Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners? – Can You Start From Scratch?

Is Wealthy Affiliate For BeginnersIf you have already heard about Wealthy Affiliate, you know that it’s a training portal and a community for online marketers. So, is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners?

I have written about WA before and I have noticed that it’s for every marketer who wants to get support and training. But in this article, I’m going to focus on beginners and the benefits they have when they join.

Step By Step Training

When you make your first steps in online marketing you need someone to show you the way. Wealthy Affiliate takes you from the step 1 and shows you how to build your first website, how to get traffic and finally how to make money. The training in the first courses is simple with videos and articles. After each lesson, there are some simple tasks to do that help you to learn while building your website.

Building your first website sounds tough but there isn’t anything to worry. With WA tools and training it takes some minutes to build it. You don’t need any experience. There are many people who make money with their websites who started on WA from scratch.

Ok, here is the basic process of earning money online.

earning money process

As you see, you get traffic on your own website from search engines and social media. Next, you recommend in your visitors a product and if they buy it you earn a commission. The first ten lessons show you how to choose a niche ( the topic of your website), set up your website, make keyword research and optimize your website for search engines.

Get Help From The Community

There are thousands of members who are active daily in WA and help each other. When you make a new beginning you’ll have questions and you are going to need help with your projects. Take advantage of the community and the more experienced members.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of WA, are active members also. I see them answering questions every day. I don’t think that you can get help from marketers of their reputation elsewhere.

Is It Expensive?

You pay 49$ per month for access to every lesson, webinar and training inside WA. You also have full access to the community, you can send personal messages to every member, hosting for 50 websites, website comment platform, affiliate BootCamp training, website analysis and much more. There aren’t any upsells. The annual membership costs 359$ (39% discount). Sign Up.

If you have any doubts if it’s a legit program or not you can join for free. The first ten lessons are available for the free membership and you have full access in the community for one week. After the first week, you lose the privilege of making questions if you don’t upgrade to premium.


I have contacted the support two times in the past. In both cases, I had made a mistake in one of my websites and it was temporally down. They replied and fixed the problem in ten minutes. Have you ever bought a product that you didn’t like or you wanted some help and you couldn’t contact anyone? This isn’t going to happen on WA. In my opinion, WA’s support is the best on the internet.

Two Free Websites

With your free trial, you can build your website from the day one. You can choose your free SiterRubix domain to test the waters. Buying your own domain is more effective but still you can earn some money with a free one before you get your own.

Keyword Tool

From the beginning, you will learn that keyword research is important for your website. You look for keywords with low competition and traffic to get ranked on search engines. With the WA’s keyword tool you save many hours of hard work. In the free trial, you have 30 free searches and in the premium membership unlimited. There are many guides and lessons on how to use it properly.

My Opinion

I recommend you to try for free (sign up). Check out by yourself if Wealthy Affiliate fits you. But, don’t make a rush decision. Set up your profile, watch the first lessons, ask questions and try to learn as more as possible.

Get Your Bonus

Have you tried for free and you want to start your online business? Then you have one week to get a discount 59% for the first month of your membership.

So, are you ready to start building your own online business? Click here to join us!

If you need any help just leave a message on my profile. I’ll answer you when I see it. I usually log in 3-4 times per day and check my tasks and messages. Visit my profile here.


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