few times for website issues and they responded back in 7 minutes….and it was almost midnight! Incredible!

    1. Hi Peter, you are right WA support is really fast and never have let me down. I have used it only 3-4 times and they replied after a few minutes just like you. 

      I do not remember any member having complaints about the support before. Never! 

      In my opinion the best support in the industry and people who had issues with technical problems before they know that you will need them sooner or later when you run an online business.

      When something goes wrong you do not want to find tutorials or freelancers. You want to be fixed asap.

  11. Thank you very much for providing very useful and detailed information regarding startup of legitimate online business. There are many online scams promising big money with minimal effort…thank you for the warning about some of those “companies”. It sounds like Wealthy Affiliate is a great company that provides a valuable methods, support and training for the ones that are interested in building their online business.

    1. Hi Grace and thanks for your comment. Yes, it is definitely legit. For those who do not believe it, there is a free membership to test the program.

  12. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly very good for beginners. The only thing you need to succeed is to be dedicated and have patience.
    Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools you need to start a business and the training is well structured and easy to follow.
    What I like the most with Wealthy Affiliate is the support, and this is very important for a beginner. There is always help to get when need it. The community is great and people are helping each other. WA is more than just an online training platform, it is a community of people helping each other to succeed.

    1. Hi Jojo, you have described exactly how I feel about WA. I am happy that I have connected with so many successful people and learned almost everything I know about online marketing. 

      An interesting fact about WA is that many people who make money and they do not need the training anymore are still members and they pay the yearly or the monthly membership.

      They stay at WA because they know the importance of the community. Helping and get help is critical to improve your skills and stay motivated. It is more difficult when you try it alone.

  13. Amazon LaShaun

    I was surprised to find out this company has been around for so long because I’m just finding out about it this year. I was more surprised to find out there are hardly any negative reviews of it anywhere. That’s unheard of.

    It’s got a reputation as being a very great training source and a great place to start for new marketers.

    The training is so good that a lot of people actually forget to mention the fact that you are getting web hosting included with your membership, which is something you need anyway if you’re planning to market online.

    1. The web hosting and the tools that are included in the membership is an advantage for WA against the competition. 

      I have seen more expensive programs to ask more money to get tools or they send you with affiliate links to web hosting providers and keyword tools. 

      At Wealthy Affiliate, you will not pay anything more than the membership fee.

  14. I am currently going through the training in WA and I have to say it is definitely number 1 when it comes to learning about creating an online business. For me what caught my attention when hearing about it was that it was free to join and also seeing the amount of users that become successful entrepreneurs. I have been using WA for about 2 months now and I have already learned so much from it. My favorite aspect about it is the community there and seeing how passionate everyone is when it comes to being creative and helping others. My question is, How long have you been using Wealthy Affiliate? Also, is this currently your full time job?

    1. Hi Arie, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate the last few months. I have created a website before joining in health relative niche and I wanted help. I can tell you from personal experience that if you are a newbie on online marketing you will not make it alone. 

      Well, I joined and I learned from the first lessons that I was doing everything wrong and I decided to quit that and start a new one.

      I created this website as a rookie at WA and I am really happy with my decision. At the first months, I was not very active because I had not much free time. I started writing regularly only the last three months.

      It is too soon to earn a full-time income but I get already organic visitors just by following Wealthy Affiliate strategy and my goal is to become a full-time blogger in the next 6 months.

      My advice to start getting organic traffic: Stick to the training and be active at WA. Make questions, give & ask comments and connect with other people.

  15. Love the site, you have done much work to it. It is easy to navigate and very informative. Very clean and awesome media? Thank you for giving me something to strive for. Where did you find the WA graphic?

    1. Thanks for the feedback David. I find the images on stock websites and I use tools like the Windows snipping tool to get screenshots.

  16. alifedesignbyme

    Hi Ilias,

    It’s great to see positive reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. I just become a Premium Member of the community and it is helping me a lot to get started, as I’ve never done something like this before.

    I would love to become an online marketer and I’m learning step by step how to build my website and get some traffic. Any advice? What worked for you?

    Thanks and congrats!

    1. I am happy to hear that you just get started your own online business. My advice is stick to the training, make questions on the community and do not forget the engagement as an important SEO factor.

  17. What a super cool site, Bonzo124. I love the side widget menu, ever thing is in order I went to Blogging Guru Blueprint very well put together, I’m not sure how long you have been at it but it sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience in the industry I’ve just started Wealthy Affiliate I started of slow but everyday I’m becoming more confident weather in designing website writing a blog or product review however early days for myself, I really like your info on what a niche site is. A good site I do think you could put some video on it or entertain a little to keep people there.
    Blessings to ya

    1. Thank for your feedback, I have this site less time than it sounds. It is nothing hard just do one thing every day. If you cannot write a day, learn or improve something at least for a few minutes. Soon, you will have a nice site and you will get traffic.

  18. Hi Llias,

    It is nice to see a website post for beginners. I was a complete novice when I joined WA, definitely a beginner.
    As you have written WA offers step by step training, but this is so understandable and easy to follow with videos to watch.
    To support the training are set tasks to put into practice the training. Only minutes to build a website seems far fetched but it isn’t.
    Thousands of community members will help anyone, with all this you explain how cheap it is to become a premium member.
    Technical support on hand also, your post to entice newbies is excellent.


  19. So at last I seem to have stumbled upon a training system that has a /effective/worthwhile support chain in place – I was going around and round in circles before!
    All of the internet tutorial options I discovered seemed effective but they all had stinky reviews about the support level on offer
    Is this Wealthy Affiliate community on twenty four hour support setup – no matter where you are in the world?

    1. Hi Chris. Yes, support can help you anytime. The location doesn’t matter. If you have a computer and an internet connection you can join Wealthy Affiliate. There is also a live chat where you can ask for help 24 hours every day from other members.

  20. As someone who is interested in starting an online business and would basically be a newbie to this. I would definitely need the support to feel comfortable in knowing I could be successful with it. With so many scams out there, its easy to get discourage, but wealthy affiliate seems to be more about really helping their members build an online business. Also it seems the members are super active which is encouraging. I am definitely interested in learning more about this program.

    1. Hi Ralph, most scams target on beginners so you sould be very careful. WA is a reputable program so it’s an easy choice for them who want to avoid the scams. If you check out the first WA’s lesson with the free membership, you’ll see by yourself that it is a real active community for online marketers.

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