is vova app legit? - review

Is Vova App Legit? – Detailed Review

Is Vova App legit to earn money and get cash back from your purchases, or you will lose time and money? This is the question that I am going to answer in this review.

Vova App is legit. You will get the promised cashback, the sellers deliver the products, and you can get paid from their referral program. Of course, there are some complaints from some users, as you will read below.

What Is Vova App?

If you visit the app on Google Play, they claim different things about things that you can shop at a low price and freebies that they offer. I guess it would be a long discussion to analyze the quality of these products, the shipping process, and customer service.

It is an app the sells products and offers cashback for each purchase. You will find out that there are different opinions about their services in this Vova review. We can say that Vova is legit based on the opinions of other people, but it does not mean that you will the app is the best possible option.

The app advertises the opportunity to earn some extra money as well. However, there are many other legit ways to make money online. So, we will see if it’s worth your time.

If you want to earn money, you must promote the app. It has a referral link that you can get it if you become a member. So, it works as a standard affiliate program. Your job is to share the link on the internet or find a few friends that want to join Vova app.

The biggest part of the app is the cashback opportunities and their discounts. If you are interested in a specific type of product from another marketplace, you can find an alternative on Vova App and get it cheaper. You can save money by buying these products.

How To Use Vova App

You must download and install the app on your mobile phone before you begin. It requests a few contact details like a name, email, and a password. If you use it as a way to buy products, you will put payment details and shipping details as well.

When you get on the app, you will see many offers and products at different prices. There are discounts, freebies, coupons, and bonuses that work as bait for potential buyers. You can’t do many things inside the app but only choosing products, adding them to the cart, and buying.

Most products are different types of clothes for men and women, but they are not limited to one category. You can also find watches, shoes, smartphones, and other digital devices.

If you want to use the referral system, you must go to the freebies option and use the referral link to invite people or remind them to order. It shows you some icons like Messenger and Gmail to send invitations, or you can copy the referral link and share it on social media.

So, your options are limited to sharing and buying. If you are going to buy some of these products anyway, you can earn a discount and a small percentage of cashback.

For those who want to use the referral link, you need to find an audience that cares enough for the cashback opportunity. Some people would be interested in these products, but most of them would not leave their favorite stores and brands.

You need to find these people who search for cashback opportunities and are willing to try new ways of saving. Of course, you get a commission from your referrals for only six months and not for life like other apps and websites.

Vova App Reviews

Many users have shared their opinion about Vova App in different places on the internet. The average reviews are positive, but there are complaints as well. 

Trustpilot has over 4,000 customer reviews, with an average ranking of 3.6. The complaints have to do with the customer service and the quality of the products most of the time. It seems that the quality of the products is not great, and the communication with the customers or the shipping process has problems. 

The ranking of Vova on Google Play has an average ranking of 4.3. However, it is about the quality of the app and the different technical parts. These users do not seem to rank based on the actual service of Vova App. The complaints here are about technical issues and user experience.

From other reviews on forums and blogs, we can see that most people agree Vova App is legit. It does not mean that they recommend it because there are pros and cons like most similar programs and apps. However, some guys sound exciting about Vova App and focus on the positives.

Is Vova App Safe?

Vova App is a safe way to purchase products and get paid with the referrals system. It has specific rules they follow, and most people are satisfied using the app. It does not mean you will never have a problem, but Vova App will help you solve it.

The first possible issue is to order something but not getting what you have ordered. The worst scenario is to receive something that is broken or has very low quality. In these cases, you can send the product back and get a refund. Sending the product still puts you in a position you don’t like and can create some problems for you.

is vova app safe

You may need to pay extra money to send the money back. The communication with the sellers is not always great. Of course, the cashback opportunity and the lower prices have some risks. However, Vova App tries to solve these issues as fast as possible.

There are some complaints about not authorized payments or expired refund periods. If you notice a weird payment, you can contact the app. However, the refund period is for 30 days. It is on your part to send the product back in this period.

is vova app legit

Vova App Payment Proof

I have some good news for you when it comes to payments. Of course, this part is mostly for those who are interested in the referral program. Vova app has many payment proofs on different platforms. Some people want to promote their referral link, so it’s easy for them to invite people. I searched for payment proofs from Vova App, and the results were great. Here is a screenshot with payment proofs from users:

vova app payment proof

Overall, there are no complaints about payments to referrals. If you earn money, you will get paid from the app.

Pros and Cons


Legit site: If you earn money or cashback, you will get paid. The company that is responsible for the app will send the products as well. They also answer different questions and comments from users on the internet, so they have a type of support.

Over 1 million downloads: When this Vova App review is written, it has 1,766,062 reviews on Google Play.

Available in most countries: It seems that you can use it from every country in the world, and they deliver the products worldwide.

Cashback opportunities: The biggest benefit is for those who would buy some of the products anyway. In this case, you save some money with the cashback offers.


Technical Problems: There are complaints about different technical issues on comments and user reviews. They mention problems with the checkout page or duplicated orders that have a hard time deleting them.

Shipping: The shipping seems to take so long. There are complaints that can take weeks, and some people have received the wrong order.

Refund: Some of the reviews on Google Play report that Vova App denied to give them a refund.

Not a good money-making opportunity: You can make some extra dollars by promoting the app, but you will not become rich or earn a full-time income. There are better affiliate marketing opportunities on the internet with much bigger potential.


While Vova App is legit, it has some issues and complaints. In my opinion, it is worth joining for those who search for cashback opportunities and are willing to get a lower quality or risk with some of the technical problems.

However, the big online marketplaces offer better user experience and customer service. For example, Amazon, eBay, Walmart deliver the products faster, and it’s possible to save money with their orders and coupons.

If you want to earn some extra bucks, you can check my list with the best websites to make money at home. For cashback and offers, you can read more about Swagbucks and ySense.

Thanks for reading my Vova App review. You can leave any comments or questions below.